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September 22, 2023

4 thoughts on “Magnetic North Pole Accelerates Towards Russia as Siberian Dip Pole Strengthens

  1. Always look down – never look up.

    The Earth’s changing magnetic field is entirely a product of internal changes.

    Absolutely nothing to do with anything external.

    Not an external magnetic field.

    Changes on Earth couldn’t possibly be due to Earth’s movement through an external magnetic field in its 24,000 year long elliptical path (giving rise to equinoctial precession).

    What elliptical path?

    1. What?
      No external influence on Earth?
      Bu even according to your theory, Zod, a pole shift occurs due to Earth passing through differently polarized area of our Galactic (if I remember well).

    2. This is your opinion or “hunch”. “In my book” what you think you know-you don’t. And no, I have never written a book. lol. Seriously tho, there could be outside magnetic influences with such objects as Planet X and with the advent of CERN with its super magnets that are 100,000 times the magnetic field of earth. They say it is contained in CERN but that is a lie. Their experiments take on the names of demonic entities and they do experiment with the earths core and magnetic fields, that may be used to help “push” the earth into a polar shift. Evil satanic controlled men would love to bring about the end of civilization. Satan hates man and will do whatever it takes to destroy the human race.

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