December 3, 2023

15 thoughts on “The Long Awaited UFO Disclosure Report is Out – But it’s a Disappointing Nothingburger

  1. Nevertheless, aliens and the potential changes in Earth’s orbit may be two biggest enigmas concerning the coming pole shift.

  2. Satan controls the news and must keep the sheep believing in little green men from some distant galaxy are visiting planet earth in flying saucers. When the truth finally comes out that these space aliens are a legion of fallen angels under the command of Satan, it will be too late. Too late already for about half the worlds population that have taken the Mark of the Beast jab. Each dose of the jab has 4-5 billion nanobots/quantum dots that enter every cell of the host as a tiny transceiver and messenger RNA to complete the transformation from human to transhuman. No going back after taking the jab, you belong to Satan now, as in Luciferase or Lucifer’s Race. God did not do this to you, you did it to yourself by following mans advice that comes from Satan. “And the smoke of their torment ascends for eternity…”

    1. After all those who’ve taken the jab have passed away, there’ll be those who didn’t take the jab because they’re perspicacious, and those who didn’t take it because of some other reason.

      When the alien visitation psyop is underway, the benevolent aliens will invite Earthlings to escape a doomed planet by entering their spacecraft (B ark) to then whizz off to a new world of milk & honey.

      Again, there will be those who didn’t enter the thanatorial spacecraft because they’re perspicacious, and those who didn’t for some other reason.

      The winnowing will continue…

      1. Zod, I don’t think jab will manage to kill every vaccinated person before the pole shift – some are yet to get it. I did notice the great effort of converging on some future time point, but the ideal – everyone vaccinated on the same day – is of course not achievable.
        Obviously, any rescue alien landing must take place before the pole shift, so aliens must have some ways to exclude the living dead. Are aliens to take only children…? Children below 12 are not getting the jab, despite the fact that usually we are being vaccinated in childhood.

  3. It is interesting to notice that the last 1000 years has been essentially about the great end, not always counted correctly, though.
    The crusades essentially folded after AD 1240,or 5000 according to Babylonian calendar, when the expected end turned out to be non-event. What a misallocation of resources!
    The next end was to be in 1640….

    It remains a mystery why the possession of Jerusalem during end times is so important.

  4. Zod “Benevolent aliens will invite earthlings to escape a doomed planet by entering their spacecraft to whizz off to a new world of milk and honey” J the apostate “Zod, I don’t think (the) jab will manage to kill every vaccinated person before the pole shift” Zod is an expert at watching reruns of the Twilight Zone, Outer Limits and a little Star Trek thrown in. The Word of God says that these benevolent aliens are fallen angels and demons which you will surely meet someday, face to face in everlasting Hell, unless you repent of your sinful nature and accept Jesus Christ (God in the Flesh) as your savior. J the apostate will be in the same torment of Hell , unless he repents of his sins and ask’s Jesus Christ into his heart. The apostate is right that not all will die from the jab before the Pole Shift. This Pole Shift happens right before Jesus Christ steps foot again on earth to begin His 1000 year Millennium Rule. The people that have taken the Mark of the Beast (Jab) and survive the Pole Shift will be removed and sent to Hades to await the White Throne Judgement at the end of the Millennium. Zod and Julien will join them unless they repent. A person can believe in modern science fiction movies for their eternal salvation or the Word of God that is eternal and infallible and cannot be proven wrong. Your Soul, Your Choice!

    1. W & JtA, you seem to have missed “alien visitation psyop”. In other words I am giving an example of a potential DECEPTION – just as Covid is a deception/psyop.

      There won’t really be aliens.


      1. Zod, such a psyop does not make sense at the end of the world. Maybe earlier, as a kind of ‘Wizard of Oz’ performance, but not now….
        What would be a goal of such a performance now…?!

      2. The recent tacit disclosure of fake Moon landings as well as fake Mars landings may serve building credibility for false alien visitation (we faked Moon landings, we faked Mars landings, we faked aliens).
        Nevertheless, it does not make much sense unlike covid psyop.
        Unless, of course, aliens exist, but we do not want people to believe in them.

  5. God’s wrath is poured upon the earth during the last months and days of the Great Tribulation. The 7 Bowl Judgments start with a very foul and loathsome boil to come upon all people that have taken the Jab/Mark. Every Bowl Judgment gets worse until the last one. Number 7 Bowl Judgment is what we know as the Pole Shift “and there was a great earthquake, such a mighty and great earthquake as had not occurred since men were on the earth/ every island fled away, and the mountains were not found, and great hail from heaven fell upon man…..” John of Patmos describes these hailstones to weigh over 100lbs. No man from 2000 years ago could have known these future events that he describes and write them down with such accuracy without supernatural knowledge. Nothing vague or coincidental, John was given a front row seat to witness the last 7 years of Planet Earth. His account of the Mark of the Beast that no man could buy or sell without this prick, poke, stigma with a toxin is astounding, scary as hell, yet happening right now.

  6. Zod, when the survivors are to be gathered into the barn…? Before, or after the pole shift when the vaxx has run its course…?
    If after, is it designed as some fitness test…?

    1. JtA, The Illuminati are tasked with preserving, perpetuating, and proliferating h sapiens (across the eschaton/Great Filter). This not only means contriving continuity of technological advancement, but also means protecting the most sapient portion of the species. Thus, the least sapient are seduced into extinguishing themselves via a variety of means, e.g. taking the Koolaid, rioting/starving in city centres, and being invited onto the alien B Ark. And this is all prior to pole flip.

      1. Well, the fact that children are not being vaccinated could suggests that they really want to rule over a credulous population of children, as some kind ‘lords of the flies’.
        If mainly children are left, the Illuminati will end with a population somehow similar to the current one.
        The children issue is big since in the end there will be probably more of them than surviving adults (should the vaxx be successful, strangely they consider the third shot now in Israel).

        I thought the issue has something to do with Revelation 7:4, but let’s be clear: Jews are not everywhere. And all children around the world are exempt from vaccination.

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