February 24, 2024

I’m not saying there was never any continental drift or that the theory of plate tectonics is completely wrong. It’s pretty obvious that the coast of Brazil seems to match the coast of western Africa. And the world is spreading at the mid-Atlantic rift (where bands of new rock on each side indicate reversed polarity around every 12-13,000 years) while contraction and buckling occurs in the western Pacific.

But the crazy dance moves geologists are suggesting Earth’s land masses made to get where they are today doesn’t look realistic or believable to me at all. The animation below makes me think they have paleomagnetic data from many regions at many times, and they can’t reconcile how the lands could be at various latitudes and positions without breaking the rules of the scientific establishment to ignore or discredit the idea of geophysical pole shifts – catastrophes in which the entire surface of the planet suddenly moves to a new arrangement.

Watch the forty second animation of alleged plate tectonics changes/”continental drift” below, and decide if that seems plausible. If not, maybe you’ll agree that it seems more plausible that scientists are working hard to make us ignore the evidence of pole shifts.

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