February 24, 2024

I found this letter from an anonymous writer using the name Spartacus detailing what is going on with COVID on Zerohedge.com. The article posted a link to the original PDF file but that has already been eliminated. Perhaps the article I link to will be soon as well, which would give more credence to the letter containing many important truths. Here is one more link just in case Zerohedge’s article is removed first. There is little point in me attempting to even summarize what this letter covers in detail. (As of 9/29/21 this link still works for the full pdf) I will say this, if you trust authorities like Fauci, the CDC and the WHO then you are unlikely to understand or give credence to anything in the Spartacus letter. If, however, you see the authorities above more like Orwell’s Ministry of Truth, and identify with the likes of John Galt or Spartacus, then click above to learn more. Those who follow my blog should also realize I think there is a major event coming soon which has encouraged those in charge to adopt many of the seemingly illogical and desperate measures we see today.

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