June 5, 2023

4 thoughts on “Civil War Brewing in France Over Traitorous Leaders Submitting to Islam

  1. You say you want a Civil War, but who is going to fight it? There will be War, and it will be quite uncivil, but not with the same playbook that has been used in the past. The second seal of Revelation (Red Horse) could be broken at any time. The broken 2nd seal takes peace from the earth, that people will kill one another and a great sword was given unto him. I have speculated that Red China is the rider, but that may not be, since the 2nd seal has yet to be broken. The 1st seal has been broken and its rider is easily identified by the astute researcher. “And I looked, and behold, a White Horse (Pharmakia-white is the color of medicine, Doctors in white robes) He who sat on it had a Bow (Greek meaning of Bow is a TOXIN, an arrow dipped in Poison. And a Crown (Corona means Crown) was given him, and he went out conquering and to conquer” This 1st seal is the White Horse delivering the Mark of the Beast across the world to have it ready and functional when the Antichrist takes the stage. These toxins called nanobots and quantum dots are self assembling in hundreds of millions of people at this very moment. These particles from Hell are controlled by Quantum computers and will be moved thru the blood stream to the back of the right hand and or forehead. The people injected with this evil potion will also become a genetic hybrid by messenger RNA changing the DNA. These injected people will be as the “Walking Dead” when the 5G switch is pulled, not to mention Prion disease causing symptoms similar to Mad Cow disease. The TV show The Walking Dead was predictive programing for this end of days plague. Will this coming Civil War when the Red Horse rides, be between the vaxed and the unvaxed? We are in uncharted territory and the future will give us the answer.

      1. Sorry for the confusion David, it was directed at those who write on other web sites about wanting a civil war. Some readers here, probably want a civil war but have no concept that they will likely become a victim of the violence.

  2. Well, France Gave Mystery Babylon To America, and Through The Statue Of Liberty, and Hence Later Disgracing The Entire Land, and In The Later Days! Prophecy? Frances Trojan Horse Gift To America! I Do Suppose! The God Of Inanna, Disguised Within, and Many Others – Female – Goddesses – Following! How Clever! Maybe The Real Beginnings Of – FEMENISM? How Christian – NOT! And Some Wonder Just Why “France” Is In “Total -Turmoil” – And Soon? Wouldn’t Have Anything To Do With The Above Future Damage Locked In By “France” For America, By Causing Americas – “Mystery Babylons” Future Destiny, To Unfold, and To Happen To America? What A Gift? Troy Times 13? French are Greek? America Trojans? Very Clever? But Not Enough? Obviously Now! And with This Role Playing Out Right Now, in America – Mystery Babylon? Freedom Lost? Liberty? Really? Whose Liberty Lost? Whom’s Statue? The Final “Fall – Girl” Eh? Statue Of Liberty! Your – Humpty, Dumpty-ness? Or All Just My Opinion!

    Oh Well – Each To Their Own! I Do Suppose? Plenty Agree To Disagree? Or Do The “Twisted Sister” – Knowledge – Thing? Even Distort Axioms Next? Sacrifice “Self Evident Truths”? Regulate Reality? And GOD Can’t Do The Same, or Much Better, and Far More Subtly? Hide Just Beyond The “Borders” Of Epistemology? So The – Initiator – So Cunning, and Insidious, and All? And – France – Gets The First Blow, whilst “America” Gets The – Follow Through Blow? A LEFT, and A RIGHT, and an UPPER CUT To Hell? Whom’s Common Sense Prevails? Sounds Like The “God” Of -“Fair Is Fair” – Is Around, And About? Under Everyone’s Noses? Or Maybe Just – “Fair Is Fair” – And In Love, And War? Glad The French Spared Us Australians, a “Similar Fate” – Anyways? Ill Thank Them Later? Maybe? No French Gifts Ever – Thanks! Spare Us Aussies a Similar Fate? Well I suppose It Could Have Been Far, Far – Worse – David? It Could Have Been A “Trojan Elephant in The Room”, or A Black Swan, or A White Rhino Statue, or A Statue in the Form Of – NERO – Given To The – Aussies? And Was “He” – “Nero” The “God” Of Destruction! OH – Well – Now Poor Cunning – France’s – “Pays It Forward” – “Time”, and “Destiny Of Destruction”, Has Finally Arrived, and Right On Time, In “Real Time”? And All Brewing Since The Statue Of Liberty Gift To America? Maybe?

    And, all just so “Early – Karma”, Being Had, By “France – First”, and/or For “What Comes around Goes around”, and Just For France, and “Prior” To The – Others – “Americas” – Destruction – So Locked In – Later? So The “Initiator” Now Sacrifices Themselves First, These Deadly Days, and Then The “Receiver” Cops It Later? And This New Normal, Seems to Be All Playing Out, and Right Now, And Just Like I Said, and Beginning With France, and America Soon Following Suit, so Karma Is Rather A – “Collective – Phenomena” – Now, EH? Lefties, and All? Fair Is Fair? Collective – Karma? Gods Common Sense? Entrap the Masters Of Entrapment – First? And This Kind Of Karma – Is The “New Normal” so It Seems, Obviously, So A “Pay It Forward” Kind Of Karma? And For The “Initiator” First, and Henceforth, and This Is Now “Obviously” The New “Name Of The Game”? KARMA – Paid Forward? Anybody Notice? Reality Changed? Applies To “All” Henceforth! No Disagreements? All Godly Good? AMEN! Scary, Scary, for the Initiators? Henceforth? PAY IT FORWARD? HE, HE, HE! So “Cunningly Ruthless”, and All? Fair Is Fair? And Is Obviously – Frances Fate – Now Happening? From Reading All Of The Above, And “Americas” To Soon Follow? Then What? Groundhog Day Again? The Human Condition? Cyclical, and Spiraling? Frances Turn First?

    Yep, Ignorance Ain’t Bliss – David! Never Was! Never Will Be! Especially Henceforth? Anybody Notice? No One Cares? GOD? WHOM – Decides? Fate? And With No GOD? Some Reckon? And – Oh – The Human Race? Racing Head Long Into Catastrophe Daily? Israel, as well? China Saves Israels Day? Another Cunning Ploy? And For A Later Pay Off? Whom Pays That Forward? So “Will -They – Never – Learn”! Sly Dogs – Forever? Biting At Ankles? Biting At The Bit? For What? Empires That All Crash? Religiously? Time and Time Again since ATLANTIS?So I Thank God For “Pole-Shifts” and The “Clean Slating” – Paradigm! Fresh Starts Eh? And A Very Big Amen To That! So Sad! Frances Turn, and Care Of? The Gift-er, or The Receiver? WHATEVER! Groundhog-Government? Pseudo-Politics? And The World Over, as Usual! And All Happening – On – Planet-Paradise? Peter – Perfect? Finally “Common Sense Prevailing” and In The “New World Disorder”? What Next? WAR! And In France? Such A Modern Country? High Speed Rail? For What? Highways To Hell? Civil War? WHATEVER! GOD KNOWS! AMEN!

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