June 4, 2023

4 thoughts on “Australian Pastor Steve Cioccolanti Warns About Creeping Fascism

  1. We have been under a totalitarian regime for a long time, but it has existed as a cryptocracy, i.e. government with the semblance or veneer of a libertarian/egalitarian democracy.

    Given we are transitioning from a phase where productivity is to be maximised (keeping the proles happy), into a phase where a harvest of the wheat is to be maximised, it is no longer necessary to perpetuate the semblance of democratic government. Indeed, it is useful to encourage the idea that a transition to totalitarianism is underway, as it provides a distraction from the ulterior motive (the winnowing).

    You should notice that ‘totalitarianism’ is being implemented most intensively upon Caucasian populations, i.e. where the wheat harvest is expected to be the greatest (sapience).

    It is not just totalitarianism, but disintegrationism/nihilism. If you wish to select those most resilient to adversity, then you create adversity and harvest the survivors.

    So, as Noam Chomsky would agree ( https://www.informationliberation.com/?id=62627 ), those who recognise Covid as a winnowing, have considerable trials & tribulations ahead of them.

    Thus, in answer to your question, David, the ‘totalitarianism’ is simply an aspect of conducting the winnowing, that’s all. It’s nothing to do with any aftermath.

    The aftermath will not be so mild as that depicted in Max Max or The Road, but a desolate and inhospitable wasteland (volcanic ash/sea water flooded), with a very few isolated oases of habitability. Mega-tsunami (500-1,000m high), 1,000mph winds (pyro/cryogenic), volcanism, seismicity, tectonic upheaval, etc. will leave nothing but megalithic structures unobliterated.

    So, that tiny remnant, that always survives polar flip, will have insignificant potency for centuries – even if they were provided with thousands of waterproof instruction manuals as to how to rapidly rebuild a technologically advanced civilisation. Even then, at most they would be an irritant, but never a threat – to the Morlockian civilisation long established, and already technologically advanced.

    And the winnowing, to select the Morlocks, is now underway…

    1. Chomsky is to scare people, there won’ t be any internment camps, as we are already within the Little Apocalype of Gospels, which says that just prior to the event, everything is to be as normal as possible (marryin, buying etc):

      Are only Caucasians to survive?
      Low Covid numbers and draconian actions of the Chinese, suggests that the Red Dynasty is preparing to survive too (they also have an extensive network of tunnels, officially for housing their nuclear weapons).

      Will the Great Pyramid of Giza survive its second pole shift? We will see…

      1. I read low covid numbers as a proxy of survival chances per country, at least approximately.
        Some countries recently radically changed their status, e.g. New Caledonia, but some are still absent from covid statistics!

  2. Australia is a prime example of what a government can do to the people after they are disarmed. The real Crocodile Dundee was killed in a shootout with police in 1999 for weapons violations and other cooked up crimes. The same thing happening in Australia would be happening in America today if it were not for the armed citizen. The rogue U.S. government is working on starving the citizens until they turn in their weapons. You can see the effects of it now and in a few months expect food rationing. It is doubtful that will work unless martial law is enacted and UN troops are brought in for peacekeeping. A war of attrition will commence until America/Babylon is destroyed by fire in 1 hour. Australia has begun it’s “beginning of sorrows” and is sure to spread worldwide.

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