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September 21, 2023

19 thoughts on “Can We Control Aging?

  1. Before the flood men lived for hundreds of years. After the flood, God gave man 3 score and 10 years (70 years) of life and 4 score (80 years) for reason of strength. What changed this life span of man? Was it a shift of the poles that changed the radiation exposure on earth? Whatever God did to change the life span, He will reverse it during His 1000 year Millennium Kingdom.

  2. I heard drinking young, virginal blood can keep you young. There was such a movie, ‘Vidocq’, which was built around this theme. All these vampire myths must have some source 😉
    Plus all that child sacrifice in Carthagine… what did they do with flesh and blood? Also, you must ask, why only child sacrifice, and not adult sacrifice too…?

  3. Ha! Has anyone recently read Daniel 9:26 ? Wasn’t the Temple Mount recently stormed by ‘the people of the prince’ (I bet it is ‘the prince of Tyre’)…?!
    It looks like Damascus Gate is to be the gate of Messiah 😉

      1. Yes, the Eastern Gate is sealed. Also known as the Golden Gate. Must be pretty special if it is Golden, and we will see why. Maybe sooner than later!

      2. Apparently they did mistake.
        Damascus Gate is actually North East, so can count as East too.
        Eastern Gate is just Talmud opinion, but Talmud is just that, opinion.

      3. As we know from Bible, Messiah is simply ‘Son of Man’/’Ben Adam’ (not a descendant of the alleged first freemason, the king Salomon) to come on the clouds actually.
        Maybe the official UFO disclosure and its time (coming in June, as we know) has something to do with Daniel 9:25 too. You will know in June.

        It looks like the entire ‘Davidic line’ stuff was fake (the Biblical ground for it are rather weak), other ‘bloodlines’ being just as fake, too. Well, the concept which generated so many false Messiahs (how many of them were already in Judaism?) cannot be really true.

      4. Ben Adam, son of Adam, describes bloodline only in the most general sense, simply excluding sons of fallen angels, and likely sons of Cain too.
        Therefore, the ‘son of Adam’ concept does not glue too well with the Davidic line. Just looking at the genealogy of Jesus, Ruth, the wife of Boaz, is a descendant of Moab, a son of Lot and his daughter, she being a descendant of Sodom through her mother. It follows that any ‘Davidic’ messiah other than Jesus would have the same problem.

      5. To compare, the Dead Sea Scrolls simply say about ‘the Messiah of Aaron and Israel’.

  4. Most people who are not elderly or infirm do not have to worry about this aging problem. We are in the Age of the Beast and it’s horrors are fast approaching with the multitudes of people that have and are taking the Mark of the Beast thru the Fake Vaccine. It is not a vaccine and I saw with my own eyes today of it’s effect and presence in the human body. A worker mentioned to me that he had taken the Jab, so I offered up a kitchen magnet to see if it would stick where the Jab was delivered. The magnet stuck quite firmly on his injection site but nowhere else on his body. His friend was watching and totally freaked out. This unfortunate man has Nano-bots assembling in his body and his prognosis is grim. These Nano-particles will migrate to the back of the hand and or forehead by Quantum Computer programing for the Beast System. Foretold in the Book of Daniel, thousands of years ago, that in the latter days humans would be a mixture of iron and clay, hence the magnetic properties. The Devils Pharmakia!

    1. Well, some rabbi said ‘Mosiah, do not take the vaccine!’. But the hidden takeaway from this story is obviously not about covid (and anyway, the rabbi addressed Mosiah, not you), but about the fact that some rabbis apparently feel that Messiah is to be their Golem.

      1. Which may tell you something about former Messiahs, as there was no Messiah as of yet who wouldn’t be surrounded by rabbis. Examples: Sabbbatai Zevi, Jacob Frank, Lubavitcher Rebbe (that was a tad too obvious, hm hm).
        In other words, no messiah without a priest, messiah is a king but not a priest; a truth well expressed by Dostoyevski in his story of ‘Jesus and Grand Inquisitor’ , a part of ‘Brothers Karamazov’ novel.

        This has nothing to do with Biblical ‘ben Adam’ Messiah, of course.

      2. I was targeting a popular rex et sacerdos idea of Melchizedek king-priest, realized also by Roman emperor aka pontifex maximus (well, to be precise, he was pontifex but not rex and yet deus). In some distant way the idea was reflected by nicknaming Donald Trump as ‘God-Emperor’, in the way of deified Roman emperors.
        The idea of unity of earthly and heavenly powers used to be popular in medieval times and was responsible for emperor-pope conflict too.

        However, the idea apparently is not a part of Messiah concept, at least not of ‘Messiah ben David’, which points to the fact that it is actually a limited concept. Such a Messiah is rex. But who is then sacerdos/pontifex…? Some circumvent this problem, proposing rebbes as messiahs, but this is obviously wrong.

  5. How much of a war can be staged…?

    ‘The IDF attempted to trick the terror group into believing that two soldiers had in fact been injured in order to prevent Hezbollah from conducting additional attacks on Israel by making it believe it had settled the score.

    To do so, the IDF flew two men covered in fake blood and bandages in a helicopter to Haifa’s Rambam Medical Center — a scene that was filmed by Israeli media.’

    1. I could post lots of pictures of faked, posed photo-ops to gain sympathy for a cause from Israel… and from Arab Palestinians… and from Syrians… and from Americans… and pretty much everybody. No army or nation is innocent. And specifically in the area near Jerusalem… Everybody acts like their group has the most ancient and meaningful claim. Well, the Arab claim at best goes back just over 1300 years. The Jews’ claim goes back over 3500 years. And somebody else was there before that. Same thing everywhere. We could call Texas the Occupied North Bank Territories after Americans took the land by force from Mexico. Of course there was someone else there before Mexicans… It never ends.

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