June 24, 2024

I have long suggested that Germany’s Merkel and France’s Macron are among the worst leaders Europe has seen in generations – with traitorously bad policies that seem intentionally designed to destroy their nations. If the people of France elected Macron, and continue to tolerate his anti-French policies, then perhaps they deserve the devastation his policies bring. It reminds me of the French seer Nostradamus’ many prophetic warnings that France’s destruction starts before WWIII begins, with “negligence” and “apathy” creating the conditions that allow an invasion to happen.

But articles like this one in Russia Today suggest there is a chance that the French have had enough of Macron:

A majority of the French population is forced to make a choice by default in the second round of the election and to vote for the candidate they prefer, or rather, whom they hate least.”

And as a result they say it is possible that “the second round vote for Marine Le Pen would then not mark an adhesion to her program, but a simple rejection of the candidate who faces her.” 

That’s victory as the lesser of two evils. Not what Macron wants to hear!

The Fondation backs up that claim of animosity towards the incumbent with a wonderfully colourful graph illustrating the “Main emotions felt by the French when they see or listen to Emmanuel Macron”. Strangely, these emotions [are] – anger (28%), shame (18%), disgust (21%) and despair (21%).” Sounds about right for Macron!

Very little has changed since two years ago when this video was made:

Except, perhaps, that Macron is now also very unpopular outside of France as well…

Pakistanis burning an image of Macron in April 2021

But despite long standing loathing of Macron, we can never count on voters to elect the best candidate or for vote-counters to allow an honest election. And because I believe Nostradamus did see the future, I don’t expect France to elect Le Pen and give Macron the boot. But this election merits attention, as the direction – if not the fate – of Western Europe hangs in the balance.

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