October 4, 2023

14 thoughts on “Pope Francis Asks Big Tech “In the Name of God” to Censor Fake News and Conspiracy Theories (a.k.a. The Truth)

  1. “In the Name of Satan is what he means. The False Prophet Pope Francis certainly wants his critics silenced. Satan loves to censure the truth, but the shear evil that emanates from this False Prophet is very evident from his eyes. His mouth seals the deal.

  2. David…I have your Antichrist 2016/2019 book. Have you considered that Obama may still be running the Biden show? I see a 6-year sliding window from 2028 to 2033 when Jesus comes back. Subtract 7 years for Tribulation from those days….2021 could be a possible start of Year 1 of the Tribulation. Three and a half years in….Biden/Obama is still in office….could the curtain be pulled and Obama makes his final entrance….as Antichrist?

      1. Very interesting! Yes, I put a lot of credence in the Sabbath Day Millennial Prophecy. Four thousand years from when Adam fell to the Crucifixtion. Then two thousand years to his 2nd coming. Scholars debate when the Cross happened but they range from 28 to 33 AD. Thus the Tribulation could begin from 2021 through 2026. I don’t focus on Temple being rebuilt anymore but rather, the Temple of the Holy Spirit (ie, us) and its DNA being manipulated. That’s Antichrist’s main goal….achieve dominance over God’s greatest creation (our 23 chromosomes). The pandemic was a shot across the bow but clearly not the final blow. LA Marzulli interviewed a UFO New Ager back in 2016. She said her (demonic) sources told her there would be a worldwide plague followed by a behavior-altering vaccine. How did she know this back then? Did satan blunder by revealing too much?

    1. We are almost 1 year into the 7 year Tribulation. The 1st seal was opened when the DNA altering death jabs came on the scene with the White Horse whose rider wears a Corona(Crown) 2021. The generation (80 years) from 1948 (Israel’s rebirth) ends in 2028. Expect a progression from bad to worse the next several years until the midpoint of 3 1/2 years around May/June of 2024. That’s when all hell breaks lose!

      1. I hope you continue to write about this. Sure, we’re not to know the “day or the hour” but we can and should know the “time and the season.” (Time being a Year and Season….most likely the Fall. Those are the feast days still waiting to be fulfilled by Jesus’ 2nd coming.)
        I look for UFOs to be a vital part of the Antichrist’s unveiling. Perhaps the “disclosure” everyone’s waiting for.
        I expect a worse pandemic with fatality rates in double digits followed by a vaccine that once again alters DNA.
        I expect US to be conquered (or neutered) without a shot being fired, leaving Israel with no ally.


      I am a gentile. I was shown this as a gentile mostly from gentiles who died and came back to testify to what they were shown was coming and how that fit the scriptures, yet the key to the whole understanding came from one secular Jewish young man who died and came back who was shown the coming world war, the alignment of the nations going to war in the middle east, their turning on Israel, overwhelming the IDF in 2 days, the door to door, city to city slaughter of all Jews, men women, children and babies, in the land, those that can flee head towards Jerusalem, they see their Messiah come down from the clouds and stand on the Mt of Olives splitting it open, they are running there to enter for their salvation, only the elect are allowed in, their Messiah slays all the armies and wicked, shaking all the nations to their foundations, they bury Gog in Israel and it takes years to burn the weapons. He said he was shown the face of Gog and it was a USA president. He said he was shown the beginning of the date WW3 began – that date corresponds to their blood moons and the ratification of the treaty with Iran that enables them to create the 2 nukes they drop on Israel. His witness led me to search the time frame of Revelation and understand how how it fits together in our real life events and signs that we have in front of our eyes.


      The gentile calendar system I saw and the Jewish calendar system the group below came up with appear to have came to the same beginning date of the tribulation seal being opened in 2020 and the same end of this age being 2023 with the new age beginning 2034.

      Someone published a chart of their dating system here: https://120jubilee.wixsite.com/jubilee-chart/120

      This is a link to the Messianic group who determined those dates using only the books of their Torah, Prophets and the ancient Jewish calendar system commanded by the Lord to them to use which was the 30 day cycle of new moons and the barley harvest. They will not discuss any other method or information. They will only use that method. https://sightedmoon.com/home/about-us/

      I am convinced we are in the beginning events described in the book of “Revelation” . My understanding from a dream given to me at the time I was given the understanding of the 8th King coming was there already is a false flag event planned that will create the opportunity for violent change of leadership. It comprises a para-military group that those who funded and allowed it to be created believed it would be used for good but it will be used for evil. The event will occur in Washington DC at a time when the current president has just deceased, presumed of natural causes, both sides in the military conflict will be fighting each other while searching to recover his body and his look a like and others who know about these things. I saw huge military grade explosions billowing up into the sky in the capital / white house area. A fierce explosive battle in the streets. Recently I was reading the history of the rise of Hitler ( who was a mini-type of the “man of sin / 8th King) who seized power through a violent false flag Reichstag fire event blaming it on others.


      That’s about all I personally know right now. I was given a sense of urgency – yet with watch and wait – it’s coming – prepare – the best I can trusting God. That’s why I share this where I can so others may do so too. Martial law with the legal, military and public opinion support to “save” the nation and eliminate those “identified” as the resistance and opponents would be an expected outcome of such an event. Military leadership is being purged and replaced as it was 2008-2016 so it’s likely the bulk of the leadership coming in place may already support their new ruler. That was what occurred in Germany, it was well orchestrated with many military, political and corporate leaders on board, along with the German press. Hitler ruled for 12 years. No one successfully assassinated him. My understanding and that fits the timeline I was shown is so will the 8th King. In his case an attempt on his life helps create the “savior – wonder” effect that causes most the world to believe in him.

      I remember back to the last election and what I saw happen right in front of my eyes. It was hard to comprehend how something so massive and national down to local levels could be pulled off with no consequences right up to the supreme court – all agencies deflecting from intervening or participating the power grab. It may be a good visual example of how the foundation for a change of leadership and system of government is already in place .

      As “followers of Christ” we need to be aware of what is happening and not get caught up into the chaos and violence. We are to look up to Him, Listen and Obey Him, His teaching and commands. We are looking for a heavenly city one whose foundations and maker is God.

      1. I had this thought on Revelation 6:15 today:
        “Did you ever wonder why people in the book of Revelation take refuge in caves and under rocks? Seems odd…until you realize that’s where bats live. 80% of US have bat virus aka spike proteins inhabiting their body now. We’re almost to the end of the book!”

      2. Observation on Revelation 6:15…
        Did you ever wonder why people in the book of Revelation take refuge in caves and under rocks? Seems odd…until you realize that’s where bats live. 80% of US have bat virus aka spike proteins inhabiting their body now. We’re almost to the end of the book!

  3. Can you think of a better laid plan by Obama and Company than to have a senile old man as President to take the heat for the most outrageous orders against the people of America. Biden’s senility acts as a firewall to protect the perpetrators as most people are sympathetic to older people with declining mental acuity. It is a fun game for Obama and they are laughing their arses off to see how far they can push the tyranny. Obama will step forward from behind the curtain when the time is right. Something terrible must happen first and he will have all the answers to save the world.

    1. The fall season for the next six years will certainly be exciting (if that’s the right word). The Antichrist and his False Prophet should reveal themselves amidst chaos (UFO disclosure will provide that).

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