February 25, 2024

Despite the official history of the establishment teaching that our ancestors made little to no progress for hundreds of thousands of years… I often suggest that human civilization has ancient origins and did not appear for the first time a mere 5-6,000 years ago. Evidence suggests that a series of periodic pole shift catastrophes destroy civilizations approximately every 12,000 years, and that civilizations with technology have risen and fallen long before our own.

Although the discovery I learned about this morning is far more primitive than ancient vimana… it still shows that our ancestors watched the heavens with great interest over 40,000 years ago:

Owen Jarus published this image and article on livescience.com a few hours ago, and suggested that: “The decorations might be tied to cycles of the sun or moon.” (“41,500-year-old ivory pendant may be oldest human-decorated jewelry in Eurasia“)

Tell me if you think I’m wrong, but the pattern of notched dots immediately made me think they were documenting the retrograde motion of a planet. When I searched for images of that, one of the first to pop up (Mars in retrograde near the Pleiades in 2006) looks very much like the looping path of dots:

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