October 4, 2023

3 thoughts on “Fake Pandemic Goal may be Fake Vaccine

  1. Come and get your free marijuana and beer for a jab in the arm. “The dealers in the basement, filling your prescription for a brand new heart attack”. Discernment is in short supply for humans these days. Babylon loves controlling the masses with pharmakia and the gene therapy drug is a dream come true. Kill 2 birds with one stone, kill the body and the soul. My warnings about this killer jab usually falls on deaf ears and some that have taken the toxic needle have become quite disturbed and threatening to me when I list the ingredients they have allowed to be injected into their body’s. I tell them to come back in a year and we will see who is still alive. Some say the Rapture hasn’t happened yet so it is safe to take it. Can’t fix stupid, it is very contagious!

  2. It’s pretty obvious (to the percipient) that the majority of the people not taking the jab are the perspicacious, i.e. those who are intelligent, sceptical, suspicious, cynical, percipient, and who are interested to get to the bottom of mysteries – investigate, research, analyse, etc.

    The percipient similarly recognise that Covid is a psyop, i.e. flu, bronchitis, pneumonia (especially mask induced bacterial pneumonia) have been miscategorised as Covid, and all ‘cases’/ailments/deaths have been miscategorised as Covid wherever possible. Thus Covid does not exist. Stories of an accidentally/deliberately released bioweapon are simply part of the psyop (which may evolve into pretext for war, etc.).

    If you also understand that The Earth is due (already exhibiting precursors) to perform a magnetically induced axial flip, then given the >99% mortality of such an ELE, it’s straightforward to recognise that TPTB will assume sanction to perform a biblical winnowing, i.e. ‘final problems require final solutions’. If underground cities are of limited capacity, then, in the interests of h sapiens, they will not retain the bulk of mankind (the least sapient ‘beasts’ – the chaff), but the minority (the most sapient – the ‘wheat’ to be brought into the barn). 99% would perish in any case, thus they are simply covertly selecting that 1% (knowing that that 1% will be astute enough to recognise this).

    Therefore, understanding that the future is pretty dire, the perspicacious will recognise that, despite the hard life that will result from remaining a refusnik, at least it’s a hard life with a future.

  3. “Was the whole pandemic about the vaccine?” Of course says the horse–the white horse whose rider had a toxic bow and was given a crown covered with little spike proteins, conquering and to conquer, to shed this shat on humanity. How long until these “walking dead” that have taken the jab start keeling over dead? The programmers of this synthetic computerized kill shot know that answer, but lets just say 3 1/2 years or so at the latest. A friend that I warned about the jab and took it anyway, has some nasty looking boils appear on his arm recently. Is this the start of the “noisome and grievous sore” on those that have taken the Mark? The “boil sores” are not supposed to happen until God pours his wrath upon earth, but maybe he is getting a little sneak preview for his fatal mistake by taking the jab after being warned repeatedly. Imagine millions upon millions of people with their brains being ate alive by prions, caused by the jab,
    ulcerous boils covering their bodies, and walking the streets like zombies. They don’t call it Mad Cow disease for nothing. That is just but one of the plagues that will soon arrive. And it only gets worse!

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