October 4, 2023

3 thoughts on “Another Clue our “Primitive” Ancestors were Advanced Skywatchers

    1. JtA, pendants representing the great year:

      1) Any kind of cross (Celtic, Templar, Christian, Lorraine, Swastika) or Zodiac (black sun, 12 pronged Kali).
      2) Any kind of Vesica Piscis: Gucci, Christian fish, sacred almond/luz, infinity/eternity, pair of overlapping rings.
      3) A double Ouroboros, self-consuming snake/serpent/lizard, Caduceus, etc.
      4) Yin/yang, Taegeuk
      5) Any combination thereof, e.g. Seal of Solomon (triangular vesica piscis with dots making 12 points), Occitan cross, etc.
      6) A circular 24 hour clock face.

      And probably others I’ve missed – feel free to point them out.

      However, not many people know that these all represent The Great Year – or derive from such representations. Not many people know how long it is either (24,000 years – not the longer period extrapolated from the current, slow rate of precession).

      1. I forgot:
        7) Any representation of The Yuga Cycle (depicting the two 12,000 year cycles, and the proximity of our two suns – duals). At apoastron, we are at the end of the first half of the Kali Yuga, and at periastron in 12,000 years will be the middle of the Satya Yuga. There is a theory that the ‘peace sign’ is a simplification of The Yuga Cycle, just as the cross is a simplification of The Zodiac.

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