March 25, 2023

19 thoughts on “Magnetic North Pole Moving Faster Than Ever to New Position in Russia

  1. In my book (which may be wrong), the deflection of Earth’s magnetic poles indicates the strength of the opposing external field, and consequently the strength of the torque upon Earth, which will eventually destabilise it such that the planet gyrates until north is south and vice versa – a 180 degree flip, with concomitant crustal displacement (pole shift).

    The winnowing indicates that it’s going to occur within a year or two.

        1. Zod, if you have written a book, I’d like to know the title. Your last comment had no content. By any chance, when you said: “In my book” did you just mean “in my opinion”?

      1. Yes, David, ‘in my book’ was a figure of speech.

        If I was the sort who’d write a book, I’d probably entitle it something like “Topsy Turvy – Earth’s rinse cycle”.

        1. As an author often commenting on what’s “in my book” my mind went straight to actual books. And “in my book”, Zod seems smart enough to be an author – but as is often the case my assumption was wrong.

    1. Everybody should take into account that Zod may here speak in hermetic way, namely ‘year’ does not mean exactly a year, in the way ‘day’ in the Book of Daniel 9 does not mean a day.

      1. JtA, by ‘year’, I mean the time it takes for Earth to orbit The Sun. By ‘great year’ I mean the time it takes for our two suns to orbit each other (24k years), by ‘day’ I mean 24 hours, given in the near future, the rotation of The Earth is going to be rather funky…

      2. I presume you are then deliberately imprecise, Zod.
        Well,’within a year’ could mean either ‘tomorrow’ or in 3 months or in 6 months…
        365 possibilities.

      3. JtA, “within a year or two” is what I extrapolate from the progress of the Covid psyop.

        YMMV. But, I will be surprised if it takes more than that.

        You have to make your own judgements as to timescale.

        TPTB have coordinated a global operation – in response to a global threat. If the threat wasn’t imminent they’d still be coordinating maximum global productivity (keeping the proles happy).

      4. You are of course right extrapolating timeline from covid op. There are, however, other timelines too, e.g. ‘Iran nuclear weapons’ which op is again running. If you put these different timelines together, you can try to guess the time.

        Currently we are seeing the frantic airborn (= we aren’t anymore in 2015) evacuation of Afghans and their dispersal around the entire world… suddenly countries like Rwanda, Uganda, Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia are refugees destinations. I am starting to give some credibility to the idea that lost tribes of Israel are hiding among Afghans and everyone wants some for the end of the world, as beacons of divine activity (if you see Afghans running to spaceships, run too), or maybe hostages…

      5. JtA, it is possible that to create a solution that puts troops on the streets, they first have to create the problem of armed Afghan insurgents/terrorists having been distributed everywhere.

        Extremely interesting times.

  2. Incidentally, I have a hunch that increasing seismicity around the South Sandwich Islands arises from crustal stresses due to forces related to polar deflection.

  3. Dear David,
    I have your Pole Shift book and not yet finished. I’m in the part in which you analyze why would have been the reason for the CIA to censor Chan Thomas’ book The Adam and Eve Story: The History of Cataclysms. Happens that I have a rare copy of the the two in one edition of 1993 Bengal Tiger Press which includes the Aftermath of the Adam and Eve Story. I read it thoroughly and it is correct Chan Thomas has a chart situating the new Geographical North Pole in The Bay of Bengal and clearly if you draw a line from the current North Pole to that position, it passes roughly over Siberia, Russia. But in his book Chan Thomas forecasted that the Pole Shift should occur from 7 to 200 years from the date he wrote the book. Considering the entire body of the 1993 text was present in its initial 1965 forerunner, if so, supposedly it should had happened on 1972 or the maximum in the year 2165.
    I don’t see on the end notes in your book, references to Sir Isaac Newton’s Observations Upon The Prophecies of Daniel and the Apocalypse of St. John. I read that book as well and Newton make a quite accurate analysis of both biblical books and he came with a date 2060, which is within Chan Thomas timeframe my question to you is if you have read Newton’s book and what is your opinion about his end-of-the-world date? And congratulation for your book it is quite revealing and easy to read.

    1. Belard: I wrote a post about this many years ago which I will quote some excerpts from here. “Several years ago there was a great deal of hype over newly discovered papers written by the great scientist and astronomer, Sir Isaac Newton.  The hype ignored any other dates he had mentioned in his notes and suggested that Newton claimed the world would end in the year 2060.  “On 22 February 2003, the Daily Telegraph (London, England) published a front-page story announcing Isaac Newton’s prediction that the world would end in 2060.”  The New York Post said as recently as late 2018: “Based on extensive studies of biblical texts, he estimated that the world would “reset” in 2060.”  Although this does sound like a POLE SHIFT, I have to note that this was a bad interpretation of his writings on the subject, but in defense of the interpreters – Newton did have 4500 pages of handwritten notes on the subject….

      Another article commenting on Newton’s largely unknown book: Daniel and the Apocalypse – noted: “Best known for his advancements in scientific thought Sir Isaac Newton was also big into his apocalyptic prophecy. Largely unknown and unpublished documents, evidently written by Isaac Newton, indicate that he believed the world could end in 2060 AD. (He also had many other possible dates e.g. 2034). Despite the dramatic nature of a prediction of the end of the world, Newton may not have been referring to the 2060 date as a destructive act resulting in the annihilation of the earth and its inhabitants, but rather one in which he believed the world was to be replaced with a new one.”  That definitely sounds like Newton expected a POLE SHIFT.

      Newton wrote in Principia Mathematica in 1687: “let there be added anywhere between the pole and the equator a heap of new matter like a mountain, and by its perpetual endeavour to recede from the centre of its motion will disturb the motion of the globe, and cause its poles to wander about its surface.”  Sounds to me like Newton understood that when ice caps are not perfectly centered around the rotational axis, their off-center mass contributes centripetal tangential force to push the crust into a new position – eventually causing a pole shift.

      A Wikipedia article on this topic clarifies that 2060 was a date he saw as a outlying limit, but was not his final calculation.  After mentioning 2060 in his notes, he continued refining his calculations for many years.

      “However, between the time he wrote his 2060 prediction (about 1704) until his death in 1727 Newton conversed, both first hand and by correspondence, with other famous theologians of his time. Those contemporaries who knew him during the remaining 23 years of his life appear to be in agreement that Newton, and the “best interpreters” including Jonathan Edwards, Robert Fleming, Moses Lowman, Phillip Doddridge, and Bishop Thomas Newton, were eventually “pretty well agreed” that the 1,260-year timeline should be calculated from the year 756 AD.” ….“The author adopts the hypothesis of Fleming, Sir Isaac Newton, and Lowman, that the 1260 years commenced in A.d. 756; and consequently that the millennium will not begin till the year 2016.”

      Thomas Williams stated that this timeline had become the predominant view among the leading Protestant theologians of his time:

      “Mr. Lowman, though an earlier commentator, is (we believe) far more generally followed ; and he commences the 1260 days from about 756, when, by aid of Pepin, King of France, the Pope obtained considerable temporalities. This carries on the reign of Popery to 2016, or sixteen years into the commencement of the Millennium, as it is generally reckoned.” ….In the end, Newton never narrowed down his timeline.  There are reasons to look at 2016, 2019, 2028, 2034, 2046, and 2060 for a possible end of the world – new heavens and a new earth – pole shift.  And probably many other years.  I think it’s great to keep thinking and trying to figure out such fascinating mysteries – but so far no one, myself included, has given a date and an explanation that settles the timing conclusively.  Not even 4500 pages of effort from Sir Isaac Newton.

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