November 29, 2023

6 thoughts on “Interesting Warnings on 2022-2023 from Steven Ben DeNoon

  1. Hi David,

    Hi David, So I listened to this guy. One gets the feeling that he is shooting with a scattergun. I maintain that the Nazarene told us to “flee into the mountains” because this is a water event. Furthermore, asteroid impacts cannot occur with any regularity. As for Yellowstone, if the Pacific Ocean is about to roll over the top of that powder keg, it is almost a given that it will explode. What I found interesting is that he expressed the same sentiment as me, that he is tired of living on this planet. I think we all share that feeling because we intuitively sense how much better life could be if we were just organized better so that people did not have to lie, cheat, and steal all the time. My concern is that it is that feeling in us that causes us to conjure up end-of-the-world scenarios That is why I walked “two paths” for the better part of the last decade, one allowing for the possibility that I was just wrong about everything. It has only been in the past year that I stopped allowing for that possibility, with no small help from you my dear friend. What I see in front of me now on a daily basis is a mammoth construction the interlocks with mathematical certainty. No one, not even me, is creative enough to create something so integrate out of nothing. No one. We are “at the doorstep” of something to be sure, and I am utterly convinced that it is an Earth crustal displacement.

    No. 5, The Third Prime in Life

    1. Of course I agree a pole shift is coming soon… but warnings to pay attention to “manipulated” problems made to look natural are also relevant, even if his top concerns are not mine. I guess I’m saying, I recommend skimming the surface of the information available with a wide net, and be alert to a variety of warnings… someone may have an odd conclusion formed due to their own information bias and filters, but the source info they bring to our attention may be a diamond in the rough that we should pay attention to even if their conclusion isn’t. Their puzzle piece may fit our puzzle anyway.

  2. Translation: we are ready for the pole shift, but aliens may have different ideas about this.

    I finally got why the lockdowns in Australia and NZ are so severe and yet vaccination is greatly delayed there compared to Europe: these people have higher chance of survival, but TPTB are afraid of some virus dropped from air, like black death, by gods of the sky.

  3. The “Pole Shift” is at a minimum of 2-3 years away. The fabled “Antichrist” has not been revealed as of yet, though the astute researcher should have a good idea who he is. That point in time will be the last 3 1/2 years but Jesus Christ says he will cut it short or no man would survive. We have a couple asteroid hits before the pole shift happens and a load of bad happenings. Nothing good happens in the time of sorrow, but don’t lose your sense of humor out there…a little wine, beer and laughter is needed once in a while to keep from going insane!

  4. I like Steven and Yana and their messages are well put together. However, I am absolutely sick of hearing, reading about NASA’s programs and their fake news for over 50years. NASA and its company is and always will be the biggest fabricated liars. Our reality within the Firmament is evident and proof that this world is NOT a globe, and there are NO planets, asteroids coming to hit earth; what a load of horse manure. Our creation model of earth is all been recorded in Genesis 1. And like I said, our sun, moon, same stars, and the ocean (water CANNOT CURVE, ITS IMPOSSIBLE), is reality; and it all goes against NASA’s propaganda lies. NO ONE HAS EVER GONE TO THE MOON! ALL NASA’s PHOTOS PROVE IT WAS FILMED IN A STUDIO UNDER CONTROLLED CONDITIONS. First you must expose the lies in order to see the real truth!

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