July 13, 2024

My last post a few days ago had a similar theme – asking why globalists and governments are obsessed with a 100% vaccination rate.

I went farther down that conspiracy rabbit hole the next day, adding to the content of my WordPress post in an article explaining why the elite might want depopulation – to wipe out potentially troublesome competition from billions of useless eaters in last days of normalcy before a pole shift. They won’t want competition in the aftermath either. I described this at length in what has proven to be a very popular article HERE.

About two hours ago, I was surprised to find a video discussion on these topics between John Moore (who has been warning us the U.S. Navy has known of a coming pole shift for years) and Brighteon founder Mike Adams.



Many other pole shift researchers have concluded that to survive the coming catastrophe you better be thousands of feet above sea level. Chan Thomas wrote about the Pacific Ocean wave he expected to be 10,000 feet high when it crashes over the Western United States. Doug Vogt thinks it will flow eastward all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. But John Moore says the Navy warned its people that they should retire to land more than 300 feet high and at least 60-80 miles inland. Moore recommends being at least 600 feet above sea level to be safe from the oceanic sloshing that comes with the pole shift – though there are many additional problems to deal with as well.

What follows is an excerpt from my article at Beforeitsnews.com

“If I were at the top of the elite ruling class and I knew for certain that a civilization ending catastrophe like a pole shift or an asteroid impact was coming on a certain date in the near future, I would make sure some small remnant of humanity would survive – stocking numerous bunkers and arks with the technology and supplies required to ensure that civilization doesn’t have to start over from a new stone-age.  I would populate the prepared locations with friends, family, and plenty of smart young people with the skills to rebuild and the fertility to repopulate.  The cream of the crop – the best of the best – would be the seeds of the population of the next new world.

But beyond family and friends and all the scientists and doctors and engineers and craftsmen and other very necessary workers and breeders, the rest of us – the other 99.9% of the world – will not be receiving invitations – to the elite’s farewell party.  We could hope, at least, that they would explain the situation and give the rest of us a warning and some ideas for preparation and increasing our chances of survival on this side of the bunker doors….  But I don’t think they want the rest of us to survive.  I think they aim to control the next world without all the useless eaters in the way.

The problem is that some small portion of humanity will survive outside their bunkers.  It may be far less than one tenth of 1% of the almost eight billion people people on Earth today, but if even one in a thousand of us survives, that would still be almost eight million people capable of competing with them in the aftermath.  And those millions of battle-hardened survivors, who overcame natural disasters, diseases, food shortages, and all the other desperate souls fighting for scraps in the aftermath – they would all be very angry that those who fled into bunkers beforehand didn’t warn them about what was coming.

It would be far safer for the elite to make sure such competition would not be around to seek revenge as bunker doors reopen after the pole shift [or any other world-age-ending catastrophe.]  They don’t want to experience the world of “Mad Max” or “The Road” – they want something more like “Tomorrowland” – and to have that, they might aim for depopulation before the main event.  One method would be to spread disease and infertility throughout the population.”

What are your thoughts on vaccinations, depopulation, and pole shifts?



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