October 4, 2023

14 thoughts on “John Moore Links Vaccination, Depopulation, and Pole Shift

  1. I’ve thought about this subject as a possibility of “why” the false flag virus and experimental vaccine now – 2 to 4 years in front of the pole shift. There are reports it can take that long to kill. But even more it destroys the immune system, so when the hard times and pestilence come they will have little to no ability to overcome. It’s the far-sighted, far-working, poison arrow of Apollo, the first seal with the White Horse and rider with the bow sent out to conquer.

    From a purely human mind set what you are considering is plausible and probable. From a fallen angels mind set it’s with diabolical intent. 1. because he knows at the end of this age angels come and remove all evil. Humans and fallen spirits. So the human mind failed again not believing and understanding the power and purposes of God. They can be 2 miles deep in a bunker but that would never stop God or an angel from taking them. 2. It’s very possible that those who get the vax and survive to the end of age — including Jews in the land, will not be able to go into the next age for a few rational reasons — no ability to reproduce, or reproduction of altered mutated DNA flesh, or simply that it is the mark of trusting in “man” and not “God”.

    If you listen to the video of Natan the Jewish teen who died and was sent back, who saw several levels of heaven and hell, with a blow by blow of the horror of the slaughter in last days in Israel and Jerusalem ( almost like right out of the book of Revelations) he mentioned a peculiar thing that he saw that he was even interrupted and questioned on. Natan too understood how to the human mind it seemed bizarre. He said he saw the Messaih descend from heaven to the Mt of Olives. Which split in two. It was the only place the Jews could hope to find safety and they were all running to get there before being slain. However, when they reached the entrance, the Messiah was guarding it. He would “smell” those who were His and could be brought in versus those who could not go in. As more and more evidence is surfacing how the vax changes DNA at a celluar level and injects man made substances at a cellular level thoughout the body that can not be removed … could that be the what and why that Natan was witnessing? Israel boasts one of the highest vax rates. Only 144,000 males will be rescued to go into the next age to repopulate the nation and serve their King in their earth suit bodies, it seems rational, logical and most practical that they never took the vax. They put their trust in God not man and He protected them. The famous OT quote ” I have 7000 men in Israel who have not bowed the knee to baal.”.


  2. Even if they do reduce the population of useless eaters by 90%, I don’t think that will change the number of survivors the elites find when they emerge from their bunkers. The number of survivors will depend on the resources available during the bottleneck, not on how many humans were on the planet before the bottleneck.

    1. You might be right – but it depends on several factors. Do the emerge from bunkers a few days later, or a few centuries later? If they need to wait out earth changes, plagues, radiation half lives, and chemical contamination… survivors will have repopulated. But if the come out much sooner, the bottleneck may not have been reached yet. And the goal might be to have zero survivors outside.

      1. The survivors will find the entrances and exits for these elite bunkers and bulldoze a mountain of rock and debris on top to seal their glory holes permanently. Or maybe flood the bunkers and drown the rats!

    2. We could do ourselves a bit of harm to injustice if we look at this event from a purely “earth suit” how do I stay alive time based mindset. We were never intended to live forever in this body anyhow! We are spiritual beings and eill live forever in that form. The pole shift is part of a creation plan that is more accurate than any clock man can create or any master plan we could imagine. It is divine and in perfect order. When we step out of the limitations of our mind and emotions to get a glimpse of how heaven and God view what is coming the big picture comes into view and we can look up to God and let go of our fear and anger. This event was going to happen to us from the day we were born. I can imagine we knew that as spiritual beings before we agreed to come live in this body at this time, but we had to forget all that to experience this as intended so that we can get some real “god type” spiritual choices and growth from it. I believe that was the intent.

      Here is a ordinary man, Lou Famoso, who died and was shown the pole shift and a lot more. He was sent back to tell us about it in 1963. That was long before the average person even heard of a pole shift. He was shown 2 comets that will hit the earth coming from Orion, one striking New York (financial Babylon) . They were sent centuries before our time and yet micro targeted to strike exactly where intended. He also saw the sun ejecting plasma balls that caused earth to wobble and stop rotation, slosh the oceans over the continents, sinking them under the weight, then rise up again into a new earth much cleaner and lush. He tells it all in a non religious manner as that is the kind of man he was, even though he was met by the Son of God, with angels Michael, Gabriel and the “cast out one”. Well worth your time to read his account of what he experienced and was shown along with the message he was to give to humanity about the coming “gathering”. Only the “elect” will survive on earth by the choice of God for the purposes intended for the future of mankind becoming more like the “kingdom of heaven” on earth.


      I spent years reading NDE accounts as they were posted. Then went back and read all the historical exceptional ones I could find. I began to see a divine pattern and message. I posted several that apply to this time period under “coming events” … https://www.walkin.love/additional-end-times-timeline-events.html

  3. The survival rate of pole shift has been so small that every survivor counts. The setup is much worse than during the previous ones. It is not sure that enough genetic diversity will be preserved in order to rebuild the stable, expanding population, too. In a way, the small number of the elite is its own very problem.
    Besides, the elite needs slaves, debtors etc.

  4. RM’s post is close to what the reality of the future will be. All followers of Jesus Christ (God in the Flesh), alive now and those that have died in the past will be changed, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last Trumpet. When is this last Trumpet? The first seal has been broken by Jesus Christ in 2021 to release the White Horse and it’s rider Apollyon (the future Antichrist) to deliver the Mark of the Beast (Jab) across the world. This is the first of 7 Seals. After these seals are broken, the 7 Trumpet Judgements commences, most likely several years from now, and every trumpet that is sounded brings more misery upon the earth. The Last or 7th Trumpet , brings rejoice in heaven as the end is near. That is when the dead in Christ will rise and we that are alive will be changed from mortal to immortal and ascend from the earth to meet Jesus Christ in the air. All men left on earth, both those that have taken the Mark of the Beast and those that did not have Christ in their hearts will be subjected to the 7 Bowl Judgements that is the Wrath of God. You do not want to be here at this time, but many will be. Jesus said that if He did not cut the time short, no man would survive these Judgements. This 7 year period we are in, right now, will be cut short when Jesus Christ returns with His army of angels to judge and destroy the army’s on earth and those that had taken the Mark. The Antichrist and False Prophet will be cast alive into Hell and Satan will be bound in chains for a thousand years in the Pit. A remnant of unmarked humans will survive and flourish. The Book of Revelation is beyond anything a man 2000 years ago could have written. It is the embodiment of the supernatural. This may sound like science fiction to the unsaved man, but it is the reality we are living in right now. As the days, weeks and months progress, we will see more signs that the next seals are broken and things really start degrading. The forced injections for this Mark is getting scary, and we haven’t even gotten to Wormwood yet. This is the most exciting time to be alive in world history, but it’s not for the faint of heart!

  5. It’s good to see John Moore is still going. I enjoyed his first video from over a decade ago (2008: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohHMK20FhAk ).

    He’s a limited hangout (a most pleasant one at that). He can easily be debunked by the astrophysicists, but he will help spur the percipient into perspicacity.

    His “10th planet fly-by” is the bunk, but within it is the fragment of truth that it is due to the path of the 10th planet that The Earth turns upside down and causes crustal displacement (pole shift), etc.

    The 10th planet (Planet X), now renamed Planet 9 (due to Pluto’s demotion – if it ever existed), is one of many names for The Sun’s dual. And due to the 24,000 year barycentric orbit, The Solar System (including The Earth) oscillates above/below the galactic plane and in/out of opposite polarised magnetic fields. Thus as we pass out of the magnetic null zone into the ever increasing strength of an opposing field, The Earth’s field is repressed (apparently weakened) and its magnetic poles deflected (an an accelerating rate), ultimately leading to deflection of the geophysical poles (see https://www.popularmechanics.com/science/environment/a36419756/earth-axis-shifted-climate-change/ ) followed by rapid destabilisation and axial flip, whereafter, with The Earth once again aligned with the external magnetic field, stability resumes for 12,000 years.

    As for Moore’s suggestion of 200mph winds, these are more likely minimum wind speeds vs the maximum speeds likely to occur. Bear in mind the equatorial speed of the Earth is 1,000mph (at 1 rotation per 24 hours). With an axial flip occurring in 10-20 hours or so (and at some point, fast enough to see the star field roll up like a scroll), the inertia of the atmosphere will lead to supersonic winds in some places, i.e. >768mph.

    Moreover, I tend to lean toward the estimates of >0% chance of surviving super-tsunami to be found >600m altitude & >150km inland.

    As for the motive of the 300 generations of secret societies over the last 12,000 years (not least the efforts of the antediluvian builders of The Great Pyramid), I think it indicates a failure of imagination to conclude that their objective is to enable a few hundred geriatric great(^300)-grandkids to live another 20 years by hiding away in underground bunkers, in order to emerge a decade or so later into a new stone age where they enjoy their final years tended to by a bunch of slaves, and that obviously, just before the cataclysm they’d need to exterminate everyone else.

    It’s not about preserving a few hundred elite.

    The problem is an EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT, where unless h sapiens is sufficiently ingenious, there is a risk that h sapiens will go extinct – even if a tiny few survive the coming cataclysm (underground or topside).

    Therefore, the Great Mission is about preserving and proliferating the species, h sapiens.

    This means:

    1) Preserving a viable population – able to recolonise the surface.
    2) Preserving a representative population (sapience and genetic fitness).
    3) Preserving & perpetuating knowledge of the cataclysmic cycle 2×12,000.
    4) Preserving mankind’s technological knowledge.
    5) Preserving technological advancement – power & manufacturing facilities (already operating).
    6) Preparing for rapid recolonisation of the post-cataclysmic surface.

    So, as confirmed in The Bible, any apparent depopulation isn’t so much designed to eliminate the non-Elite, but to select the most perspicacious/sapient (the wheat) from the current inhabitants. The cataclysm would wipe out 99% in any case, so there’s no need to pre-empt this if simple depopulation is required.

    As for those who happen to survive the cataclysm by their own wits & devices, they have amply demonstrated their fitness to remain as members of h sapiens, so they won’t be condemned to be shot on sight by the emerging troglodytes. Moreover, the former won’t be vengeful to the latter, because they will have complete understanding.

    The perspicacious thus have a choice:
    1) Escape TPTB, e.g. fleeing into the wilderness to become survivalists, or
    2) Otherwise survive TPTB’s tests of sapience & fitness, ultimately to be rounded up for rendition to the underworld.

    One will probably find that the tests will be the most severe where TPTB expect to find the most sapient.

    So, it’s not so much that there will be no invites to the bunkers, but that there will be invites to exit beforehand (even if non-obvious to those accepting them).

    1. Please clarify your expectations/recommendations regarding “Moreover, I tend to lean toward the estimates of >0% chance of surviving super-tsunami to be found >600m altitude & >150km inland.”

      1. Given a 180 degree axial flip (that, in accord with the nature of realigning magnets, slowly accelerates, but rapidly decelerates), if you happen to be near the coast of land that is to receive the full brunt of ocean slosh (super tsunami) then you have zero chance of survival. Non-zero chances of survival will require a combination of being inland (less chance the kinetic/surge energy of the tsunami will overcome the altitude it would have done nearer the coast) and being at altitude such that the flood volume of the tsunami will not reach you.

        Given the velocity of the flip, and the size of the oceans, I’m expecting people to argue that 600m and 150km are still the bare minimum to aim for.

        I think one can survey a mountainous landscape that has likely enjoyed a super tsunami in its past (12,000 years ago), and one can identify the transitions between plains, rolling hills, and rough craggy hills/ridges/mounts before the mountains proper. Where things remain craggy is where the super tsunami didn’t reach or have much effect. This is typically in the region of 600m.

        Where does the water come from eh? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFXGrTng0gQ

    2. Nevertheless, rendition to the underworld should take before pole shift. At what time, then…. ? You must realize that if atmosphere will burn, there may not be enough oxygen for petrol engines to work (probably a reality behind Tesla development); it concerns jet engines too (but not rocket engines).

      The movie ‘Greenland’ (about the deadly comet strike) would suggest around 48-24 hours before. The closer to pole shift, the fewer opportunities to get there, however. It is a narrow window between anarchy/panic and a functioning society.

    3. The best areas are around an axis of pole shift. Last time that were Malaya and Galapagos Island. Therefore, China; India and pre-Columbian kingdoms survived. This time it won’t be so easy, since no major civilizations are close to the current axis.

      Remember: if it moves towards a new pole, a land will rise, if it moves towards a new equator, a land will sink. More or less at least.

  6. First they make sure you can’t work, limiting your income and options, Gates just made a remark about taking social security payments also. As far as enforcement I always wondered how they would get to those of us in small communities seeing how we know our police officers and then I read about the Biden administrations invitation to the United nations to police on US soil.

    The world’s governments are incapable of completing the most simple of task yet now are able to coordinate globally. Makes you wonder when the man of sin will show his face. Hopefully I will have a front row seat to watch him fail again. I take a knee to no man or those who have fallen from heaven but for God I will lay flat on the ground face down in the dirt. I serve God and only God.

    1. ARCF1…..I saw the Bill Gates interview and his demonic laughter about taking social security away from seniors that refused the Mark of the Beast. He is an evil little puke that is trolling for some small object traveling at Mach 3. The man of sin showed his face just the other day with his 60th birthday party. Took some time away from his job from behind the curtain, pulling the levers that make Obiden move and yap. Soon, he will be inhabited by the angel Apollyon, and his followers will know he is their god. If he makes your skin crawl now, you will be truly amazed at his coming powers, amazed in a very creepy way. It’s coming I tell you and many will say in astonishment ” I can’t believe he is the One”

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