October 4, 2023

16 thoughts on “Why Are Globalists And Governments So Desperate For 100% Vaccination Rates?

  1. TPTB serve the species – not the inhabitants, nor themselves.

    However, the species exists within the inhabitants, and from a genetic/eugenic perspective, one only needs to extract the cream, moreover from an economics perspective it would be wasteful for a shelter to preserve orders of magnitude more than necessary to recolonise the Earth’s surface, even if the shelters could support more than 1% of the inhabitants.

    Therefore, to avoid triggering the zombie apocalypse, they are inviting the least sapient to take one for the team.

    That means delivering the jab to all those who don’t KNOW that it’s lethal (who will obviously do everything in their power to escape it).

    If this remainder population is still too large, then further tests of sapience & fitness will occur.

    Matthew 13:30

  2. Because they want Satan/Baal/Bel/Marduk to be a future king of Earth, namely after the pole shift. It is a form of voting, and for the reason of the preservation of the free will necessary for voting (but not for fighting with illness) vaccines are not mandatory and will not be made mandatory. It is pretty clever actually: if you want to participate in THIS world, which is actually the kingdom of Satan, you must take a vaccine, thus expressing your approval for Satan’s kingdom.
    I suppose Satan wins if the so-called herd immunity (70% or 80% or 95%?) is achieved.

    I am only starting wondering whether they do not cheat, offering 2- and 3-shots vaccines. The statistics have become partly misleading, having categories like ‘vaccinated’, ‘partly vaccinated’, ‘completely vaccinated’, and now ‘re-vaccinate’, etc.
    But, well, isn’t Satan the Father of Lie…. ?

    Another Satan’s trick are Marian apparitions, directed solely to young girls. Very clever – young girls have no moral standing, and thus technically can say neither lie nor truth; above all, they are not innocent in the sense majority of people think, since the fact that technically they cannot be evil does not mean they are automatically good. Nevertheless, almost no one took account of the strange change in the ways of communication between God and people: from loquacious prophets selling some real content to babbling young girls providing almost no info at all.

  3. Good article David. The Georgia Guidestones are not well received by some of the local populace for some of the reasons you mentioned. It’s been vandalized, parts of it stolen and beer parties to symbolize the dancing on graves of the elite Eugenist who erected it. A lot of people out there are not fooled by what is going on and just waiting for the lit fuse to reach the powder. The coming lockdown may be that explosive event!

    1. The Guidestones aren’t a message to today’s PTB (as so many folk seem to conclude), but to the descendants of those who survive the coming cataclysm.

      1. Hard to believe the Guidstones will survive the coming cataclysm. They are too high not to fall. Maybe their message is to be actually spread nowadays, and some survivors who know it will bring it into the future.

    1. ‘Mark’ can mean ‘characteristic’.
      ‘On the hand’ can denote ‘by their actions’.
      ‘On the forehead’ can denote ‘by their opinions’.
      ‘Beast’ can mean ‘less than sapient’.

      Credulity, in wearing an intrinsically ineffective mask, taking an intrinsically ineffective invasive test, and accepting an intrinsically ineffective injection, signify all aspects of taking and wearing the mark of the beast, and hence all aspects are lethal.

      The wheat will not take the mark of the beast, but they will be sorely tested – tormented.

      1. Apocalypse comes from the judeochristian milieu, as hinted by its first chapters (The Letters to Seven Churches), never read in the church, but they set the context of interpretation. There some ‘Jews who are not Jews’ aka ‘Synagogue of Satan’ are lambasted, and their ‘false prophet’ (also later), who, following some interpretation of the Dead Sea Scrolls, could be St Paul, for example.

        As for the Mark – I think the main is the vaxx, if you had a mask once or twice in order to buy necessities, you are probably not condemned yet.

      2. JtA, there have already been recalls of masks due to toxicity. This is probably more to alert the perspicacious who have not yet digested the Book of Revelation, given the toxin is deliberately impregnated to be inhaled into the lungs (causing ailments that can be passed off as Covid). In any case, persistent wearing, even of benign masks, has its own problems, e.g. Bacterial pneumonia. All three are lethal.

  4. The current injections with graphene oxide and chimeric inducing Messenger RNA are the first dose of the Mark of the Beast. Whoever takes this Jab will have no choice but to take the Bill Gates Micro-Needle Array Patch that is slapped onto the back of the hand or forehead. What do I mean by no choice? You will take the Patch or the graphene oxide in your body will be activated by 5/6 G frequencies and you will die. This information is getting out and the elite must work fast before the herd catches on. They don’t want millions of human cattle stampeding or they might get trampled to death in the chaos. It’s almost like I have seen this movie before and it never ends well!

  5. Comment by ‘Watcher’ (2021-08-07) is interesting and may well be part of the plan. 5G direct EMF targeting might work for any person carrying a device (or injected RFID) enabling the towers to ping and isolate the targeted person via phased-array beam-forming (accurate within inches.) Another major goal of globalists/banksters is to institute slavery via a cashless society, which is facilitated by the Rockefeller/et.al. ID2020 project giving a globally-unique digital ID number (e.g. IPv6 number) to the global population by ‘leveraging vaccination.’ Once a person has received a vaccine/tattoo/RFID implanted-chip ‘mark’ (perhaps some version invisible to naked eye), the number of which is an index on a global database containing all other quantifiable personal information related to that person (banking, medical, financial credit, license, social credit, legal, online communications, etc. ever-expanding records), cash can be abolished, and the global cabal assumes total control of the population. (Same for all physical assets linked to the IoT, including farm animals.) Politicians are thence abolished (not needed). ‘Great Algorithm in the Sky’ (cabal-programmed) runs everything automatically. Jaywalk too many times? Surveillance systems reduce your score toward zero, maybe into the negative; now one can’t buy anything, can’t get food, can’t pay shelter cost, can’t feed kids, etc.; relegation to non-person status or worse can come quickly for anyone not cooperating with any micro-managed arbitrary/capricious regulation installed into the Algorithm. Your credits can be made programmable, made to expire, made time-limited, applicable only for restricted purposes, etc., IF the AI deigns to allot you any. Klaus Schwab talks about this, so the WEF is telling you in advance. Might the big AI system be the beast, or its instrument? Once a digital ID is attached to your hide, counterfeiting won’t be possible, fake IDs won’t work, no economic transaction will go untracked or uncontrolled by Big Brother. Yes, most crime based on such techniques will stop, but any attempt to overthrow the system or mount a revolution will then be impossible. Constitutions, human rights treaties, etc.: rendered inoperative or abolished. Economic, other freedoms: gone; ‘little people’ allowed to live reduced to serfdom. Checkmate, little person! The cabal owns/runs all in perpetuity.

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