February 26, 2024

I stumbled on a very interesting article at Zerohedge.com yesterday:

“What Was The Vatican Searching For When They Built Secret Tunnel Under Jerusalem Church?”

“The Vatican has constructed a secret underground tunnel in Jerusalem that has infuriated a local preservation group who claim the tunnel resides in a sensitive area that may contain antiquities and other artifacts.”


When the details began to come into focus, we demanded over and over that the Jerusalem Municipality publicize the documentation of its findings, as required by the Freedom of Information Law. We further demanded that oversight, inspection and law enforcement procedures be taken immediately, to restore the site to its previous condition either by sealing off or demolishing the tunnel,” attorneys Avi Segal and Yael Cinnamon of the Regavim Movement told The Jerusalem Post. 

“We filed this petition only when our repeated requests to the Jerusalem Municipality were not answered,” the attorneys said. Naomi Kahn, director of Regavim’s International Division, told Jewish News Syndicate, “the fact that the State of Israel has not protected the antiquities that we know are there and how the digging of the tunnel has disturbed what’s there is outrageous.”

Almost a thousand years ago, the Church initiated the Crusades to “liberate” Jerusalem and they allowed the Knights Templar to set up camp at the site of the old Jewish Temple. But instead of guarding Christian pilgrims (their alleged purpose) the Knights Templar excavated. I think they found ancient knowledge that directly led to their order amassing vast wealth. Was it knowledge of King Solomon’s mines, including copper mines in Michigan? Snicker if you are unfamiliar with Michigan’s ancient mines, and when they were in production… But thousands of years ago someone mined over a billion pounds of copper from upper Michigan, and this ancient production ended around 1000BC. Then it restarted on a much smaller scale from approximately 1000-1320 AD – roughly the time frame of the Knights Templar.

If the Vatican was secretly digging a tunnel in Jerusalem and the State of Israel wasn’t stopping them once authorities were informed and refused to publicize details of findings, then it seems something fishy is afoot. This article suggests the Vatican wanted to find the bones of King David on Mt. Zion and use his DNA to create a clone that could be presented as the Messiah. (I once wrote a short story in which Muslims cloned DNA off the Shroud of Turin, and raised that boy to say “There is no God but Allah and Mohammad is His prophet.” Imagine how the world might react to what could be said by a young man officials claim is a clone of the Messiah. Regardless of the specific goal – as the Zerohedge article concluded: “church officials were searching for something…” 

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