March 1, 2024

A new study was just published June 15 in Nature Communications – and although it’s a far cry from admitting there are catastrophic pole shifts very 12-13,000 years in which Earth’s crust suddenly slips over the interior, causing massive earthquakes, tsunamis, and extinctions (and wiping out most of human civilization) the study does admit that this type of cataclysm has happened long ago. (Usually scientists are pressured to avoid even admitting that much.)

From Business Insider‘s summary (“Earth tipped over on its side…“) “Imagine that the Earth is like a spinning top: If the top’s weight is evenly distributed, it should whirl perfectly, without any wobbling. But if some of the weight were to shift to one side or the other, that would change the top’s center of mass, leading it to tilt toward the heavier side as it spins.”

“Earth tilted by 12 degrees about 84 million years ago. ‘A 12-degree tilt of the Earth could affect latitude that same amount,’ Sarah Slotznick, a geobiologist at Dartmouth College and co-author of the new study, told Insider. ‘It would approximately move New York City to where Tampa, Florida, is right now,’ she added.

Imagine the Earth as a chocolate truffle — a viscous center ensconced in a hardened shell. The center consists of a semi-solid mantle that encircles the liquid outer core. The top layer of the truffle, the Earth’s crust, is fragmented into tectonic plates that fit together like a puzzle. Continents and oceans sit atop these plates, which surf atop the mantle.

The researchers found that, between 86 and 79 million years ago, the crust and mantle had rotated around Earth’s outer core and back again — causing the entire planet to tilt and then right itself like a roly-poly toy.”

As the original article‘s abstract says: “True polar wander (TPW), or planetary reorientation, is well documented for other planets and moons and for Earth at present day with satellites, but testing its prevalence in Earth’s past is complicated by simultaneous motions due to plate tectonics. Debate has surrounded the existence of Late Cretaceous TPW ca. 84 million years ago (Ma). Classic palaeomagnetic data from the Scaglia Rossa limestone of Italy are the primary argument against the existence of ca. 84 Ma TPW. Here we present a new high-resolution palaeomagnetic record from two overlapping stratigraphic sections in Italy that provides evidence for a ~12° TPW oscillation from 86 to 78 Ma. This observation represents the most recent large-scale TPW documented and challenges the notion that the spin axis has been largely stable over the past 100 million years.”

Further into the article the authors state that “TPW is typically modeled as a back-and-forth “roundtrip” oscillation where the pole shifts away, but then snaps backs to the original pole position.” and “Our data suggest a ~12° TPW oscillation, whereas the model predicts a ~90° TPW shift.” Chan Thomas said basically the same thing about approximately 90 degree shifts in a back and forth pattern in The Adam and Eve Story. The recent article even has a map which shows some of the range of movement of the North Magnetic Pole during the time frame they analyzed.

The range of motion roughly 80 million years ago is similar to our NMP moving from Canada to Russia now.

It tended to go back and forth in a line across our current North Pole, much like our modern MNP has been moving from a weakening strong magnetic high in Canada to a strengthening strong magnetic high in Russia right now (at over 40 miles per year.)

In my last book on the periodic cycle of pole shift catastrophes (POLE SHIFT: Evidence Will Not Be Silenced) and in many other books by authors who wrote before me like Charles Hapgood, Hugh A. Brown, Chan Thomas, Rand Flem-Ath, etc. – it is quite clear that the pole shifts somewhere around 30 degree or more, and does so very 13,000 years – or less.

So why does the scientific establishment hide these crucial pole shift facts? Science needs funding, and funding comes from governments. Governments don’t want us to panic and stop working as the next pole shift event approaches. The elite needs to prepare in secret, taxing our labor and building bunkers and arks to save a remnant of civilization, and a small portion of humanity – to rebuild. Almost everyone reading this will not be invited to survive, but our continued normal behavior is essential to their survival plans. They need us to keep producing goods and services for them, not ending productive labor to try breaking into their survival facilities. Nothing in human history is more important than this cycle of world-age-ending pole shift cataclysms. There is evidence that a brotherhood has maintained knowledge of this in secret through several cycles, possibly going back over 40,000 years as the Egyptians claimed.

So studies like this conveniently avoid the possibility of causing a panic. They said “our study employs 1-Myr averaging of data.” How can you find evidence of events happening perhaps every 12-13,000 years, if you average the geomagnetic data over million year time spans? You can’t. They don’t want to reveal that shorter term cycle. That might get people thinking that the next event can’t be too far off, once we consider when the Pleistocene extinction occurred (when the North Pole suddenly moved from Hudson Bay to its current position.)

So within the limits of what PhDs are allowed to admit, this paper said more than most. It “challenges the notion that the spin axis has been largely stable” and gives evidence that “the crust and mantle had rotated around Earth’s outer core.” To avoid scaring us, they say it happened 84 million years ago and that it took a few million years. But this really refers to a vastly different and much longer period of back and forth polar wandering, more like the extremely slow pace of continental drift than of pole shift catastrophes. It is like acknowledging the steady ticking of the second hand on a clock, without admitting that every 3600 seconds, the clock registers a new hour by striking a bell. But that at least admits the clock exists… and this study at least admits a very important truth – the Earth’s crust has rotated in one solid piece over the core below.

Under normal conditions they are locked in place together – with a magnetic lock. Chan Thomas warned us in 1965 that “Magnetohydrodynamics is the key….” In Earth’s normal magnetic field, magnetic ions in the magma form chains like a fibrous lattice that adds viscosity (stickiness/resistance to flow) and keeps the crust locked in place over the mantle and core, despite mass imbalances that create torque and push the extra mass towards the equator. But when Earth’s magnetic field gets weak enough, the ion lattice disintegrates, the molecules align randomly, the viscosity plummets near that of water, and the crust floats free… and the next catastrophic pole shift ends another cycle of civilization.

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