February 24, 2024

Major powers haven’t fought each other directly in open warfare since the end of WWII – 76 years ago. Atomic and later nuclear weapons created unprecedented risk and devastation and the threat of such destruction has helped to allow an unprecedented Pax Americana. With constant growth and progress, most people, and most nations, have benefited by cooperating and avoiding a large war.

But the uni-polar world run by a lone American superpower are over. The American military has stagnated, while spending and technological advances in Russia and China have grown. The United States once had the goal to be able to fight two major wars simultaneously. In 2021, what would America do if China invades Taiwan and Russia invades eastern Ukraine? Probably nothing. What if only one invasion occurs? Would America get involved? Probably not. American global hegemony is over. And if China and Russia know that America lacks the military supremacy and backbone to stop them, how long will they wait to take advantage of America’s relative weakness? Not much longer. It will probably happen on Biden’s watch, especially if it seems like Americans might replace him with someone more like Reagan or Trump in the 2024 election.

So when I hear rumors of WWIII being scheduled for 2024 (as in this video) it doesn’t surprise me. Especially when I have written books about Nostradamus’ take on WWIII being over by 2028. He also predicted that America will be unable to help its allies initially – though he doesn’t clarify why.

It doesn’t help that America is morphing from a rough and tumble nation of inventors and pioneers into an emotional basketcase of woke political correctness. The difference can clearly be seen by contrasting these Army recruitment videos. And I’m not talking about the obvious difference between America today and America one or two generations back. Compare the recruiting videos from China, Russia, and America – and ask yourself which troops you would feel most safe with by if they were devoted to protecting you. Who seems like a real fighting force: the new army recruits of China, Russia, or America?

How much longer can these trends continue before America’s potential enemies decide they can do what they want and America can’t stop them?




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