February 24, 2024

Jeff Bezos just launched Captain Kirk into space for real this week, and after returning to Earth many people interviewed William Shatner about his experience. It’s great that civilians can go into space, even when they’re almost 90 years old. I’m glad he had a wonderful experience looking down at this beautiful and fragile blue ball we live on. But like many others, I’m wondering if it’s just a meaningless coincidence – or if he actually knows something – when he casually mentions “the coming catastrophic event” in an interview:

Having investigated pole shifts for many years, I know they happen regularly and I know we are due for another civilization-ending pole shift soon. But I don’t expect many other people to know, and I’m intrigued when someone else seems to know. Is this why billionaires like Musk and Bezos seem hell bent on making it to space soon? Is this why governments seem so frantic and desperate to seize greater control?

Brandon Smith recently wrote: “It used to be that we would predict a particular agenda or event and it would take a couple years to unfold. These days we make predictions and all it takes is a few weeks or a few months for them to happen. This suggests to me that the establishment and the globalists are on a specific timeline and that for whatever reason they MUST get 100% vaccination and the passports in place soon.”

Is this because there is a specific date they MUST be ready for? Do they know something natural, cosmic, and unavoidable is happening soon? I think they know when the pole shift is due, and judging from the way governments are acting it isn’t far off.

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