October 4, 2023

10 thoughts on “Proof Backing Bible Stories of Destruction for Jericho, Sodom, Gomorrah – Evidence Asteroid Blew Up Jordan Around 1600 BC

  1. God removes mountains and makes mountains. The ancient site of Puma Punku in Bolivia, famous for the massive H blocks, sits at over 12,000 feet above sea level. Scientist studying the ruins have come to the conclusion that it’s destruction was caused by massive waves of water that undermined the gigantic structure and tossed the building blocks around like toys. Was this ancient site close to sea level when destroyed and was elevated 12,000 feet to it’s present site? Seems likely. And the timeline fits with the last pole shift.

  2. The last time I read, Sodoma and Gomorrha were destroyed by nuclear weapons, which flattened area around and made the “Dead Sea”. Allegedly there is still slightly elevated radiation around.

    That at least means that those ancient civilizations we hear about were not so peaceful as we like to imagine them sometimes.And since I personally known someone with a surname “Sodoma”, it follows that even today not everyone is Sodoma’s opponent.
    But I must yet find a catastrophic movie which ends with the peaceful cooperation of rebuilding.

    1. There is evidence for an atomic war and high background radiation even today in NW India, but I’m not aware of the same in Jordan. Deep Impact seemed to show peaceful cooperation and rebuilding.

    2. I meant Negev (where Israeli nuclear reactors are supposed to be) and Sinai.
      Jordan (biblical Edom) is high ground (Amman is twice as high as Jerusalem), so maybe it was partly spared.

  3. As a curiosity: there is already some residual radiation everywhere in the world. For this reason, steel from the sunk WWI German Hochseeflotte is used when you need “clean” steel. Obviously WWI-era steel is radiation-free.

  4. Is the underline of this story the idea that meteors fall only over sinful cities..?
    If that was meant as a cover-up for something in future, maybe it wasn’t the best choice…

  5. Yes there will be a radiation free world after the pole shift. This is when Jesus Christ the King of Kings will rule earth for 1000 years with a rod of iron. God can make radiation and He can remove it. Nothing is impossible for Him since he created all things both in the physical realm and the spiritual unseen realm.

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