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September 21, 2023

3 thoughts on “Native American Prophecies of the Coming Pole Shift and the End of the Fifth World Age

  1. Never heard about Tonatiuh before. Interesting. However, I have always been a bit repulsed by the certain crudeness of pre-Columbian cultures, if I may so.”Apocalypto” did not help in rehabilitating them too…

    Where are the Ant People today? Were they morlocks of yesteryears, or gods of underground?
    In the world of the esteemed commenter Zod, they may be Illuminati, who will snatch the worthy and take them to tunnels…

  2. The Great Mulatto will make his grand entrance before the pole shift to save everyone from WW3. Most likely this year.

  3. Refuhees can come to USA without vax and test; they do not get tests after arrival too. Has someone chosen them to survive the poleshift…?

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