March 25, 2023

31 thoughts on “Interesting Pole Shift Video from Diamond at Magnetic Reversal News

  1. David–you are boring your audience by beating the Pole Shift Horse over and over that won’t come out of the barn for another 6 years or so from now. There are much more important issues such as the forced Mark of the Beast Jab and an incoming asteroid by the end of the year. I purchased and read all your books and have to opine that you were much more diverse during the Obama years. By the way “He’ll Be Back”!!!

    1. I thought there was rather a lack of pole shift articles myself. :-/

      The jab indicates it’s pretty close, as do other things:

      Perhaps now is the time when discussion of pole shift will be generally deprecated – to avoid frightening the horses as it were.

      1. I concur with Zod. The recent very heavy rains in Western Europe suggests that we have already passed the mark of Revelation 7:1. It is also interesting that the very heavy, stationary storms (it almost looks like weather warfare) have recently concentrated around few mountains areas of Europe, like Gothard/Pilatus massif of Switzerland (Pontius Pilate, procurator of Judea was supposedly burried there), some Pyreenes areas, some mountains in SE Norway, Scottish Highlands. For now, I think you should avoid those areas, Lugano be alluring as it may be.

        Nevertheless, we can still discuss some things …. for example: where is the Kingdom of the Beast…? (It is important to know since now you shouldn’t be there at the very least)
        A) California, USA (never-ending fires there remind us about Rev 9:2)
        B) Rome, and Italy more widely. There is heavy smoke there from Sardinia, currently, too
        C) Beirut, Lebanon (something fell and made a lot of smoke there a year ago)
        D) Southern France, or Occitania, or the Land of Cathars: also recently on fire.

        It is also possible that all four answers are correct – the Kingdom of the Beast may have multiple possessions, after all.

        1. Personally I think the evidence suggests that the land of Mystery Babylon is America and the city is New York. Perhaps the whore of Babylon will be a future leader of America.

      2. I have also recently read an article about mass deaths of young bats in Europe (like hundreds per colony), supposedly because there is not enough food for them (but then, how they were born at all…?). But it could mean that some real pandemics is just behind the corner , too. Just saying.

      3. The Pole Shift is a future event, readers here need to be ready for what is about to happen in the weeks and months to come. The White Horse has been released and is conquering the world at this moment by spreading the toxin spoken of in Revelation thru a needle. This deadly needle is about to be mandated worldwide. Today, it is being mandated in the Philippines to buy and sell just as predicted 2000 years ago. In the days ahead it will be mandated worldwide. The Red Horse is next to ride. When? It won’t be long. When millions upon millions of humans start to die from this toxic jab and that many more become Zombies from prions eating their brains out like swiss cheese, you will see murder and mayhem as never seen before on earth. Those that have taken the kill shot will be livid that they were deceived by their trusted politicians, doctors, caretakers ect. and will go on a killing spree for revenge to settle the score before they succumb to the toxin. Death and mass graves will be the norm, with fewer and fewer workers available to dispose of all the body’s. Smoke will fill the air with the acrid smell of body’s burning and the unvaxxed will have to hide from the killing hoards. Wars will break out across the globe and it will be utter pandemonium caused by the Red Horse “And when he had opened the second seal, I heard the second beast say, Come and see. And there went out another horse that was Red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another:” The governments of earth know this is going to happen. Oct. 8 2020 the made a Zombie Poster for this event. It is all planned to bring the Antichrist into power. This is the Georgia Guidestone’s plan to kill the population of earth down to a controllable 550 million humans. Any wonder that the Gates Foundation paid for this monument of holocaust. The Black Horse and Pale(Green)Horse will ride after the coming Red Horse. The Pole Shift will not occur until deep into the reign of the coming Antichrist.

      4. David you said “Personally I think the evidence suggests that the land of Mystery Babylon is America and the city is New York. Perhaps the whore of Babylon will be a future leader of America.” Those are basically the facts I was shown.

        Do you have any plans for discussions of what the followers of Jesus Christ the Son of God should be doing right now to prepare for the coming persecution that will be on the level the Book of Revelations states … eg saints destined to the sword ( summary execution ) or captivity ( with eventual death, think Nazi Germany 100x worse ).

        1. Mentally and spiritually adjust to the horror of what is coming and become prepared to endure it without betraying God. I think the Great Apostasy will be the tens of millions of lukewarm Christians who expect a pre-trib rapture – that don’t expect to have to endure anything – and many will lose faith when they remain here to suffer tribulation.

          1. Yes of course, maybe having an ongoing discussion page could help the ones waking up to get their minds wrapped around it and point them to how to gain better spiritual insight and strength.

            On the apostasy, yes that can be seen coming, that appears to be the intent of the deception of that doctrine which fits nicely within the deceptions of having been born and raised in Babylon.

            Some dots connected for me on the “great apostasy” as I come to understand how the time frame for the “end of the age” was much longer than the “7 years” doctrine. Consider this. We all owe our faith and christian church choice with a independent worship ( from the Catholic church) to Luther. His reformation changed the powers and the nations of the world too. The Germans flourished being the first to embrace and expand the reformation, in education, social awareness, science, math, music, you name it they had it in spades. BUT they apostatized for humanism and other godless eg man centered philosophies, even creating the foundations for and some of the nations that went Marxist/Communist. Their nation fell to the lowest level creating Hitler and Nazism … the great apostasy most likely began in the 1800’s or before. We grew up in a world suffering from that. One that now is rapidly moving in the direction of something 100x times worse.

  2. If by ‘galactic wave’, Oppenheimer Ranch means the sinusoidal-ish (amplitude & polarity) change in the ambient magnetic field around the Solar System, well, that’s what I’ve been saying all along (and that this is due to the 24,000 year long barycentric orbit of The Sun with its dual).

    Thus, apparent deflection of Earth’s magnetic poles, and apparent weakening of Earth’s magnetic field is exogenous.

    Oppenheimer Ranch doesn’t really seem to know or indicate how catastrophe happens, and uses the terms pole shift and magnetic excursion for the same thing, i.e. accelerating wandering of Earth’s magnetic poles. He suggests that some problems can result from intrusion into our biosphere of external radiation and other material due to collapse/disruption of Earth’s magnetosphere. However he doesn’t appear to have ideas as to the causes of crustal displacement, volcanism, seismic/tectonic disturbance, let alone where all the water comes from in all the flood myths (Noah, Atlantis, etc.).

    So, one has to recognise that eventually, The Earth destabilises and performs a 180° flip within around 20 hours (more or less), possibly so rapidly at a certain point, that it’s possible for an observer to notice the star field roll up like a scroll – or that it may seem as if the sky is falling. The axial flip starts slowly, accelerates, but then stops relatively abruptly at 180°. It is the force of the abrupt stopping that causes crustal displacement (arctic pole shift) and super-tsunami, etc. Certainly, there will be violent winds and major tidal misbehaviour, even tsunami during the flip, but the major disruption starts at the end.

    It’s the axial flip that causes the ELE. The magnetics are merely the exogenous forces that cause the flip. It stands to reason that at the end of the flip, The Earth’s normal magnetic field and magnetosphere resume quite rapidly. The biosphere, on the other hand, takes many years to recover…

  3. R.C. Christian was a pseudonym for the “straw man” that supplied the considerable amount of money to have the Georgia Guidestones erected. Total secrecy was mandated between him and the Elberton Granite Finishing Company only stating that he represented a party from outside the State of Georgia and wished to remain anonymous in perpetuity. Investigators have traced the flow of money that indicated a smell of smoke coming from the Gates Foundation and several other sources but as yet there has been no concrete evidence. Seems very plausible at this point in time, with Gates as one of the masterminds of the death Jab (considerable evidence) and his patent no. WO202060606 microchip for monitoring exchange in cryptocurrency for the Beast System. He has the money and he has the intent. The monument was just window dressing for what is happening now. There is more to this story that will be revealed in the months ahead.

    1. I mistakenly wrote Gates Foundation as one of the contributors of the Georgia Guidestones. There was not a foundation at that time. By 1980 Microsoft was making millions and Bill Gates father was heavy on the world scene as a noted Eugenicist. He taught his son well in dark arts. The concept of the Georgia Guidestones would have come from Bill Gates SR who was a wealthy and successful attorney.

  4. David-there is a very nice family photo (sarc) of Bill Gates SR, Ted Turner, George Soro’s, Anthony Fauci, Leonore Annenberg, all wealthy Globalist and Eugenist’s taken in 2001 at the Carnegie Medal of Philandthropy. They hid the money trail very well but you can bet the farm they and others funded the Georgia Guidestones. And thanks to them we are at the cusp of the largest genocide in World History.


        1984 Dr. Anthony Fauci’s career began as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and has continued under all seven US presidents from Reagan to Biden. Has anyone even asked the question “why”? What other non elected director of such an important high level government agency has been appointed for life? Why has he never been replaced even by Trump? What connection of power and influence could help maintain his control over influencing the health of the whole nation with the lockdown, the masks, social distancing, the approval to vaccinate, in time becoming mandatory, of an experimental mRNA drug that alters the human body on a cellular level, that was known in animal trials to cause major health issues like blood clotting and eventual death, upon the whole population – even children?

        April 16, 1984 Bill Gates is on the cover of Time magazine. Gates now one of the wealthiest men in the world, funded Coronavirus research, mRNA vaccine research and production, known to be associated with Fauci, Moderna and other groups involved with the pandemic is also front and center with the current worldwide reset riding on the back of the covid 19 virus with it’s vaccination goals.

        1984 The importance and meaning of this year is that it marks the beginning of the final 49 year countdown to the end of this age to the Year of Jubilee. In 1975 Dannion Brinkley died when he was struck by lightning. He was sent back with a vision 6 years before it was fulfilled in 1981. His death experience and prophetic vision was also documented when being told to Dr Moody who was researching NDE’s in his 1976 interview. Dannion was shown a cowboy actor riding into Washington DC on a horse to become president with the initials RR on him. The significance of this prophetic vision is the marking of the first of 8 Kings during that 49 year period from 1984 to 2033.

        1984 Symbolic date of the launch of personal computers with Apples famous Orwellian 1984 commercial, note some of the characters are even wearing masks. Paradoxically Apple along with the other now very large technology corporations have become the “big brothers” chosen medium to track, identify and censure those who dissent and resist.

  5. More information on the contents of the Jab (Mark of the Beast). The data on the jabs is increasingly showing the intent what they will be used for. And it is not for good health. You can thank Bill Gates JR., Anthony Fauci ect. and the man behind the curtain Barack Hussein Obama for this toxin from Hell..
    “Hydrogel, a DARPA invention, is a chip resembling a soft contact lens made from graphene oxide, the smallest, strongest and best conductor of electricity known to man. Graphene Oxide hydrogel has the conductivity to connect with smart devices, the cloud and AI. Measuring one atom, graphene oxide is the primary element of hydrogel. Each dose of the COVID 19 injection contains trillions of self replicating nanobots contained within the graphene oxide hydrogel, having the ability to disassemble or reassemble. The Luciferian elite are attempting to systematically change mans DNA by enabling nanobots to merge human and synthetic DNA, creating a unique iron and clay hybrid capable of interfacing with AI”.

  6. Comparing the Covid/VAX roll out to the “White Horse and Rider with the Bow” sent out to conquer in Revelations and how Trump fits in. To my observation he facilitated all the worst of it, from the lock downs to chiding the FDA for resisting immediate roll out of the experimental mRNA vax. Even now he boasts it was him who made it all happen fast and tells us we should take the jab. So I was curious as to who was the God Apollo and how that image figures into Trumps reality since he centers his home around a large mural of Apollo. ( )
    Check this out:
    Apollo was a major Greek god associated with the bow, … and divination.
    Apollo’s darker side as the bringer of plague and divine retribution
    Objects traditionally associated with Apollo include: a silver bow – symbolic of his prowess as an archer.
    Homer: In the paragraph below note the poison arrow to Achilles heel and the plague to the Achaeans.
    Apollo is a significant protagonist in Homer’s account of the Trojan War in the Iliad. On the side of the Trojans, he gives particular assistance to the Trojan heroes Hector, Aeneas, and Glaukos, saving their lives on more than one occasion with his divine intervention. He brought plague to the Achaeans, led the entire Trojan army (holding Zeus’ fearsome aegis) in an attack which destroyed the defensive walls of the Greek camps, and was also responsible for guiding Paris’ arrow to the heel of Achilles, killing the seemingly invincible Greek hero. Apollo is most frequently described by Homer and Hesiod as the ‘far-shooter’, the ‘far-worker’, the ‘rouser of armies’,
    ( ).

    I have been meditating and listening to Revelations most of this week. A couple times today. The only part jumping out in my heart and spirit are the 4 horsemen right now. Here is why. We are in the the White Horse, the next is the Red which are the wars that are coming, the Black horse follows them with pestilence, starvation and more death all natural consequences of the first two. Within these develop the persecution of the saints as it creates the cover and freedom to do so. Why? We will not take the poison arrow. We will not go to war and kill and hate. We will not worship the beast that rises to power in the midst of this chaos. We can all take courage. We are called to the coming resurrection where we will be given spiritual bodies to live forever with the Son of God, worshipping His Father and ours the Most Hign who is the creator and ONE Being of all life.

    1. I spent a bit more time organizing the content on Apollo vs Trump this morning … wow this is surreal …

      Some objects traditionally associated with Apollo include:
      ⦁ a bow
      ⦁ bringer of plague
      ⦁ divine retribution
      ⦁ medicine
      ⦁ divination
      ⦁ arrows that bring destruction
      ⦁ a far-shooter, far-worker, rouser of armies*

      Apollo was responsible for guiding the poison arrow to the heel of Achilles, killing the seemingly invincible. Apollo is white. The statues of him were made of white marble.

      This confirms to me what I am seeing … The White Horse and rider with the bow … and if the US is compared to Achilles ( seemingly invincible ) that narrative fits too.

  7. Hi RM Revelation9:11 describes Apollyon as the King of the Bottomless Pit and Revelation 17:8 holds the key to understanding who the angel Apollyon becomes. The 7 Kings are the latter day kings of Babylon America. The 6th King is to return as the 8th King after the 7th King (Trump) is cut short of his rule. Obama is this 6/8th King behind the curtain and will receive a deadly head wound and goes to Hell, while his body is miraculously healed and inhabited by the angel Apollyon. Apollyon/Apollo is recognized in Greek mythology as the God of Archery, so is it any wonder that the rider on the White Horse is given a bow? Some will argue that Satan himself will inhabit the body of the Antichrist, but how is that possible when the Antichrist and False Prophet are cast alive into the Lake of Fire while Satan is bound in chains in the Pit for a thousand years. CERN is built on the same site as the ancient Temple of Apollyon and has the statue of Shiva as it’s mascot. Both Apollyon and Shiva are known as the Destroyers and CERN means the Horned One or Satan. Add CERN’s company logo of 3 sixes intertwined and you are looking at the control center for the Beast System. Apollyon has been loosed from the Bottomless Pit by CERN for at least 7 months and possibly 1 1/2 years if the release of the so called virus was when the 1st seal was opened. Figuring out this timeline is only possible at a later date, just as David’s books on Obama the Antichrist were correct in most ways except for the timeline. Same with the Pole Shift. If we are 1 1/2 years into the Tribulation, the Pole Shift could be within 3 to 4 years from now. I am pleased that others are diligently researching Revelation, after all it is the Revealing of Jesus Christ!

    1. That is full of relevant prophecy to current events. It’s what I am seeing about Trump … he is a follower of Apollo and playing his part in Apollyon riding out to conquer … I deeply regret I was misled at the time to believe him to choose him as the lessor of 2 evils to vote for, I am forever thankful for the mercy and love of the Son of God who answered my prayer to show me “what is going on” and wake me up. Are you and your readers aware that the “web” was birthed by CERN, including the original html, etc?

      We are all playing in the house they made. If anyone doubts that everything we say and do while connected to the internet is not being recorded somewhere they must live in a alternate reality. It’s not only a NWO control mechanism it’s a “honey pot” to identify the “fly’s” and round them all up when that day comes. But we are called to identify the time and prophecies and to testify to Jesus Christ the Son of God, so some of us will go to the sword ( summary execution) and others to captivity ( work camps, torture, and eventual death) while some are chosen to remain to the end. The next horse is the Red one riding out to make war.

      I agree the pole shift may be 2 to 4 years out. I was reading Revelations last night and that stood out in the order of events of the opening of the seals … one of the later seals describes a pole shift event.

      The identity of the first king was of the 8 kings was given through Dannion Brinkley a man who died in 1975, went to heaven and was sent back 1984, marked with Reagan as king was the beginning of the last 49 year Jubilee cycle bringing in the New Age ( setting free the captives!). The middle of that 49 year time period at 24.5 years was when Obama came to power, Biden is the King that will last for a little while and be replaced by the 8th King. A 15 year old Jewish boy who died and was sent back to testify to his nation from a totally Jewish perspective and in Hebrew with a blow by blow vision experience of the last days in the land for the Jews ( basically the book of Revelations outline) said the face of Gog was Obama, so he most likely is the power behind what is going on and will rise in the next false flag, civil uprising or natural disaster to rule to the end of the age… however we will know when we know as some of these things are still hidden.

      This is what I was shown … the overall time frame for the last 120 years of this age ( as in the days of Noah) was confirmed mathematically by the great granddaddy of all what are called NDE near death experience (but all NDE’rs would say they knew they were not near dead, they were really dead and got sent back) was George Ritchie in 1943 who was escorted by Jesus Christ himself through several levels of heaven up to the New Jerusalem which he only was allowed to see from afar. He was sent back with a vision of earth repenting and seeing how that developed to the good of mankind and the earth not repenting and ending up where we are now … he was given the warning to tell the earth we had 45 years before it was too late … that would be the year 1988 … the year GW Bush took office, the Skull & Bones family. 1988 was the half way mark, add 45 more and it’s 2033 the last full year for the 49 year Jubilee with the next year 2034 being the year of release of the captives and freedom. Looking at the whole time period of 120 years that takes us back to 1914. WW1 at the end of that war the Ottoman empire was destroyed and Britain took control of Palestine and allowed the Jews to begin returning in larger numbers, they already had founded one new city Tel Aviv. WW2 ended with them being able to come back in even larger numbers and become a recognized nation. WW3 will end when their Messiah, Jesus Christ the Son of God returns, preserves the 144,000 taking them into the new age of the Kingdom of Christ on earth, in Jerusalem with his chosen 144,000 Jewish brothers rebuilding the redeemed nation. There are several other NDE sent back ones who identify events like the great earthquakes ( the CA one), the destruction of the USA (Babylon), the 2 meteors sent from Orion (most likely sent out at the time of the birth of Christ) one strikes the ocean and one strikes New York (Financial Babylon). God has been calling out to all mankind in many ways, persons and times, to stop, turn around, look up and listen to His Son Jesus Christ who is seated at His right side and follow Him for the remainder of our days here on this planet.

    2. Hence the Apollo(Apollyon) missions were a boondoggle to divert funds to preparations (Continuity of Technological Advancement), and Shiva worship indicates CERN is similar (probably also an underground city).

  8. RM The question to consider is when did America morph into becoming latter day Babylon? It took many decades to reach that point but the deciding issue was Roe/Wade in 1973. God condemns abortion as an Abomination and has destroyed every nation that has adopted it. America became a baby killer at that time when the worship of Moloch was adopted by the government. Ford was not an elected President at that time, so the 1st elected President of the newly formed Babylon was Jimmy Carter who set in motion the peace process with Israel and the Arabs. The anti-Semite Carter was the 1st King of modern day Babylon with Barack Hussein Obama becoming the 6th King in 2008. Trump became the 7th King whose main purpose was the reunification of Jerusalem as the Capital city of Israel and to design a peace plan for the coming AC. This peace plan is no doubt a 7 year model that will be confirmed by the returning 6th/8th King. When will Obama return? He is ruling behind the scenes as the 8th King with Biden as his puppet, but it won’t be long before he makes his grand reappearance on stage. He turns 60 years old Aug.4 and he is a spitting image of Satan in the Roma Downing movie “Son of God” That scene of Satan was cut from the movie because people complained that Satan looked too much like Obama! You can still find it on the Internet. Trump is loyal opposition for the dark forces and is made out to look like a good guy to fool the Christians and conservative Americans to take the Mark of the Beast. He will be blamed for all the death this jab caused in the future and he knows it. He is a decoy to direct the heat away from the main villains. Why would Trump boast that he is the father of the vaccine(kill shot)? The Antichrist System is very good at Chess because own all the players whether they seam to be good or not. Who can make war with this system?

  9. One final thought on the identity of the Antichrist comes from the Old Testament in Isaiah and Micah where God calls out the end times man of sin as that Assyrian. Assyrians have mostly olive to dark complexion with dark hair. Obama’s mother was Jewish and his biological father who is actually unknown, was no doubt a man with dark complexion.

  10. David

    Have you seen this groups work on the 49 year Jubilee cycles? They have dated the end of the age at 2033 with the new age beginning 2034 ( using only the Bible, The Jubilee Cycles and the Modeim)? I was searching to see if others had seen that as the year as I was shown and found this site. It was posted by someone who reviewed their work and made a graph of the years and events. I had to do some research to find the sect that came up with the dating system. It is here: . They seem to be very sincere and very committed to a Jewish form of worship of the Son. They are not open to any content or info that comes from sources outside of their chosen path which is the Bible, The Jubilee Cycles and the Modeim . They believe to use other sources will causes confusion. I only mention that because I am posting their site and info public BUT I do not think they would be interested in discussing things outside their norm or getting a lot of emails and inquiries, that was the impression I was given and is presented on their website.

  11. Since people very rarely realize when prophecies have fulfilled, there is some misunderstanding here around Apocalypse, which spans thousands of years, not just few years before pole shift.
    We are currently at Rev 20: 7-10. Satan was in the prison between 600-1600 (roughly). If you look at the course of history, you realize it is true.
    Rev 19: 11-21 is about Islam and Muhammad. Rev 19:13 speaks about a prophet after Jesus (‘his name is called The Word of God’ = prophet), and one commanding large and victorious army. So it must be Muhammad.

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