October 4, 2023

18 thoughts on “Read It While You Still Can – The Spartacus COVID-19 Letter

  1. As you should (by now) understand that Covid is a psyop, that letter is obviously ‘controlled opposition’ / ‘ltd hangout’.

  2. Yes, the event which is coming almost everywhere is emergency state which will be introduced when enough gullible masses start protesting on the streets.
    Ever heard about agent provocateur…? I bet your Spartacus is one.

    1. At least I known that Automatic Earth is limited hangout too.
      You op people be more creative, not everywhere the same content!

      BTW, Spartacus lost and was killed. That’s all what you need to know here.

  3. The letter recipients are presumably not vaccinated people. Nevertheless, in Western countries at least, they are already minority. So their revolt – should it occur – will be most likely unsuccessful one.
    Such letters, to be plausible, should have been published at the beginning of vaccination campaign, not when it ends.

    1. Even the Spartacus letter may be limited hangout – giving enough juicy tidbits to get readers excited but purposefully not getting into even deeper truths, while simultaneously making truth-seekers feel satisfied enough to stop searching for more info.

  4. What is the percentage of placebo jabs to the kill jabs. Some say 70 percent of the first jabs were placebo’s to keep the death rate and health complications down and to get the placebo jabbed sheep to bleat out how wonderful and safe the jab is. Does this killer jab have a binary aspect, where follow up booster jabs will add the right poison to activate the first jab? We have evidence now, contrary to the pro jabbers, that the majority of hospitalized and dying are the jabbed. Can’t hide the ongoing mass murder much longer. A major false flag is no doubt ready in the waiting when the kill jab can no longer be denied.

  5. There is an interesting video on BIN, called Graphene Oxide is the Black Goo. The unusual and creepy properties of graphene oxide/ferrofluid are demonstrated in a lab and is out of this world! The predictive programming in movies, music video’s and commercials on Black Goo is an omen of things to come. It is little wonder that the powers that be want this substance injected into every human on earth. The Jab is the Mark of the Beast and CERN has come on line now for the magic time frame of 3 1/2 years, just as foretold in the Bible. CERN (the Horned One) will make an important announcement this fall. Whoever gets the Graphene Oxide/ Black Goo injected into their bodies will be controlled by CERN. Very bad news for the sheep!

    1. No. It is NOT the Mark of the Beast. It’s the copycat to it. All of Biblical prophecies were fulfilled by the end of the first century.

      1. Based on this Messianic Christian groups years of research, using only the Torah and historical Jewish calendars ( they will not discuss or use any other means to determine dates and events) they determined a number of years ago that the beginning of the Tribulation would occur in 2020. Amazing as that was the year Covid was released on the world and the “jab” came with it. PS and it is not a 7 year time period as the dispensationalists think this groupd sees a 14 year time period to the end of this age and the start of the next.


    1. “Did Nostradamus predict a Russian scientist would invent a drug that would harm a large portion of the world”? I have not studied Nostradamus much but it would be more likely Nostradamus predicted something like this-“The Gates of Hell will open up in the latter days and the Gates, both father and son, will use Pharmkia to infest the blood of the innocent”. See how this works, I helped the old guy out and put a few words in his mouth! lol

  6. Gets creepier by the day as further study of the MOTB injection is being studied and makes more sense why the world leaders want this demonic poison in everybody on earth. An organism known as Hydra Vulgaris, that can virtually live forever and self assemble after being taken apart has been found in samples of the Covid Jab. Imagine having microscopic squid like creatures traveling to and fro in your veins! A bad sci-fi movie becomes reality. Maybe Ivermectin kills these little parasites so we can’t have that…….

  7. Not a day goes by that more important information about the Jab (Mark of the Beast) comes to light, and the more virulent the governments on earth become to force this demonic crap on humans. David and everyone that post here are in the crosshairs of these evil governments and we will soon be out of the business of reporting how dangerous the Jab is and how evil the pushers are. God is protecting His watchmen until we are no longer needed.
    “Watchman, what of the night?”
    “Watchman, what of the night?”
    The watchman said
    “The morning cometh, and also the night.” Isaiah 21

    1. interesting article. and since there are plasma currents everywhere, it seems plausible to me. But does it have much impact on us? Is it propelling our solar system in one direction, and if so, does that change much?

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