February 24, 2024

I have written about similar Australian comments before, but they keep on coming, and from increasingly worrisome and meaningful sources. China has threatened Australia with being sacrificed first in any future war in which they take America’s side against China. And I think Chinese officials mean there is much worse to come than the current economic sanctions against importing Australian raw materials. Australia is rich in resources and has lots of land but relatively few people. If China ever conquers Australia, they could move in a mere 3% of China’s population and have a commanding majority with which to dominate another continent. Britain did so from much farther away; there would be nothing stopping China from doing so if they are victorious in WWIII. And this is a very real threat to Australia’s current population – who are starting to fear the dragon they’ve been feeding. As the following article at Zerohedge.com said:


“The leaked content of a fiery anti-China speech and secretive briefing to elite military personnel by one of Australia’s top generals has landed on the front pages of major newspapers from Sydney to Melbourne to London on Tuesday. The confidential address issued by Major-General Adam Findlay, who was then commander of Australia’s special forces and currently advises the Australian Defense Force, had focused on a coming war with China which he said is a “high likelihood”. Publication of the speech’s full key controversial contents is now threatening to plunge China-Australia relations past breaking point.

The April 2020 briefing given to the country’s most elite special forces units was obtained and first published by The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, and quickly spread to the front page of London’s The Times. The general’s words were leaked by anonymous sources. He had detailed that China is now engaged in “grey zone” covert operations against Australian and Western allied interests and that Aussie defense forces must prepare for the “high likelihood” of this turning into direct war….”

“He’s certainly not the first top Aussie official to strongly suggest that a near-future war is coming, but it’s being viewed as more serious given it was a classified briefing to special forces commanders, and thus can’t be chalked up to a politician expressing opinion or speculation, however provocative.  For example just the day before the leaked contents were exposed Tuesday, Senator Jim Molan wrote in an op-ed in The Australian newspaper that he believes a war is “likely” ….“Many ordinary Australians, not just those who have personally experienced global conflict, are awakening to the sombre reality that war is not just possible in our region, but likely,” he wrote.

As I’ve pointed out before, in the 2020s, China is in a much better position for aggression than Japan was in 1940. China’s economy and military are almost equal to the United States, it has no huge land war to drain its resources, and its population is over four times that of the United States. If China ever decides to go to war, American allies like Taiwan and South Korea could be conquered within hours (as when Germany invaded Denmark in 1940.) Japan and the Philippines would take a little longer – but if strategic attacks against forward American bases in the western Pacific simultaneously destroy airfield and naval facilities like those in Okinawa, Guam, and Singapore – the USA would see WWIII start with a rude awakening, and the constant threat of nuclear war with a major rival.

My own personal focus on pole shifts in recent years has me thinking that many powerful interests have accelerated their plans in order to accomplish goals prior to the civilization-ending catastrophe that may not be that many years away. If they know the next pole shift is due soon enough, it could explain the desperate plans of many players in the United States, Russia, China, and elsewhere. They don’t have four extra years to delay their plans. And since the next North Pole is likely to be near the northwestern border of China, and they must know most of their nation will become an uninhabitable Arctic wasteland – China may have special motivation to expand into more areas that will remain habitable. With such an outlook, even Australia and Siberia might be on the Chinese menu.

This leads me to the realm of prophecy. The Bible’s Revelation 9:16 says the kings of the East will send an army of two hundred million men through the Middle East in the final years of the present age. Most acknowledge only China could muster such a force – especially if WWIII or a pole shift making China uninhabitable convinced their people that they had to move. Nostradamus also suggests that the West would have a 27-year period of intense and increasing problems with the Islamic world, starting in late 2001 and culminating in a third world war ending around late 2028 or early 2029 – followed by a pole shift. Nostradamus says the Islamic Alliance (led by Iran and Turkey but involving many nations) will ravage southern and western Europe, that it will be allied with China, and that early in the war America will be unable to help Europe and Russia will remain neutral. The French prophet describes a limited nuclear war (only four cities are destroyed, but New York is one of them) but in the end, Russia joins the Western Alliance and the Islamic alliance is utterly defeated.

Ancient warnings may not prove anything – but if America weakens, it is only a matter of time before potential enemies like China and Iran take advantage of the vulnerability. If the Chinese realize that the accelerating movement of the Magnetic North Pole heading towards Asia is a precursor of the catastrophic movement of the crust of the Earth over its interior, knowledge of the coming pole shift may increase their risk tolerance for WWIII.

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