July 13, 2024

The Pope has never been to Russia. No pope has ever been to Russia. The closest contact the papacy has had with the Eastern Orthodox Church was in 2016, when Russian Patriarch Kirill met with Pope Francis in Cuba in 2016 – the first meeting of Eastern and Western church leaders in over a thousand years – perhaps an emergency meeting in response to a find in Antarctica?

Kirill immediately went to Antarctica a few days later, followed later by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, when his absence wasn’t noticed on election day 2016 when everyone was focused on Hillary and Donald….

But on December 6, Pope Francis said he is ready to go to Moscow soon: “Pope Francis said on Monday he was willing to go to Moscow for to meet Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill “brother to brother” in what would be the first trip by a pope to Russia.”

Many Christians are aware of the events in Fatima, Portugal in 1918, in which several children saw visions of the Virgin Mary. They are generally believed to contain three secrets, prophecies of future events including world wars and a pole shift. Fewer people are aware of the somewhat similar Marian apparitions in Spain 43 years later. Conchita – one of the girls who saw visions of the Virgin Mary in Garabandal, Spain from 1961-1965 – warned that “The Pope will go to Russia, to Moscow. As soon as he returns to the Vatican, the hostilities [which will immediately precede the Warning] will break out in different parts of Europe.”

Almost 500 years ago, the French prophet Michel de Nostradamus suggested that WWIII might start in Ukraine. Though his focus was on the decline and negligence of Western Europe and an invasion of Muslims into that region, he also clearly describes Russian actions, and part of his Quatrain 3:95 says:

“The Moorish law shall be on decline,
After it, another one more seducing,
Boristhenes (Dnieper) shall be the first to fall”

Boristhenes is the old Latin name for the Dnieper River running through the middle of Ukraine.

One argument is that Nostradamus’ predictions are meaningless nonsense. Though they are often vague and confusing (especially if one lacks knowledge of history, mythology, astronomy, and foreign languages) I think there is substance to dozens of his prophecies. And assuming he really could see some limited version of future events, I suspect that his reference to “Moorish law” is not a reference to North African Moors and Islam in this case, but is a reference to Sir Thomas Moore’s “Utopia” and to communism, which Nostradamus refers to elsewhere as “the loving of everything in common” on one side and those of “opposite ideas” on the other side. Perhaps those Westerners with the ideals of democracy and capitalism being referred to in line 2’s “another one more seducing.” With communism declining in Ukraine it shifted away from Russian influence to reliance on America… but has America pushed too far? It’s not 1992 anymore, when America completely dominated the world after the fall of the Soviet Union and before China became so strong. In bringing the former Soviet Republic of Ukraine into NATO and overthrowing it’s elected, Russia-friendly government, maybe the CIA and the war-mongering American leadership have poked the bear a little too much?

As I’ve been saying for years: “Ukraine is surrounded by the Russian Army (Dave’s prediction: Russia will eventually invade at least eastern Ukraine and America and Europe will do NOTHING – and this will embolden China and the Islamic nations towards other invasions.)”

When WWIII breaks out, I wouldn’t want to be in Europe, or Israel, or Taiwan, or even India – or New York…

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