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September 21, 2023

12 thoughts on “How the Vax might Kill the Vaxxed: The Simple Science of Antibody Dependent Enhancement

  1. The undertaker is going to be swamped with customers in the coming months. The whole funeral parlor thing will give way to mass burials and cremations. Eventually fleets of backhoes will line the countryside digging mass graves. The new excavation businesses will carry names like “You Jab Em We’ll Slab Em” or something like that with a catchy phrase. A bring out the dead moment where people are numb to there new reality and mourning the dead will become a tired cliche.

    1. At the end of the movie there is seemingly inconsequential info on a protruded jaw of this Egyptian mummy.This is the same protruded jaw Habsburgs, Japanese emperors, and Neanderthals were famous for.

  2. 1 In 3 Americans Had Covid By The End Of 2020, Models Estimate—That’s Four Times The Official Count (Forbes report)


    This brings the death rate and hospitalization rate of Covid down much much further. In other words the fear narrative is way beyond the reality and does not overwhelm the health of the nation or our hospitals requiring a experimental gene altering drug mandated on the whole population. In fact for those who already contracted Covid the jab could be a real problem and why so many are going into immune system overreaction often causing death.

  3. Here’s another good read giving historical background on alternatives that could have been quickly tested, modified and used without going down the “experimental” path.

    This link is on a .gov site. Revealing that from it’s inception in the 70’s and 80’s that Merck wanted it to be profitable and only available “in hospital” raising the costs and building it into that system of greater revenues, where the other groups wanted it available for free or at least very affordable for mass community distribution as needed. It has little to no side effects with proven results in short time periods along with preventative benefits.

    The money narrative played out again with the Covid experimental gene altering drug being the political choice to go with the drug companies reaping billions that will grow into trillions with all the needed “boosters”, then no telling the costs of the harm done to the immune system and organs and brain due to blot clots. It’s all so ugly … it’s a fulfillment of the image of “Babylon riding the Beast” in the book of Revelation. Greed, inhuman enforcement and death.


    There is a revealing connection in this article that furthers the insight into how the USA is “Babylon riding the Beast”. You will find a historical reference to Robert McNamara who in 1973 was the head of the “World Bank”. This is the same Robert McNamara who was secretary of defense under Kennedy1961 ( who refused to go into Vietnam and was assassinated) and then Johnson who took us into Vietnam with Robert McNamara running that war. This fits the image of “Babylon” (corrupt financial wealth system based on greed) riding on the back of the “Beast” (inhuman image of governmental enforcement and war system) very well. This man was a director of both within a 12 year time frame. Anyone who wants to confront what is going on in the USA and the world right now needs to understand what they are confronting and what the Prophecy says is going to happen over the next few years.

  4. The new version of coronavirus was named ‘Mu’. I must applaud a wordplay on the name of the lost continent.

    1. No. It is not wordplay on the name of a lost continent. It is much simpler than that. The injection killers that come up with the different names for the “vaccine driven” variants sit around a round table smoking dope and laughing at all the stupid people taking the jab and come up with jokes like the Mu variant. People are like cattle to these psychotic murderers so naming it Mu is a big high. They also can’t wait for the Mad Cow disease to kick in so they can have an hilarious pot smoking meeting about all the dumb fkers lined up at the slaughter house for another jab to protect them from the Mu.

      1. I haven’t seen it mentioned here that I know of but a major part of the jab is graphene oxide that is a hexagon shaped Nano particle with the numeric number of 666. Graphene oxide has 6 electrons, 6 neutrons and 6 protons. This jab is the Mark of the Beast. The odds that it is not the Mark is astronomical.

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