July 13, 2024

Jimmy from YouTube’s Bright Insight channel recently put out another video on the Richat Structure in West Africa, noting the many features in Mauritania which match Plato’s description of the capital city of Atlantis and its surrounding area – far too many to cover adequately here.

He covered this in an earlier video a few years ago as well, but this time he also reviews a partially declassified CIA file on Project Magnet – in which the U.S. Navy sent ships and planes around the world to investigate, measure, and map out magnetic and gravity anomalies.

Project Magnet made some well publicized discoveries, as in 1963 when they investigated the Reykjanes Ridge south of Iceland – the northern part of the mid-Atlantic Ridge – and discovered seafloor spreading with alternating bands of normal and reverse polarity rock on both sides of the ridge. This clearly demonstrated a periodic cycle of magnetic reversals and gave the world what is often quoted as “an iconic color image of the classic Project Magnet aeromagnetic stripes correlated with the magnetic reversal time scale.”

But Project Magnet investigated more than just magnetic pole shifts – and one site that took their aircraft far off course for special mapping was the Eye of the Sahara. Did the CIA and the Navy hope to find evidence of the capital city of the ancient empire of Atlantis? They had recently (1966) classified a file on the subject of my next book, Chan Thomas, including his now famous book published in 1965: The Adam and Eve Story. (Jimmy even talks about this in the video below.) Chan certainly gave the CIA new ideas to investigate further; we know they classified some of his work, and it remains partially classified even today. Did he suggest they investigate the Eye of Africa? All we know for sure is that Project Magnet flew an intense grid pattern over it in 1967 with special sensors….

Even 54 years later, their conclusions are still classified, and this suggests they found evidence that this area, now about 1200 feet above sea level, was wiped clean by massive oceanic flooding at the time of the last pole shift catastrophe around 12,000 years ago. If a major city like New York or London were leveled, washed away, and buried in sand today – there would still be a great deal of evidence underground. The steel rails of subway systems and the gold reserves in underground vaults would just be some of the first things future scientists and archeologists could detect. So did the geophysicists working for the Navy and the CIA find interesting evidence of a prehistoric civilization? (A google search of the missions senior geophysicist reveals little more than a life of secrecy. Try a search of “William K. Archer” “geophysicist” and see what published articles you find.) Did they prove that the most recent pole shift devastated the world around 12,000 years ago? We may never know, because they aren’t about to reveal their 1967 findings just yet.

This still-classified section probably contains some interesting conclusions on topics like pole shifts and Atlantis. If you have top secret clearances maybe you can read the details in this CIA file:


If not, consider reading my book on pole shift evidence:

And if you’d rather not read a book – watch Jimmy’s video presentation:

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