February 24, 2024

Many of you have seen these images from the Osirion Temple before:

It’s easy to spot the possible “helicopter” “submarine” “space shuttle” and “Luke Skywalker’s landspeeder” in the image from the Osirion temple above. Whatever these images represent, someone saw them thousands of years ago and carved them into granite.

Ancient books from India describe flying craft called vimana for hundreds of pages. Some were made for local flights, some were designed to be intercontinental, and other models were designed for “interplanetary” travel. Many chapters discuss metallurgy, fuel consumption, listening in on enemy craft, and various weapons. India’s epic war of the gods fought with these modern sounding inventions was recently dated using very accurate observations of the sun, moon and planets recorded in the stories. The war occurred over a few days starting approximately April 20, 3105 B.C.

This gold pendant model was made thousands of years ago and was found in South America, but its features look much like a modern fighter jet, except from the four prongs between the tail and the main body and delta shaped wings. Ancient Indian descriptions of the engines describe a four-part iron engine core which could be depicted above.

Stories among those in the know, told in whispers without specific details, suggest that many ancient flying craft were buried and hidden – protected for a future civilization to find – throughout the more advanced regions of the previous world civilization. Every powerful nation in modern times has been searching for them. Area 51 whistleblower Bob Lazar claimed that at least some, and possibly all, of the advanced craft the U.S. military has been reverse engineering are from “archeological digs.” Perhaps the crashed weather balloon was just a story to cover the alien spaceship story, which was itself another layer of cover story for the real truth, that the crashed craft were our early attempts to fly machines based on designs by ancient human engineers from before the last pole shift wiped out the previous great civilization. I’m reminded of Neil Armstrong’s speech, challenging young engineers who will carry space exploration into the future to dig through some of “truth’s protective layers.”

But today’s post is meant to raise the question: do such ancient flying craft remain hidden in the Egyptian desert? And if so, are burial chambers protecting these craft well hidden from surface view – but clearly marked for the next civilization that achieves flight?

Start the video around 2 minutes 10 seconds

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