May 18, 2024

Ben Davidson of and Youtube’s SuspiciousObservers channel usually puts out a video a day and I don’t write up many of them – but this one titled “A Disaster is Coming” is a great summary of what he thinks we can expect in the next few decades as the Earth’s magnetic field weakens and reverses, along with cosmic events like a solar nova outburst and perhaps a 90 degree geophysical pole shift that moves every continent and wipes out civilization, but not all of humanity…

Will the the next North Pole be in the Bay of Bengal like Chan Thomas (the subject of my next book) predicted in his book about pole shifts – The Adam and Eve Story? Will governments be sufficiently prepared to survive in at least some of their underground bunkers? Will you learn enough to convince you to change what you’re doing to try to make sure your family survives? The evidence is available. Some always survive the pole shift. Will you?

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