June 5, 2023

7 thoughts on “Why Is America Surrendering Afghanistan?

  1. Notice there was no effort to remove the small arms, armament, vehicles ect. or to destroy them before the Taliban moved in for the capture. Biden downplayed the Taliban as a ragtag force only to hide the true intentions of what is happening now. Secret Islamic negotiations were already planned for this takeover months ago so Biden would have to step down and the Islamic man behind the curtain would step out and save the day. Sort of an ultimate false flag. Biden is tired and has did his job to secure his old boss the power he needs to finish the job. This will most likely occur before the end of this week. Is this the moment in time that Jesus said the Antichrist will be revealed? Most will not believe it except for those with discernment and will wonder after the beast and his negotiation prowess. Sounds like a Tom Clancy novel? We shall see!

    1. Friday August 20 and pressure is mounting on Biden to be replaced. The corporate media such as CNN are turning on him and some are even blaming Harris. The wizard behind the curtain is who they desperately want to come back to power. This was obviously a planned event for this outcome of thousands of stranded Americans in a hostile country with hostages a real possibility like the Iranian debacle with Jimmy Carter. Who can save the hostages this time? Mr. Islamic himself, Barack Hussein Obama. It’s perfect and it’s how he works. Set up a dire situation and come to the rescue on a white horse! The Mahdi…….meets the Taliban.

  2. The reporter who asked that question to Biden back in July was smarter than paedo-Joe and the intelligence agencies combined. What a waste of American lives and resources for 20 years guarding the poppy fields….

  3. To have an excuse to go back with nuclear weapons…?
    The current situation in Afghanistan is very similar to the initial storm of ISIS/Daesh. And the Afghan army plays the role of the Iraqi army…

  4. Just wait for a first Western ‘evacuation’ airplane going down…. in other words, casus belli ready.

  5. Obama struck the deal in 2014 for the calamity we are witnessing in Afghanistan today. This Obama treason was to be played out much earlier but Trump got in the way and delayed his plan. The trade for the Taliban 5 in exchange for the low life, low level traitor Bergdahl was just a ruse to get the Taliban 5 main players on stage for Obama’s magnificent show of diplomatic skill that will show the world he has no equal. Obama’s sickening parade of Bergdahl and his parents was meant to stick the knife into all patriotic Americans. To add insult to injury, 5 billion dollars was added to the deal! Obama is evil to the core and his corpse will be a great match for the angel from the Bottomless Pit.

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