June 4, 2023

3 thoughts on “Ancient Flying Craft Hidden and Buried in Egypt?

  1. David, where actually in ancient scripture are those descriptions? Could you quote descriptions of an engine, for example?

    Nevertheless a kite and an airplane fly due to the same force – lift, so I don’t see here necessarily an alien gift of flying…

    1. I never said aliens gave them technology. Descriptions are given in the story of the Pushpaka Vimana of Ravana, in the epic Ramayana. In the Mahabharatha there is a description of Asura Maya’s vimana, Indra’s flying chariot, Hiranyapura and many other flying chariots. The vedas describe special types like “Jalayan, Kaara-kaara-kaara, Tritala, Trichakra ratha, Vayu ratha, Vidyut ratha, Tripura ratha, the Agnihotra vimana -which has two engines – and a very strong “elephant-vimana” with multiple engines. Unfortunately there is also a Sanskrit text from just 100 years ago, in which a man claimed to have “channeled” more information on these ancient craft – and that text is much more questionable, but much better known.

      If you want descriptions from “scripture” perhaps Ezekiel’s flying wheel is more to your liking.

      1. I said “ancient scripture” (NOT “ancient Scripture”) to denote all ancient religious texts, not necessarily judeochristian only.

        But could you give the concrete Vedas or Ramayana verses so I could look it up?

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