June 20, 2024

President Kennedy made a lot of powerful enemies.

Some say his father, Joe Kennedy, paid off organized crime leaders to rig the election in his son’s favor, especially in Illinois and Texas. The deal, allegedly, was that JFK (and his attorney general brother RFK) would go easy on organized crime. The sons allegedly resented the deal their father allegedly made without their consent, and didn’t follow that plan. Enemies made: the Mafia, and Richard Nixon

Kennedy was young and idealistic. Maybe he was naïve in thinking that the presidency was immune to attacks from all the powerful enemies he was starting to make.

Kennedy authorized several failed assassination attempts on Cuba’s new communist dictator Fidel Castro. But when the CIA plan to start an invasion of Cuba failed to get JFK’s approval for American military intervention if needed, the CIA went ahead with a bad plan anyway, thinking the president would HAVE TO give them air support and military aid rather than lose face with the total failure of a poorly backed invasion that began in Florida. JFK refused and the Bay of Pigs was a disaster. Enemies made: Fidel Castro, anti-Castro Cuban-Americans, the CIA, and the U.S. military.

Some say Kennedy wanted to dismantle the CIA and break it into a thousand pieces. He disliked the power it had illegally assumed over DOMESTIC and military affairs. This hostility actually went back to the 1950s, when JFK’s father served on an oversight commission debating the legitimacy of the CIA’s unbridled power, when he suggested reining them in. Enemies made: John Foster Dulles and the CIA.

Kennedy wanted to cooperate with the USSR on the exploration of space, and he allegedly wanted to share all files on UFOs and aliens. He was making progress with Khrushchev on these matters right up until the month he died, despite strong opposition from those who wanted a hostile cold war with the Soviet Union. Enemies made: MJ-12 (which included the heads of all intelligence services, military and otherwise) the CIA, the U.S. Military, and all the military contractors who benefitted from a cold war.

Kennedy didn’t want to send U.S. troops to fight a large war in Vietnam. But failing to prevent a communist takeover would make the U.S. seem weak, and there was much money to be made in arms sales and drugs. War also got lots of poor, disgruntled young men out of American cities where racial tensions were high. The president of South Vietnam was assassinated three weeks before JFK. Neither supported a large war in Vietnam. Enemies made: the U.S. Military-Industrial complex, including the Army and Air Force, the CIA, and numerous powerful defense contractors.

Because Kennedy didn’t have much in common with his vice-president ideologically, he gave Johnson very little to do as vice-president. Johnson had been an aggressive and popular senator, but as vice-president he was losing clout for not doing anything. JFK wasn’t grooming LBJ for future leadership – in fact he was going to drop LBJ from the ticket in 1964. Enemies made: Lyndon Baines Johnson.

By the time of JFK’s assassination in November 1963, Kennedy had angered the most powerful democrats and republicans, the most influential military generals, the secret intelligence agencies, organized crime leaders, and even some foreign nations. He did this at a time when the civil rights movement had begun de-segregating the South under Kennedy’s enforcement (so many conservative whites in the South disliked him) and we haven’t even mentioned his plans to dismantle the illegally formed, and privately owned Federal Reserve – which would have been opposed by all the rich and powerful bankers who continue to print money at will to this day.

Above: Notice the Secret Service bodyguards in a normal position on a car, acting as human shields approximately 20 minutes before the assassination. As they approach the historic events at Dealey Plaza,
Secret Service agent Don Lawton shrugs as if asking “WTF?” when they are ordered away from JFK’s car shortly before the assassination. Staying with the presidential car was their main job, to be human shields. Of course if your bosses want a clear shot, bodyguards have to be moved.

Is it any wonder that he was killed? We may never know for sure which enemies were most instrumental in his death. Johnson benefitted quite directly, and given the choice between becoming an unpopular former vice-president, or becoming the next president, I can see he would have been highly motivated. He is on the record for hating both Kennedy brothers. John Foster Dulles, head of the CIA, hated the Kennedy family and seemed to continue running the CIA and America from his house even after JFK fired him. Another young CIA man in Dallas that day, one George Herbert Walker Bush, later became head of the CIA and eventually president of the United States. When President Trump decided not to publicize the still-secret details of Kennedy’s assassination in 2017, many felt it was because Bush was still alive. But if so, why did the Biden administration just delay the release of these details again in October 2021? I guess they didn’t want to further tarnish the reputation of Lee Harvey Oswald, who obviously acted alone. How inconvenient that he was murdered almost instantly after his arrest, which prevented a more thorough interrogation.

I am most fascinated by the idea that Majestic-12 was central to JFK’s assassination. I strongly suspect that Kennedy (who had been to Roswell in 1947) knew more than most presidents about what really crashed in New Mexico. I suspect he knew where we really got the craft we reverse-engineered – and the full ramifications of advanced ancient civilizations, aliens, what early satellite imagery showed on the moon – and cycles of civilization-ending pole shifts. Kennedy was itching to tell the world the truth. Government leaders have successfully withheld it from us for six extra decades, and still think we aren’t ready for the truth.

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