October 4, 2023

5 thoughts on “Can the Volcanic Activity in the Canary Islands Cause a Tsunami Across the Entire Atlantic?

  1. The recent seismicity in the Sandwich Islands (up to 8.1 on 12th Aug) is far more likely to be germane to an impending axial flip, e.g. caused by the magnetic torque inducing axial gyration.

    This is just the quakes over 6:


    The idea that a landslip at La Palma could generate a tsunami is more likely to be predictive programming – preparing one of many excuses for tsunami that are less disturbing than Earth wobble.

    I doubt La Palma would generate more than one or two waves of 2-4m. A mega-tsunami would take far more than a mere landslip.

    1. I agree with Zod on this. Much of the energy would most likely be absorbed by the distance of travel. Why are most of the seismic buoys for US not operational? They were 100 percent under Trump, but have gone to shat under Biden. I would be more concerned about Putin’s underwater drones that are fitted with the 100 megaton Czar bomb. How many are lurking off the east and west coast?

  2. Having second thoughts now about the Canary Island volcanic activity. Seems to be increasing and spreading across the island. If the whole island exploded and sloughed into the ocean, well, all bets are off and the resulting tsunami that hits the east coast of the U.S. would be a nation killer. Not just the U.S, but most Atlantic coastal regions and islands. Uncertain times!

  3. Will 10/11/21 bring a harvest? Remember the whale that swallowed a man back on June 11. According to prophecy, 120 days later brings the harvest. Will a harvest of man happen in a little over 2 weeks from now? The season is right and the the earth is ripe with strife and calamity. Add to this ancient message is the ongoing, and increasing seismic activity at La Palma. Jerimiah 42 “the sea is come up upon Babylon: she is covered with the multitude of the waves thereof”. Revelation 10 describes the mighty angel (Michael the Archangel) with his feet as “pillars of fire” with his right foot upon the sea and his left foot upon the earth, declaring there is delay no longer. We see the “pillars of fire” on La Palma but to add more intrigue is the full name of La Palma, San Miguel de La Palma. The name Miguel means Michael…..!

  4. Uh oh. “La Palma is shaking so badly, it is emanating “Gravity Waves”. Don’t know what this means, but sounds ominous. Strong gravitational waves could theoretically tear a person apart, so the gravitational waves at La Palma must be on the low side and no one has mentioned of what it feels like. Could these waves precede a cataclysmic eruption? Possibly.

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