June 24, 2024

More money chasing after the same goods leads to price inflation. And monetary inflation, by definition, is caused by increasing the supply of money. Roughly ten trillion dollars have been helicopter-dumped into America’s economy in the last year, ostensibly due to COVID-19. The reality may prove to be the intentional destruction of the current economic system. But speculation and conspiracy theory aside, massive inflation is already here. Everyone can see the rising prices, shortages, and delays in stores. I also look at commodity charts from business insider:

Warren Buffett warns investors prices to spiral out of control: ‘It just won’t stop’

Personally, I believe hyperinflation will intentionally bring economic chaos and social collapse, leaving us begging for Big Government to save us – and they will tell us they can, with a completely new system – more Marxist, and more dictatorial – which gives the elite far greater control over the rest of us. I believe we are starting to see desperate end game moves uses to herd humanity into position, which will include [not unlike the Bible’s Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse] pandemic, economic collapse, WWIII, and even full disclosure of UFOs and aliens – prior to the catastrophic, civilization-ending pole shift which is all they really care about surviving – without the rest of us getting in the way of their extremely-long-term plans.

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