October 4, 2023

8 thoughts on “Pole Shift Cycles vs Never a Great Flood Again. Pope Francis Suggests Another Great Flood

  1. David, Have You Considered That Covenants Can Be Broken, and By Man, and Due To His/Her Hatred Of God? Does God Wish To Honour Broken Covenants, and If This Is Done By Man, and in All Out Evil, and As Nasty A Retribution By Man Towards God, Or Gods Own, as Can Be Had? A Bit Like A Very Nasty Divorce, and By Man Towards God – Maybe? So God Is Saying – OK- Have It Your Way, I Will Just Remove My Protection Over Earth, and For A Time, and If You so want Me To Bugger Off! I Will! And God Can’t Do This When Humans Can, and Daily Do! Are We Not Made In His Image? When At Our Very Best! Well, so what Happens Then David, and When All Protection Is Lifted? A Bit Like When Batman in The Movies Did Not Have To Save “Rah Ghoul” Either? Maybe? And The Ending? Problem Solved? Get My Drift? I Wonder? How I Wonder? Humanity Make Sense? Politics Too?

    So Broken Covenants, Eh, and By Mankind Themselves? How Befitting? Forgiveness No Longer Wanted? Warranted Too? Humans All Perfect? Never A Work In Progress? Now Know It All? All Seen The Next Universe? Know Everything? AI – Included? Covenants Eh, And Broken By Mankind, and When At Its Very Worst? Communists Hating God? Fascists Too? Dragons? Well, as The Story Goes – Batman – Didn’t Kill Him, Rah Ghoul That Is! But Batman Didn’t Have To Save Him – Either! How Interesting? Fair Is Fair! And In Love, And War? And Supernaturally Too? Especially If Mankind Demands It! Certain Outcomes That Is! God Can Walk Off Too? Big Universe Last Time I Looked! Ill Check Again Tonight! Plenty Of Places To Go Too To, and Worry About, and More Profitably Maybe Too? Humanity Just Babies In The Woods, and A Universe Too? Applicable? Or Are We A Humanity Of Small Minded and Petty – Narcissists? Whatever! Enjoy The Read! Opinions, If Nothing Else!

    So Some, Or Many, Would Like To Think It Is All About Us Humans, some Reckon? Well? Big Universe Out There? Humanity, and Not Machines – Been Past the Moon – as Of Late? So What Do We Know? How Much? Everything, or Nothing Much in the Greater Reality? Babies In The Woods? And In The Galactic Neck Of The Woods Too? Common Sense – Bigger Picture – Wise? WOW! What Would Be Our Answer To That? Us Humans? Maybe That Humans Are The Apple Of Gods Eye? Or Are We More Like The Eye Bitten Out of the Apple Of Gods Eye? And With This Thrown Back In Gods Very Face? Many Would, and If They Could? How Lovely Indeed? And Done By Just Whom? Humanity? So To Speak? Bad Apples Maybe? So There Is Your Apples? How I Wonder? How I Really Very Much Wonder? I Hope That Answers A Few Questions? Cheers David, and From – Mbat! Aussie Down Under!

    1. And ‘human rights’ are in opposition to what… ? ‘God rights’, I reckon.

      I suppose the part of the answer is in fake Moon landings and fake Mars landings…. why someone cared at all to stage them all…?! I suppose the authors tried to initiate a self-fulfilling prophecy, that somehow from fake landings we would transfer to real ones.
      ‘To become a space species’ was a gamble. The gamblers lost. Musk and co. are just hoping that they will be able to orbit the Earth during pole shift, not to go to Mars.

      Even if they manage their orbits, one future problem I see is that Earth has been really depleted of mineral resources. Despite crust being regurgitated up and down in each pole shift , the new deposits of minerals are not created, just sometimes lifted. Well, someone remarked that the recently newly discovered mineral ‘jarosite’ is just a remnant of the mining activity of previous civilizations: so, when Antarctica ice is finally melted, there may be a sad surprise that not much is there to mine. So now you see why ultimately they wanted to go into space.

  2. You forgot 2 Peter 3:10
    “The heavens will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything done in it will be laid bare.”

    This time Earth is to be destroyed by fire; INRI – Igne Natura Renovatur Integra.

    The question is: what will happen to water?

    By the way, like Noah once, I also have an impression that Earth tilted; recently Moon has been growing and decreasing not on sides, but up and down: that could be explained by the changed position of an observer on Earth.

    Papacy apparently pursues its own agenda of populating Earth. The Secrets of Fatima were sent in time to change our ways, and to become like early Christians who thought purity was more important than having children. Why to have children knowing that they will all die ?
    And yet the 20th century was the time of population explosion.

  3. Besides, God promised only that “not all flesh” will be destroyed by water.
    So, if something remains – like in the times of Noah – such a promise is already fulfilled.
    Well, we did lose mammoths and such, but something remained.
    God did not promise that no great water will ever appear again.
    Actually, God did not promise much.

  4. Can someone explain to me why both Exodus 13:16 and Revelation 13:16 speak about a mark on forehead and hand…?!

  5. Sure, their will be some great tidal waves coming but the Demonic False Prophet Pope Francis is full of shat as usual. Fire and fervent heat is the plan for the coming 3 1/2 year Great Tribulation. Babylon America is about to become toast along with many others. Nuclear fire and a scorching Sun will torment men in the near future during this time. The Pole Shift is the grand finale when Jesus Christ returns to Rule Earth.

    1. The worst consequence, especially for survivors, may be diminishing of oxygen in atmosphere – a lot of oxygen will be turned into CO2.
      People get altitude sickness at 5000 meters above sea, where there is only 50% of normal oxygen.
      At Mount Everest, there is just 30%.
      The situation will be worse since the low oxygen will be accompanied by the high CO2.

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