March 1, 2024

The content of the video below is many years old, but it is just as relevant now (and that explains why this video version was released last week.) A military insider who claims to have worked on projects “Stargate” and “Looking Glass” discusses “the 2012 problem” and claims that prior to 2012, they could only see one outcome after 2012. No matter what they foresaw and no matter what they did to alter the course of events, all potential timelines merged into the same major future outcome after 2012. Early on, he thought it meant the end of the world was close, that some event like a pole shift was unavoidable at some point not too many years after 2012.

In his words: “At the end of 2012…. the choices we make become less and less consequential to the future. And eventually we’re pushed into this bottleneck of time.” The scientists and officers involved had enjoyed many years of glimpsing possible futures, using artificial gravity wells to bend time and space to see and affect future outcomes… and they were freaking out over losing the ability to impact the future.

It reminds me of the machine Frank Walker made in the movie “Tomorrowland,” which was supposed to predict the future but was really broadcasting expectations back in a self-fulfilling feedback loop. In the movie, because the machine said the end of the world was coming on a certain date, people believed it, and the mass belief had some kind of mind-over-matter reinforcing effect that guaranteed the outcome, which strengthened the computer’s certainty it would happen, which strengthened the peoples’ belief it would happen…. [FWIW, Tomorrowland is full of clues pointing to a pole shift in the next few years.]

“That’s important to the people that had access to Looking Glass because they would use Looking Glass knowing that the choices they would make and the future would pop up.” Imagine having that capability and then losing it. “Very smart people began to figure out that something big was coming up.” “No decision, no possibility changed anything past a certain point. That’s the big secret – all possible timelines lead to the same basic” [outcome….] “That is what sends everybody that has all of the information… into a blind panic.” [Some insiders claim one faction of the elite even contemplated various depopulation events up to and including a nuclear WWIII to attempt to alter the inevitable outcome.]

The narrator in the video says he was paid to analyze this problem and decided the computer is right, the outcome is inevitable and the elite have no control over it. He does not specifically claim there will be a pole shift but he does say that “at first I though it was end of the world.” But he says that after the elite fails to maintain control the end result is “an awakening process.” Perhaps what our ancient ancestors would call a new golden age for the survivors.

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