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September 22, 2023

5 thoughts on “Top Australian General’s Leaked Classified Briefing Says War With China Likely

  1. Covid does not exist, but the MSM have convinced the masses to believe in it.

    WWIII will not exist, but the MSM will convince the remaining masses to believe that it is underway.

    When the MSM disappears, The Internet is no longer available to domestic users, and the grid fails, then pole flip is nigh.

    1. The problem with staging WWIII is that they must find opponents for everyone: but who is an opponent of Morocco, for example…?
      Is Russia opposing France? Or UK?
      Who is to fight Argentina…?

      BTW, there was once a movie about staged Mars exploration, ‘Capricorne One’.
      Funny that they even said that openly, even if in fiction only.

    2. I remember Zod once saying that concerning pole shift, military too must be deceived. So how can a deceived military conduct a fake war?!

  2. The Chinese are All Over The Continent of Africa! They are in Everything and Everywhere! Debt Trap Diplomacy, Is Going Crazy Over There Now! They Chinese Military, are Setting Up – Fast – “Military Bases” All Over The Place Over There Now… Basically China Wants Control Of All Of Africa, and In A Bloody Big Way! And They Want The Americans OUT! They Are Everywhere Across Asia! Maybe Excepting India! And Now Australia! Hopefully Australia Stays The Course On China! Hopefully! “Iron Ore” – Deposits, Being Found in “West – Africa” as well! A Game Changer For The around 5 Years From Now, if things Go Right For Them! Then Their Need For Our – Aussie – “Iron-Ore” Is Largely Gone! And “West – Africa”, Well – That Part of Africa Anyways, Has The – Richest, and Best, And Biggest – “Iron Ore Deposits” – and That Can Be Found – Globally! Better In Quality Than Even Australia’s Deposits – Comprehend! “PS” –  I Like Your Latest Post – Though!  And A Lot! Your Onto It! Amen To That! Cheers!

  3. China’s policy is not to exist with the people of Australia after they steal the land. They intend to kill all the population and replace with their superior Chinese race. No whites or blacks allowed to live. Maybe in slave camps until they are worked to death. All serf class Chinese will be mind and body controlled by the injections of nanobots, quantum dots, hydrogel and luciferase. Walking, talking, bio-computers. That is the Chinese plan, but God has another thing coming for the Kings of the East. Their blood, along with a multitude of others will flow 5 feet deep for almost 200 miles when judgement comes. 300 million gallons of Chinese blood flowing like a river in the Valley of Megiddo.

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