April 21, 2024

Chinese scientists (Drs. Chen, Li, Zang, Wang, Jin, Ma, Xu, etc.) recently came up with a brilliant way to detect most major earthquakes (happening on land) several hours ahead of the earthquake. (See the early version of their upcoming paper: Hourly Warning for Strong Earthquakes.)

In normal fair-weather atmospheric conditions there is a small vertical voltage gradient with a more negative charge at ground level and a more positive charge higher in the air. Prior to a large earthquake, rock formations in the ground fracture and release abnormally high concentrations of radon gas, which quickly decay and form ionized particles of both charges. “Air ionization is enhanced by many orders of magnitude. Positive and negative charges are separated by the electrostatic field, gravity and thermal convection.” Chinese scientists have measured atmospheric voltage gradients as high as 10,000 volts per meter in the hours prior to a major earthquake. (In a swimming pool, such a voltage gradient would be fatal, but because the air is such a poor conductor of electricity and the current is minimal, it poses no shock danger.)

“The positively charged particles emitted at various altitudes are always driven downward by the fair weather Ez. Negatively charged particles remain at higher altitudes. Therefore, the gradual separation and accumulation of positive and negative ions produce an upward Ez. In other words, a reverse Ez (the pre-earthquake electromagnetic field is reversed, strongly positive at ground level) is formed near the Earth’s surface. Finally, a very strong and stable earthquake-related electrostatic field is established and shows abnormal negative Ez. It takes only several minutes to make the air more ionized from radon undergoing radioactive decay, while the timescale from the beginning of the abnormal Ez signal to the EQ shock is approximately [the warning window is] several hours to one day. It is demonstrated that there is a special process in which the underground rock structure experiences high pressures, and a large number of micro-fractures are formed.”

If a network of atmospheric monitoring stations is built near major fault lines, most major land earthquakes could be predicted within a few hours of their actual coming time frame and many thousands of lives could be saved.

This atmospheric monitoring may be the best idea yet for predicting major earthquakes – and it would be one of many measurable clues which, if combined simultaneously, would show that a global pole shift catastrophe is imminent.



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