May 28, 2023

3 thoughts on “Pole Shifts on Other Worlds

  1. Interesting thoughts how large population must be in order to “save the species”, as Zod likes to say. In short, larger than 100 000 (for some traits: milions!), which would explain the number of 144 000 in Revelation. But that means each undergroun city should have a capacity of 100 000 minimum…
    Iceland seems to be a confirmation: it is a balanced population of thousands, but without extremes of talents for which you probably need milions-based populations…


    “It seems to me that the disappointed hopes of rapidly finding most disease-causing genetic variants after the Human Genome Project rested on quasi-Mendelian beliefs and disregarding the evidence of high additive & polygenicity of most human traits including diseases, and were responsible for the candidate-gene debacle where almost all candidate-gene hits were shown by later GWASes to be false positives. Indeed, so opposed to the standard behavioral genetics paradigm were many researchers & commentators that they used the initial GWAS null findings, indicating that the “missing heritability” was due to polygenicity with many small effects and thus requiring sample sizes close to n > 100,000, as reductio ad absurdum which disproved the entire enterprise; ultimately⁠, of course, those sample sizes were reached and the hits have kept coming ever since. (The discouragement one must feel on seeing that all it took to explain the full SNP heritability of height, and dispel the “missing heritability”, was n = 5m! Deep learning researchers are also familiar with the similar feeling of discovering that the old simple methods always worked, and just needed a million times the compute.)”

  2. I just heard that Saturn’s rings have shifted vertically. What would a 90 degree poleshift look like if not this? This was on MrMBB333 youtube channel Nov 12, 2021. This is easy enough to verify with your telescope. Please check this out.

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