April 21, 2024

Since most Americans have short memories and many never knew much history to begin with, let’s assume the analogy between the current Russian invasion of Ukraine and the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 is lost on most Americans. The USA was willing to risk WWIII to keep Russian nuclear missiles out of their back yard. Today, Russia seems willing to follow JFK’s example, and bear the risks of war in Ukraine.

Or imagine what happened between the United States and Mexico up through 1848. The Mexican province of Texas, with many American immigrants, declared independence from Mexico. The Texan separatists fought the Mexican government and were eventually supported by the United States, leading to a war between the two nations that ended with huge territorial losses for Mexico in 1848.

But that is ancient history, so instead imagine Mexico was about to join the Warsaw Pact in 2022. Keep in mind the mixed populations, the territories that have changed hands, and the desire of one side to get back what they lost….

I don’t know who originally posted this, but it does a good job making its point:

“Imagine if Mexico [modern Mexico in 2022] had about 17.3% of it’s population made up of ethnic Americans (if there could be such a thing). Let’s say that number was 8,334,100 people.

Now imagine if the government was friendly with America. But then Russia came along and sponsored a coup against the Mexican government, and then installed a Russian puppet as it’s El Presidente.

Then imagine if a couple of Mexican states that border the USA are full of ethnic Americans, and they decided they did not recognize the coup, and declared it to be an unlawful overthrow of the lawfully-elected government.

Then the Mexican border states full of ethnic Americans decided that they cannot join the coup, the new fake government, so they declared their independence from the unlawful regime.

Then the new Mexican regime decides there can be no break-away republics, and begins making war against the Mexican border states that do not recognize the coup and the installed FSB puppet government. Do the break-away republics have a right to defend themselves against tyranny from the coup?

Should America intervene with force to protect their ethnic American brothers & sisters across the border?

Say there was international intervention to form a truce between the new puppet regime in Mexico and the ethnic American minority that did not recognize the coup. Let’s call it the Guatemala Agreements. These agreements established a cease-fire, stopped the regime from shelling the break-away region, but did not recognize sovereignty of the break-aways, and instead affirmed traditional national borders while allowing limited autonomy. Both sides agree to this.

Then the new Mexican regime breaks its treaty with the break-aways, and resumes shelling them, for 8 years straight. And tortures their residents too. And for 8 years the ethnic Americans in the break-away Mexican border states plea to America to step in and save their people. Would America step in?

Immediately after the FSB-orchestrated Mexican coup, the new false Mexican regime immediately gets cozy with Russia, and proves itself to be just a puppet of Russia.

Then let’s say the Warsaw Pact never dissolved, but instead has long outlasted the old Cold War, and is still flexing its muscles around the world even today.

Let’s say the Warsaw Pact has been making friends with all of America’s neighbors, and has established a very aggressive stance toward America by not only making allies with America’s neighbors bringing them into the Warsaw Pact fold, but by also placing nuclear missiles in those new Warsaw allies like Cuba, the Bahamas, Canada, etc., surrounding America with hostile allies and nukes.

Now let’s say the new pro-Russia Mexican regime wants to join the Warsaw Pact. Should America be concerned that another hostile nation beholden to America’s nuclear enemy will be bordering them?

Now let’s say the leader of the new Mexican regime asks the Warsaw Pact for nuclear missiles to ‘defend’ itself from America. And just for the sake of argument, let’s say doing so would place hypersonic nuclear cruise missiles within about a 5 minute flight distance from America’s capitol. Should America be concerned?

What if the Russian president assured America that its missiles in Mexico would be “for defensive purposes only”? Would America trust such assurances? But what if you knew they could be converted in short order to carry offensive nuclear payloads? Should America be concerned about such a development?

Would America allow such provocations to stand?

Or would America consider forcing a regime change in Mexico before such a puppet nation could be absorbed into the Warsaw Pact, and allowing yet another serious nuclear threat to emerge in their front yard?

America does have quite a history of effecting regime changes around the world, both indirectly as well as directly.

Would America be considered unreasonable in this scenario if they stepped in to effect regime change in Mexico to protect their national security?

Even if everyone in Russia was calling for the American president’s head for doing so?

Shoe, meet Other Foot.”

I’m not trying to justify Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. But perhaps the analogy above will help some people understand an alternate point of view that made the invasion possible, and why some Russians may believe Russia is fighting for its life against NATO encirclement. Russia could risk WWIII because they may feel like their nation was at risk with or without a war in Ukraine (a war which Nostradamus said would be an early stage of WWIII – and was predicted to occur by 2025.)

Look how the map has changed and ask yourself how threatened you would feel in Russia, compared to a generation or two earlier.

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