December 3, 2023

7 thoughts on “Inflation in Food, Fuel, Housing… What’s the End Game?

  1. Obama (man behind the curtain) told his ventriloquist dummy (Biden) to declare Putin a war criminal and demand a trial for his crimes. The Wizard of Oz wants nuclear war…real bad. Part of the end game is to burn America/Babylon with nukes and watch at a distance as the hundreds of millions of sheep die horrible deaths from radiation, famine and cannibalism. Obama’s father “Satan” is very proud of his black and white son Obama, and False Prophet Pope Francis. This is only the beginning tho. Billions worldwide will be eliminated by this trio of killers. Think (Legion) “You don’t have to worry, It’ll all be over soon”

  2. The Great Winnowing precedes the Great Reset, i.e. selection of the most sapient, most prepared, most healthy, most resilient, most resourceful, etc.

    Moreover, the underworld is far more attractive to those who have lost everything, than to those still comfortable – unwilling to believe their world is about to be turned upside down.

    They’re still keeping the ‘bioweapon’ story bubbling-under, and no doubt this, courtesy of Russia/Ukraine escalation, will ‘resurface with a vengeance’.

    1. I have just seen ‘New Order’ movie by Michael Franco. Noting that inhabitants finally ended in ‘Zone 23’, I wondered
      how much prescient this movie could be. Will we end in military dictatorship which will dispose us of everything before we descend to the underground…?

  3. Obama stepped out from behind the curtain and into the White House this week. Biden was like a lost puppy, during the love fest for Obama. This is the beginning of the regime change that will take place soon. Biden is going to be removed and Harris will select Obama for VP. Obama may not be eligible to run in an election for President but he can be selected for VP and possibly replace Biden. Who can stop it? The Republicans? Nancy Pelosi will shoehorn Obama in like greased lightening and the sheep will celebrate in the streets…the 2nd coming of their savior!

  4. It’s ALL the same thing, for the same reason. “Climate change” may be directly tied with the geomagnetic forces of the earth, along with the sun and other space objects. The overall magnetic field of earth is currently around 20% less than it was at one point. Our solar minimum may play a large role in this “Solar Minimum The Fastest Decline in almost 10,000 Years”. “The inconvenient truth” was given to us at almost the exact same time as “Geomagnetic flip may not be random after all” was discovered in science, where they established the cycles as they know them today. 2030 was, and for some is, the projected dates for the reversal (look at that solar minimum 10,000 years again) and they believe it will be slow. While others have it happening quickly once the magnetic north pole hits the 40 degrees weaker magnetic lines due around Feb 2023 at the current speed in the line it is heading. Governments would probably want cooperative plans to include evacuations as we start heading to the new cold future that is “known cyclic climate change”. This may not be the “permanent” 700k year pole reversal, but the shorter “wandering” pole reversal was anywhere from 500-800 years they believe happened 40k years ago, that may have done more damage “before the event”. Want to know more? “the steens mountain conundrum”, “ancient tree tells chaotic tale of earth’s magnetic field reversal”… Why are all the dates going back past 5k years ago wrong? Easy, for the same reason as “thanks to fossil fuels, carbon dating is in jeopardy”.. hint (volcanos, how much carbon 14, and VEI-7 or 8 when?). On that topic, you’ll love this one “this ice-covered icelandic volcano may emit more carbon dioxide than all of the country’s other volcanoes combined” Hmm, that is VEI-5 in 1918, it’s doing that much without a much larger eruption? How long does it take carbon to clear the atmosphere? 300-1000 years.

  5. Science is quite literally showing the Bible truths, and most of them are terrified with no real answers to what they see happening. “Climate change” is simply the cover for what they found at the time they found it.

  6. Thank you for some interesting articles. The end result of the mess we are going through is the
    wakeup of humanity to what has been going on. The goal is de-population and control of the masses.
    What has been done to the children is the most horrific thing of all. Yes, there is a deliberate food shortage created right now. Crops are being deliberately destroyed, warehouses with food stored in them are being firebombed. Please stock up now on enough food to last 2 months or more. The tp shortage will turn into the food empty shelves in the next few months. Grains, beans, nuts, peanut butter, tomato sauce, canned vegetables, dried fruits, pasta, are all smart things to have on hand. If you have companion animals they will also need food. peace.

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