November 29, 2023

3 thoughts on “Ben Davidson Made Another Great Video on the Upcoming Micronova / Pole Shift

  1. Ben Davidson is a ltd hangout – as has long been known.

    He introduces folk to catastrophism, but doesn’t reveal the true causation.

    He will obviously suggest that if anything is due soon, it’s not much to worry about, that the most severe stuff is decades away.

    Does he even hint that Covid (the great winnowing) may be related to a far more imminent ELE?

  2. Ben must be tired speaking about the same for many years already. And it is not getting better!
    Everything points that the action will be delayed for a few months yet, and maybe a year (judging from my favourite op, ‘Iran’s nuclear weapons’). Let’s say a delay is like the newest validity of your booster (you can’t face the end without your vaxx passport), and there is no time fixed yet for a new one.
    The boosters are, however, a sign of failure…what has happened to one-dose vaccines, and the gov Vax ad I often hear ‘This is the last thing you must do to get back to normality’, suddenly sounds false.

    Illuminati, one time more, turned out to be imperfectly illuminated, and the timing of Two Towers sign was incorrect (as it seems now).

    It will create new problems too, like dodging vaccine not just for a few months, but maybe a year or longer.

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