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September 22, 2023

21 thoughts on “Best Case Scenario for Vaxxed – Isolated in Antarctica – Still Most Got Infected

  1. David, you should not call these AI inspired injections a vaccine. These covid injections are not vaccines but a carefully designed bio-weapon with a soft kill so the participants that take it are made to feel safe for a year or two until their blood can no longer support their life. The initial injections were set at 30/30/30 or 30% of the population got saline, 30% got the messenger RNA and 30% got the full dose of MRNA + Hydrogel(graphene oxide). The follow-up jabs are to infect the ones that got the placebo’s. Quantum computers are used to get an accurate model on how to trick the sheep into complying. By now it is obvious to the thinking person what is going on. The question now is when there will be a pushback to the Genocide Jab? Pertaining to your previous article there may not be a pushback if nuclear war breaks out between the West and Russia, maybe that is their plan? They have already injected their death serum into 60% of the world’s population. By the way, did you use vitamin D, Zinc and Ivermectin for your Covid infection? This seems to be the gold standard for survivors of the spike protein infections. Don’t be afraid to use the horse paste. I had Covid a year ago and was back on my feet in a couple days after using durvet Ivermectin paste . The after effects , a deep dry cough and dizziness lasted for almost a month. Happy to see you are recovering.

    1. Indeed, Covid is a psyop. The most important thing about it is that the perspicacious should know not to take it.

      Bear in mind, that there is no clear need to depopulate prior to the >99% mortality of an ELE (pole flip), but there is a need to preserve a breeding population of h sapiens.

      Few of the perspicacious/unjabbed will have realised there is an ELE on its way, and even of those who have, it will be difficult to relinquish surface life. Therefore, the unjabbed will be steadily separated from their surface life, i.e. ultimately interned, isolated, and denuded of all assets. From this position they will be less traumatised by their rendition to the underworld.

      Just as there is no Covid, so there are no nuclear weapons.

      That said, flu remains unaffected (despite statistics indicating it’s been eradicated), and with increasing disruption of the magnetosphere it should not be too surprising if flu sufferers experience somewhat different or more severe symptoms (which happens as one gets older to some extent in any case). Flu derives from “L’influenza delle stelle”.

      1. Yeah, I am sometimes wondering whether covid wasn’t intended as a cover for other disease which were to appear before the End, especially as its ‘symptoms’ are so undefined.The year without flu, 2020, was a surprise for everyone, though.

      2. Yes David, it’s The Great Winnowing prior to The Great Reset.

        While one may assume TPTB have assured themselves (the cognoscenti among them) of a place in the underground cities, their Great Mission is paramout, i.e. survival of h sapiens (and continuity of technological advancement). So, they need to cultivate the most sapient (via 9/11 and other staged events) and harvest them (for wise refusal of the thanatological serum).

        Hence, the most important thing about the Covid psyop being that the perspicacious should by now recognise it as such, and know not to take the jab (a supposed vaccine).

        The diverse gene pool of the most sapient must be preserved, and it is to be found by collecting a fairly large population among the most sapient. Thus the Covid psyop will be most intense where they expect to harvest the most sapient. Not just intelligent, but perspicacious with it.

      3. The covid cover function was evident when some people started to claim that covid was flu. It was by a design or not?

      4. From what you are saying, Xavier, it would follow the most sapient are in Australia, New Zealand, and China…
        Not the most obvious choices, I would say.

      5. JtA,

        I meant ‘most’ as in ‘most sapient’ not as in ‘most numerous’.

        PS Logged in under an alias, so X-OfTheCross as cross=simplified Zodiac – just as Zod is short for Zodiac. Some fora require a longer name than Zod. :-/

      6. Yes, I did identify you by your favourite word, perspicacious 😉 I also did notice the Occitan cross in your avatar, so I suppose you are in Europe, like me….

      7. Statistically, among the most numerous you would probably find the most sapient. China just locked 5-milions city down; they do have very harsh regulations there.

      8. Well, what you are talking about Zod, is pretty traumatizing (Internment, removal of possessions), and is a kind of violence too.
        This is a way to sow division in the future in the community of survivors, especially with this division between the cognoscenti and the rest. The latter may be grateful, and yet harbour grudge too.
        I am sure it could be made more smoothly. You could recruit people to survival groups, as scouts, or something. You could organize a lottery with a strange prize ‘travel to the underworld’. Whatever.
        The taking or not of covid vax may not be treated so seriously, as a ‘sign of the Beast’ – you really get a feeling the cognoscenti are treating Revelation in a deadly serious way (literally!), and work to fulfill it. Why? There is no God behind it, or there is He?

      9. Just to point the problem of forceful rendition and that survival doesn’t always seals the deal, many survivors of WWII-era concentration camps committed suicide after liberation.
        Likewise, the renditioned may be too shocked to go on, having learnt what had happened with the world (we speak about people who know nothing about coming ELE reality, many probably conditioned by C02 propaganda that it is all rather wishy-washy.

      10. The decision to save only some of the unvaccinated is de facto the admission that the world we live in is a false, Matrix world.
        You could reasonably say that an unvaccinated has a foot in the door of understanding this solemn truth.

        But this is not something a vaccinated couldn’t be made to understand too…

        Do cognoscenti want to build other world, based on truth for once?

      11. JtA, I doubt they’re worried about grudges or trauma. In terms of extracting the sapient from the masses, they’re dealing in the large, i.e. with millions of people. If you don’t have the right stuff to recognise the deception, realise the jab is fatal, and withstand the trauma of the consequent ordeal, then too bad – you didn’t make the grade.

        Conversely, if you exhibit the mark/characteristic of the beast/sheep (hand=actions, forehead=opinions) by accepting the jab, then you can ‘enjoy’ life until the ELE terminates it – which the masses & minions must remain unaware of (to avoid uprising, which will be nipped in the bud by activating the jab’s kill-switch).

        The Bible is an instruction book, no doubt informed by other strategies (to escape Samsara) that have been tried and failed.

        Pretty much all the deception going on is to divert funds/labour to the underworld and hide this diversion.

      12. The code word is paternalism, Zod. Whatever the (good) intentions, there is a certain contradiction between paternalism and independence of mind.
        I understand that the cognoscenti are organized a bit like religion, so they have chosen/converted, and they are the patres, but the rest, not so much.
        I once read a study of the German post-1871 history as a hidden history of paternalism (I think by Arthur Rosenberg), and it kind of convinced me that it does not generates good outcomes. Generally, if you start with paternalism, you go on with it, whether your state is named a republic or a monarchy.

        But it maybe won’t be such a problem, as the main investment must be in children (who are exempted from the test by jab BTW), especially if this is to be a Long Emergency.

  2. BTW, the 9.01.2022 New York fire was at the address: Twin Parks North West 333. “Twin” like Twin Towers; well, this building is a kind of tower too.
    A sign, then – but of what?

  3. David, how did you know you had a covid? PCR-test?
    High fever is typical of flu.
    Personally, few weeks ago I had some infection with slight fever, but with the loss of voice the first time in my life… RSV maybe?

    1. All News Pipeline has an excellent article today on the Top Secret DARPA Documents that show a conspiracy at the highest levels to commit mass murder. War with Russia is their best bet to hide the coming exposure of their ongoing Biological Attack against humans. A false flag attack to blame Russia is most likely. The Red Horse wants out of the barn real bad.

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