November 29, 2023

8 thoughts on “Nostradamus Warned Centuries Ago – Ukraine Invasion is an early stage of WWIII

  1. Russia will capture Ukraine, China will take Taiwan, North Korea will invade or destroy South Korea and Iran will be emboldened to make a move on Israel. Those are just the hot spots. A lot of domino effects will ripple across the globe. The man of peace will emerge out of the ashes. Who is he? Let just say he is a person of “color”. 2022 is going to kick off with a bang. The Karens will be praising their god Satan for bringing their man to power again. Nostradamus got “lucky” again with his Ukraine/WW3 prediction!

  2. Hi David, I almost finish your book Pole Shift, and although as you said in your book, you failed to predict the happening of the Pole Shift on December 21, 2019. You were right about all the prophecies, Myths and Calendars pointing to that particular date. Which happens to be the official date at least in China when the COVID19 Pandemic started. Maybe your studies and analysis made you predict actually the real beginning of the Great Tribulation period, if we see the pandemic as the beginning of it.
    It has been two years and counting since the beginning of the pandemic and now this Ukraine situation looming in the horizon as you said aligned with Nostradamus predictions on the subject, makes you wander if the real Pole Shift date would be as was Predicted by Sir Isaac Newton on 2060 (I believe if we put an error margin on this date of 10 years I think could be somewhere between 2050 2060) But taking in account the magnetic pole reversal exponential acceleration that have been going on since 2018 as you explained in your book, Newton’s date for the end of time (He never said it will be due to pole shift but I’m with you it will be) could be forestalled to somewhere between 2030 to 2040 and that is why the globalist from the United Nations, the Vatican, the world economic forum and all these organizations are speeding up their survival plan as well and as you said in your book maybe some nations like Russia or China wants to take a hold on lands that they already know will remain habitable after the pole shift and the Deep-stated USA and Europe has the same information and doesn’t want to yield those territories either. I hint you that recently in the midst of the pandemic in Ukraine was discovered a series of pyramids and other structures from 50,000 years old the least, and now Russia has cooked up a story to invade that country, strange huh?

    You have my congratulations for your research and your Books, I will later buy the other two (Nostradamus and the Muslim invasion of Europe and the Antichrist and 2019) since I think they have key and useful information as well but to make it work, it has to be rollover somewhere after 2030.

    Best Regards from Panama.

  3. The more I ponder this, the more I am convinced that China is prioritized to survive: the strongest (probably) covid rules,
    the largest industrial capacity – which also means a large know-how…. it simply wouldn’t make much sense to develop China for nothing… Tibet is probably full of underground shelters now.

    1. What you say make sense. Do you remember the movie 2012? On that movie was depicted China as one of the main places in which one of the “Noah’s Ark like vessel” was built to withstand the aftermath of the Pole Shift and also was shown a huge underground facility deep within the Himalayas, as you said Tibet. Coincidence? or is it the classic predictive programming shown in Hollywood movies for us to think if similar information is released on the internet for example it is “fake news” or flat out fiction because we will associated with that movie.

  4. I read some other things from Nostradamus referring to Jan. 6 about “the Red Cappes” following “The Great Red one” and the threatening of Pence that day. But I can’t seem to find it now.

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