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September 22, 2023

10 thoughts on “Famine Coming – Planned Food Shortages

  1. All of the “mysterious” distribution center, food processing plant, and harvest staging (prior to movement to processing plants) fires in the last three months play right into this melodrama.

    Do we think this is just a (wink-wink) coincidence?

    1. Nevertheless,Russia has its own global navigation system,GLONASS. I am actually surprised that Russian aircraft apparently did use GPS.

      Moreover, Russian planes are banned from travelling to EU anyway, actually (at least officially). So the warning should be only for Turkey, where they still fly.

  2. It doesn’t make much sense to stock bunkers just before the event, as there is no time to inspect the quality of products. Also the workers producing them cannot be starving if the quality is to be preserved. Plus, how much they can stock…? I hope that gigantomania will not thwart all those bunkers preparations…

    If famine happens, its reasons will be probably weather-related.

      1. That does not explain why there was no famine earlier. Bunkers were stoked before, as they say.
        Real,WWII-ghetto style famine would make populations uncontrollable, so not sure TPTB want it.

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