June 5, 2023

8 thoughts on “Is France Finally Getting Rid of Macron?

  1.                           Real Quick Comment – David – I Really Appreciate Your Views On The Morons – Both – Macron, and – Merkel – In Your Last Post! You Are Dead Pan On! Bullseye Regarding These Particular Pair! Europe’s Greatest Under-miners, and Soon Europe’s Undertakers, and The Absolute Worst In This, and Of All Time! God Knows Though Paul – Bewildering Just How Many Europeans Don’t Know Though, and Both Merkel’s and Macrons True Agenda? A Muslim-ified Europe! Great Post Though! AWESOME! Read A Lot Of Your Old Posts Last Night! All Your Posts Are Great! I Really Enjoyed Them All! Anyways Cheers – David!

  2. Macron would make a poor AC. Nobody likes him, he repels people, even Satan hates him. Merkel would be a better choice for the AC but she has no schmeckle. The black messiah and his wife have 2 schmeckle’s between them. Now tell me who the winner is!

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