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September 21, 2023

4 thoughts on ““Freedom only exists if…”

  1. The most useful thing about the Covid psyop, is that by the rate/pace of its application (and confidence and patience exuded), and the rate at which the chaff are eliminated, one obtains an idea as to the timeline to axial flip (given TPTB will be sure to be informed as to imminence).

    Incidentally, one can also detect that there is a limit to the number of apparently conflicting psyops that TPTB can run simultaneously. The ‘mind’ of TPTB is not that good at interleaving a wide variety of multi-threaded psyops simultaneously. Its pyramidal control structure (and MSM narrator) would no doubt become confused. In any case, ‘the sheep’ aren’t sufficiently percipient to notice the remarkably script-like aspect to events on the world’s stage.

  2. The Powers That Be can’t get that nagging feeling out of their minds that if their plan does not work they will meet their fate on a gallows. If this death jab fails then nuclear holocaust is on the table for deflection and cover. Malinda Gates got cold feet to distance herself from the noose, as both she and Billy are 2 peas in the same perverted pod. They may kill 1-2 billion people with the jab but that is not good enough and they know it. They need a 90% kill ratio and it looks like people are waking up and figuring out the genocide. The Red Horse not only has humans killing one another but it’s rider is given a Great Sword. That’s where the nuclear option seems to be the best route for these psychotic killers when the jab falls short.

  3. Covid 19 and the mandatory jabs are a smoke screen for the headline news that is in the works. The capture of Afghanistan by the Taliban is a planned operation by Obama and company. The senile old Biden did exactly what he was told to do and will be stepping down, most likely this week. Who will take his place? Kamila? No way the PTB will allow that, besides it has been in the works since the beginning for Biden to fail so badly that the cry will be for his former boss to step in and stop the disaster in Afghanistan. House leader Pelosi will recommend that Obama step in for a short while until a proper replacement is found. Some will say he cannot serve 3 terms. That won’t matter in a time of emergency and Obama will be an interim President. He will make a miraculous peace with the Taliban, because it was all planned out earlier between these Islamic Brothers. This is all timed out with CERN to coincide with opening the Bottomless Pit to release the fallen angel Apollyon who will inhabit the body of Obama. Sounds crazy huh? These are crazy times!

  4. I am not a prophet, soothsayer or diviner. What I just previously wrote is my own contention as to what I see to be the most likely path for Obama to rise to the level of the Antichrist at this time. I had a startling vision in early 2008 on this man that I knew nothing about and it put me on a mission to find the truth. David’s books are a wealth of information on Obama and should be read by all here. One more thing that is very unsettling is on Obama’s 60th birthday party(6 is Obama’s number). You can find it on Rumble. It is a video tape of the party with a woman who looks like a demon possessed zombie and with small lightening bolts striking all over the place including Obama, incorporated in the video. I am sure most here saw the Satanic tennis shoes by Nike several months ago with the pentagram and Luke 10:18 inscribed. These are not coincidences, these are predictive programming for the coming Antichrist. Jesus said “I saw Satan fall like lightening from heaven”. Obama taking over for old Joe Biden will be termed a great sacrifice for Obama and he will be treated like a god by the Left.

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