June 23, 2024

China has developed a ‘four-phase’ military plan to invade and take over Taiwan. Indian broadcaster WION showed a copy of the Chinese “invasion playbook” which details the breakdown of a potential military confrontation. Chinese military planners devised four military campaigns for a potential invasion of Taiwan, including air strikes on US forces….

“Campaign One involves using Chinese Air Force to disarm the Taiwanese…. “They hope to force Taipei to submit to China’s demands. Campaign Two is a blockade operation. China will try to cut off Taiwan from the outside world, blocking key supplies from reaching Taiwan and disabling communication. Campaign Three is to target US troops. The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) would conduct air strikes on US forces deployed near Taiwan…. Campaign Four would be an amphibious assault with Chinese forces landing on Taiwan.”

Earlier this week, China’s state-run newspaper Global Times released a military propaganda video from the PLA.

The drill showed Chinese troops simulating a Taiwanese invasion, including storming a beach, breaking up barb wire and digging ditches.”

In my first book on Nostradamus prophecies (written over 20 years ago) I suggested that if I were making China’s war plans I would wait until long after I was capable and ready to take over Taiwan. In my opinion there is a chance that the West could be counted on to abandon Taiwan to China and not interfere at all. If, for example, western leaders had been blackmailed, bought and paid for by China – if I knew invading Taiwan would be officially accepted as reunification – then I would invade Taiwan. But if that step would be opposed, and WWIII would follow – I would have a different plan: keep the West distracted over whether or not China can invade Taiwan, while the actual first step would be to bypass Taiwan, seizing South Korea and Japan instead. Once Chinese dominance in East Asia is unquestioned, Taiwan would accept the inevitable takeover by the new Chinese superpower without much resistance. Japan may be financially strong, but the generation of fighting men they had in the 1930s and 1940s are long since replaced by a much more docile and effeminate generation. I will not be too surprised if on some future December 7, America awakes to the morning news not of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan, but of much more. Time will tell as the future unfolds, but Nostradamus prophecies suggest a pan-Islamic alliance allied with China, fighting Europe and America and India and their allies. Europe and America fare very poorly in the beginning. Deciding the balance of power may be a Russian decision. And Nostradamus suggests WWIII is OVER around the end of 2028. Chinese leaders might feel pressed to act if they know the coming pole shift catastrophe will put much of China in the new Arctic.

Even if none of that mattered and the only Chinese goal is to take over Taiwan, doing so will clearly show China’s rise and dominance over a declining USA. China would acquire Taiwan’s superior computer-chip-making facilities, and the finances and alliances of the world would shift to the new dominant power in the world. No matter what happens, it will be a rude awakening for generations of Americans who are used to cheap and available food and other goods which are dependent on the dominance of the US dollar and military.

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