May 28, 2023

10 thoughts on “Our Sun Novas Repeatedly Throughout History, Much Like The Nova Witnessed on August 8

  1. And just before The Sun goes nova, The Earth’s magnetic poles are deflected and its magnetic field is apparently weakened at an accelerating rate.

    Very strange.

    And how does a nova trigger axial flip and/or pole shift?

    1. Whatever triggers the sun probably also triggers the Earth – whether it is passage through a ripple of the waving galactic field or passing a critical point in a binary dance with another star, it seems that we flip flop repeatedly in a much stronger magnetic field than Earth’s

      1. I have never come across any evidence that The Sun goes nova at the same time as The Earth suffers cataclysm. There’s similarly zero evidence for LaViolette’s galactic superwave arriving at Earth every 12,000 years.

        As for evidence found from the surface of The Moon, as I’ve pointed out to you before, we’ve not actually landed on The Moon – the televised landings were staged.

        Occam’s razor – why introduce a micro-nova given no evidence and no causal relationship?

      2. Earth’s own magnetic field, hidden in magnetized rocks or oceans, is weak. However, Earth produces its own magnetic field by the fact of fast rotation (rotor) within solar wind (stator). If some large body passing between Earth and Sun would temporarily block or deflect solar wind, or stop Earth’s rotation, that would mean the short period with almost no space-reaching geomagnetic field.

  2. Kabul – one of the best places to be during the coming pole shift. And yet so many leaving…

      1. Kabul is 35 N. It will be a new Scandinavia.
        The obsession with getting locals out of Kabul – currently you can go without documents and covid tests, just show yourself in the airport – seems a bit suspicious.

        From the pace of Taliban takeover, it should be clear that the population does not really care.

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