July 13, 2024

I understand that most people are not aware of the cycle of periodic pole shift catastrophes. Most people are lied to by schools and governments in that we are taught the Earth is a very stable place. So when biologists find evidence of dinosaur nurseries and nests and breeding grounds and year-round habitation of an area by dinosaurs – cold-blooded reptiles that rely on solar heat – they focus on the parts they understand, and don’t jump right to pole shifts to explain how they could find such fossils in the Arctic, above 70 degrees North Latitude.

“Research team discovers Arctic dinosaur nursery”

“University of Alaska Fairbanks and Florida State University scientists have found that nearly all types of Arctic dinosaurs, from small bird-like animals to giant tyrannosaurs, reproduced in the region and likely remained there year-round.” [This helps rule out the idea that one or two species had evolved special adaptations to cold, like penguins or polar bears. All the “Arctic” dinosaurs were there year round.]

“It wasn’t long ago that people were pretty shocked to find out that dinosaurs lived up in the Arctic 70 million years ago,” said Pat Druckenmiller, the paper’s lead author and director of the University of Alaska Museum of the North. “We now have unequivocal evidence they were nesting up there as well. This is the first time that anyone has ever demonstrated that dinosaurs could reproduce at these high latitudes.” [Of course, they couldn’t have – just like herds of mammoths would have lacked sufficient vegetation to eat where they lived in northern Siberia above the Arctic Circle – but in both cases, the land they were on wasn’t at a high latitude at the time. Multiple pole shifts have occurred since such giants lived between Canada and Russia and the continents have shifted – and will shift again.]

Not the Arctic

But with the next periodic pole shift catastrophe due in our lifetime – the authorities don’t want to let everyone become aware of the pole shift cycle. They have plans – you aren’t part of them. But you, and millions of others – might interfere with those plans if you knew the truth. So they would rather have you believe this:

Nonsense – shown by the likes of NOVA and PBS and The Smithsonian to keep you ignorant of pole shifts. But if you don’t want to believe that governments prefer to keep people ignorant of this predictable catastrophe cycle – go ahead and believe dinosaurs lived and bred young where no reptiles can survive today. Maybe they hibernated in Santa’s workshop.
From: https://eartharchives.org/articles/dinosaurs-of-the-north-pole/index.html

“One of the biggest mysteries about Arctic dinosaurs was whether they seasonally migrated up to the North or were year-round denizens,” said Erickson, a co-author of the paper. “We unexpectedly found remains of perinates [babies] representing almost every kind of dinosaur in the formation. It was like a prehistoric maternity ward.” “Erickson’s previous research revealed that the incubation period for these types of dinosaurs ranges from three to six months. Because Arctic summers are short, even if the dinosaurs laid their eggs in the spring, their offspring would be too young to migrate in the fall…. Arctic winters still would have included four months of darkness, freezing temperatures, snow and little fresh vegetation for food…. ‘How did they survive Arctic winters?’”

Spoiler Alert: They didn’t. Reptiles – and most other animals – don’t like temperatures around negative 40 degrees. They were at a lower latitude in a much warmer climate. This is already well established by soil analysis, paleomagnetism, and a variety of other sciences. The biologists’ mystery is easily solved not by evolution to being warm blooded, fatty, furry dinosaurs – not by migrating thousands of miles every year with their babies – but by the obvious forbidden topic of pole shifts.

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