June 4, 2023

16 thoughts on “Why Did William Shatner Mention “The Coming Catastrophic Event” After Returning From Space?

  1. The irony of boomers casually throwing around comments about the coming catastrophe in which they have no stake anyway.
    Just a showy boom for the showy end of their showy lives.

  2. Asteroid will hit earth and right before it does Jesus Christ Raptures those that belong to him. This event will be Catastrophic! It will be the beginning of 7 years of Tribulation and the New World Order along with reign of the Antichrist.

  3. . He was actually speaking about the climate issues and how we need to really start taking care of earth before its too late

    1. I agree that he was speaking about climate just before this point, but even if he did mean man-made global warming (which is really caused by the sun) or rising sea levels – those things cause change by a thousand gradual cuts – none of that will lead to a catastrophic event.

      1. I agree. I watched that clip and meditated a bit on it because he stated it so blunt but oddly. My take is that he may have been immersed in the false narrative that human carbon output is the cause during training to go up but someone had revealed they knew that a catastrophic event was coming much faster and sooner than the public narrative. I got the impression he realized he was blurting out something he should not be talking about and cut it short.

    2. Oh please, will you stop with the “climate issues” phsyco-babble… the cahanges in earths climate are cyclic and have nothing to do with our being here really. The earth would have acted the same way whether we were here or not. It’s happened many times in earth’s hostory

  4. Shatner was probably doing a kindness to those of his fans percipient enough to recognise the big tip-off he was giving them, a tip-off liable to shorten his lifespan ;-). In any case, they will be the lesser percipient, as all the rest will have figured it out by now.

    Musk & Bezos and their futuristic ventures are just a side-show, as are all plans that extend to 2030 & beyond.

    Although catastrophism may have a 12,000 year periodicity, some poor generation will suffer it. The Bible refers to those privileged to experience it as the figtree generation. It also suggests that the only ones to be brought into the barn are those few wheat who survive the necessary winnowing.

    So, although the MSM will purport that 100% vaccination is necessary, this is only for the chaff.

  5. I recall activist scientists in 1991 claiming Florida would be mostly under water in one generation because of sea level rise from global warming. this was back with Al Gore/Dr Mann’s hockey stick graph, when their models proved so unreliable and Mann revealed as a fraudster, they later had to reword the scaremongery into “climate change”.
    actual measurements have run less than 1/8″ . BTW ,the planet has had repeated Ice Ages -long before humans existed-wherein 90% of the lifeforms died off. Either Shatner has been filled with shit OR he was speaking of something ELSE, such as E.T/aliens appearing ,which WOULD bring catastrophic unrest to our civilization

    1. Barry, The Earth hasn’t had an ice age in millions of years, if ever.

      What happens is that a pole shift every 12,000 years changes the nature of the ice in the ice core every 12,000 years. The Earth’s climate remains quite stable, but the climate at the location of the ice core is not.

      If those climatologists who examine ice cores, analyse them with an assumption that The Earth’s poles do not significantly change over millions of years, then through erroneous extrapolation, they will conclude that the climate of the entire planet is highly variable, and that with successive pole shifts each 12,000 years, there may appear to be a thermal periodicity of some multiple of 12,000, e.g. around 96,000 or 108,000 years.

  6. William Shatner grew up in a conservative Jewish family and has been thought to be an atheist by many. When asked about his beliefs he said “I am probably an animist”. An animist is someone who believes in spirit beings, so he is not an atheist in the hard line sense. Most sensible, common sense people, whether they believe in God or not, can read the tea leaves and can feel a train wreck is certainly in store for the near future.

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