May 18, 2024

X-Files fans may remember a trio of tech-savvy conspiracy theorists jointly known as “The Lone Gunman” (mocking the official conclusion that there was no conspiracy to assassinate JFK) who helped Mulder and Scully find evidence. But how many remember that these actors and characters got their own spin-off show in March of 2001? Or that the pilot episode had an extremely interesting plot, especially six months later? “One of the stars of The Lone Gunmen, Bruce Harwood, summarized the pilot episode in the following way: ‘The plot was fairly simple: the Lone Gunmen uncover and defeat a government conspiracy to fly a commercial jet plane into one of the towers of the World Trade Center via ground-based computer control of the jet’s auto-pilot. The intention was to blame a foreign ‘terrorist’ nation for the bombing, and thus encourage the US to enter into a war against it—all to guarantee weapons sales for the US military-industrial complex.'” (Bruce Harwood, “The Lone Gunmen”, in Fortean Times, December 2002, p. 52)

The Lone Gunmen were cancelled in June 2001, before the attacks that have burned 9/11 into our collective memories and generated a slew of conspiracy theories and facts, some of which include:

Thousands of engineers have signed statements that burning jet fuel does not burn hot enough to melt structural steel support beams, and other fiery infernos in similar steel frame buildings have never led to collapse.

The crash at the Pentagon disappeared into a ten foot wide hole leaving no wings, engines, bodies, or other debris on the grass outside the Pentagon. What a way to celebrate the Pentagon’s 60th anniversary.

The debris field from the fourth hijacked plane spread for miles over the farmland of Pennsylvania, as if shot down in mid-air, not as if it crashed from passengers seizing control from hijackers.

World Trade Center Building 7 was not impacted or burning, but it collapsed just like the other towers…. This building also contained the Pentagon’s backup accounting and financial records. Remember the news on September 10, 2001 – that the Pentagon couldn’t account for at least $2Trillion? The next day their accounting department was blown up and so were the backup records. 9/11 did bring the United States military into Iraq and Afghanistan – the kind of intensification Nostradamus described would occur just prior to a third world war between Islam and the West (and ending around late 2028.)

But I digress from the X-Files theme, which after ending season 9 in 2002, returned to TV with season 10 in 2016. Another interesting example of predictive programming “crops up in the tenth season of The X-Files, shown in 2016, where the world-ending disaster takes the form of a virulent epidemic. The outbreak, however, is man-made and premeditated. The people who instigate it are immune to what is described as “the ultimate weapon—the ability to depopulate the planet, to kill everyone but the chosen.” (Christ Carter (script), “My Struggle II”, The X-Files, season 10, 2016) As interesting and relevant as that predictive programming might be, it isn’t about 9/11.

Many other things are.

My biggest concern is that there could be another terrorist attack on or around the 20 year anniversary of 9/11/2001. It would have to be big to initiate WWIII, but I believe prophecies describe the nuclear destruction of NY and other cities, especially in Nostradamus’ predictions of a world war that sees China and many Islamic nations fighting Europe and America – as Nostradamus describes it – after escalating for decades – since 2001 – the conflict reaches the level of world war, and ends around late 2028. Hopefully this has little to do with the Bible’s 7-year tribulation because that might mean things get a lot worse, approximately September 2021.

Meanwhile, enjoy this thought provoking video, and realize predictive programming is very real.




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