May 28, 2023

16 thoughts on “A Pole Shift Wiped Out Neanderthals – Are We Next?

  1. Why does The Earth’s magnetic field collapse?

    And why does it do so like clockwork every 12,000 years?

    And does this have anything to do with the equinoctial precessionary period of 24,000 years?

  2. Are Neanderthals the famed pre-Adamites of Genesis 1.27 ?

    I detected a strange obsession with Neanderthals recently,more precisely with rehabilitating them as equally worthy humans. ‘Neanderthals took care… etc’
    The Neanderthal Valley is close to Rhine in Germany, but they cannot be Nordics. On the other hand, just few days ago Germany was celebrating 1700 years of Jewish life. I did not know Jews where in Germany (Cologne) since the time of Constantine the Great at least. They were already there, or they were following Romans.
    After the fall of Roman Empire, the major Jewish populations were in Iberian Peninsula, South France, North Italy, and Alexandria/Egypt and Cyrenaica/Libya. It actually suggests kind of Sea People. Phoenicians?

    There is more to this story than it seems..

  3. The English, or at least, the City of London, claim to have been descendants of Troians (like Rome, BTW).
    They also claim to be descendants of ten lost tribes of Israel.

    Hm… is any connection here..? Anyone knows anythings ?

  4. Probably, Very True, The Above Question, Well For Many Anyways, or For Probably Most Living Now, anyways, as Neanderthals were so Much Fitter than Most Of Us Now, Especially Under Great, and Constant Hardship, and they Had Rather Excellent Survival Skills, especially For Survival, and in so Much, and so Many Unforgiving Conditions, and for such Harsh Situations Too Survive In and so Constantly Too! Ice Age, And All, and Including The Adams Event as well, and We Modern Humans May Have Had The Upper Hand Back Then, and when we were Once Truly Fit, and In Natural Pristine Conditions, But Now, and If we Were all forced Back Into their Type Of Survival Scenario That They All Faced Daily and Back Then, and in order to Survive the Adams Event, and The Ice Age? Let alone Eve! And Vice Versa Too No Doubt! Yep, I Can Really See The Survival Of The Sexes, and without all the Mod Cons as well! Maybe Last Half A Day! And all being So Woke – Well, Maybe An Hour! And I Mean A Big Maybe! Wished I was Wrong! Hopefully – I Am! Or Maybe Not!

    No, No Way! Sorry, But Honestly, I Just Do Not Believe Many Humans Would Survive At All! The More I Think About It All! Really, Truly, and Sadly So Too! If There Be No Better Alternatives – Than This “All Out Survival Thing” Most Humans Now are Just Too Far Along The Path To Total – “Technology Co-dependence”! Even Those Whom think they will Ride This “Adams Event” Thing, Out, and In Underground Bunkers! Really? What, and for Just A Few Hundred Years Below Ground – Too – Eh? Really, and for A Real Morlock’s Kind Of Future Too, To come Into Play Too, Eh? What For The Real Fun and Horrific Games? And To Begin With Too? Especially for all of them Stuck Underground! Jules Verne’s Version, of the Future of Underground Living Too! And What Eventually Happens There Too! No Thanks! Ill Take My Chances Above Ground, And In Any Day, and Age – Thanks! Really, Truly! Regardless! Caves Will Suffice If Really Needs Be! And As An Absolute Last Resort – Kind Of Thing Too! Or Do Aliens, and UFOs Save The Humans Day?Just Maybe? Maybe Not? Trust Usually Takes Time! Time In This, We Humans Mostly Lack? Whatever! Answers Eh? So Cheers From Matty!

  5. This is the question even Jews are unable to answer…. why Messiah must be of the Davidic line, a line of the forbidden Canaanite blood (through Tamar and Ruth)?

    In the words of Sylvia Rothschild:

    ‘We will learn from this genealogy that King David will descend from the line of Perez – that both Tamar the Canaanite woman and Ruth the Moabite woman will pivot history in order to bring about the birth of the messianic line. But why does King David and why will his messianic descendant need to be born of such deceptive sexual encounters orchestrated by the women? This is a question yet to be satisfactorily answered.’


      Some other interesting musings from Rabbi Rohschild, which may explain the thorn crown of Jesus (not used by Romans by crucifixion). Who is the thorny king now…?

      ‘In the Book of Judges we find a fantastical story of a debate between the trees about who should become their king. They first asked the olive tree who refused on account of the oil it produces; then they asked the fig who refused because she produced sweet fruit, and finally the grapevine who refused – well you get the idea. Then they asked the thornbush who responded that if they would honour him they could shelter under his shade, but if not, fire would come that would destroy even the cedars of Lebanon. (…)

      Three trees were not prepared to give up their fruitful lives to take on leadership, and so the barren yet aggressive thorn was able to assume the title, with the false claim that it could provide protective shade (it cannot). Once in power, if anyone went against it, it could fuel the fires that would destroy them all. ‘

  6. Rabbi Rothschild, relating the story of the daughters of Lot, suggests that Messiah may be a descendant of Sodom. And if you ever wondered why Jews did not accept Jesus, the answer lies in genealogy.

    ‘Is this an early intimation of the messianic line which will eventually derive from Ruth the Moabite woman?’

    ‘And is there an ambiguity in the statement that “there is not a man in the earth to come in unto us after the manner of all the earth”? The daughters must surely have seen that Zoar was not destroyed, they must have been able to realize that not everyone had died. ‘

    However, questions like that are entirely justified, yet people almost never ask them:

    Bible is not a fairytale.

    This could mean, for example, that God wants to save everyone, or that God wants to condemn everyone.

  7. Julian The Apostate, Get Over It, All Women are Born Deceptive, and Cunning Etc, as we All Are, and For What Ends? And So True, and Ever Since Eve, Got Adam, To Take Of the Tree Of Knowledge, so Them’s Your Apples! Bogged Down In The Details, Again – Eh! Devil Hiding, and Abiding, in the Details? All Are Sinners, Julian, Or All Be Liar’s if they or any, be willing to State This To The Contrary! and Including Just All Of Mankind? Show Me Otherwise! Saints All Hidden! Whom Casts The First Stone? Me? You? Just Whom? Jesus Should Have Come Through A “Line Of Saints” You Reckon? And Where May They All Be Found? Anywhere? Humans And Perfection Eh? I Thought We Were All A Work In Progress? Hmmm? I Do Often Wonder! Doubt This Will Be Printed Too Though, Eh David! The Lefty Paradigm of Silencing Invades, and even in this Website? How I Wonder? And I Am Just An Aussie, From Down Under! Cancel Culture That Too? Then Whom Is Next? Interesting? Mbat!

    1. As the proverb says: if Devil cannot get in, he will send a woman… So, if Adam didn’t exist, there would be no need to trick him…! Eve is already converted.
      But the work in progress is really one in progress: recently,yet another SpaceX ship returned to Earth in flames.
      Is completion of the SpaceX work not dear to the Almighty…?!

      I find it suspicious that Scripture says nothing about the character of the future Earth, except that there be no more seas. In Bible, it is usually a hint of a problem, or even of a condemnation, if something is not named (for example, the name and ancestry of Lot’s wife, presumably of Sodom).

  8. Canaanites and Neanderthals suffered the same affliction. They were genetic hybrids of the union of fallen angels and women at the time. The satanic Covid 19 so called vaccine is not a vaccine but a DNA altering device that will eventually turn ones body Nephilim like the Canaanites and Neanderthals. That is, if a person lives long enough and doesn’t die from the side effects or the coming Great Tribulation.

    1. No one is reporting any enhanced qualities after the vaccine as of now.
      Also, why would they start with the old people…?

      They cannot heal hereditary diseases and now they would change the entire genome (or even remove AIDS from the system)…? The most I could expect is that the vaccine is some virus, which will start its work with a substantial delay, exactly like AIDS.
      That would be supported by the constantly changing schedule… you would think that they want to vaccinate as fast as possible, but my current impression is that they want to converge large numbers at some future time point.

  9. Gabon doesn’t appear to have ever had any earthquakes until 6, 7 & 9th March 2021 (5,4,5).

    A bit strange…

    1. Yes…. I thought one of the axis of pole shift should be nearby, so it should be a quiet place.

    1. The word ‘evil emanating’ is another clue: neoplatonism aka gnosticism, mixed of course with manicheism.
      I even recently tried to read Apocalypse as actually a mithraic text (like Manicheism, Mithraism was another Persian religion), with ‘two witnesses’ of chapter 11 as Cautes and Cautopates. Certainly, constant talk about sacrifical ‘Lamb’ could point to Mithraism too (plus certain solar elements, inviting Sol Invictus, of Mithra family, so to say).

      Talking about Manicheism… Zod, you once said that Israel is a child of Illuminati. But why would they so clearly send a message that ‘Israel is now an estate of the Dark Side of the Force’….? Why do they concern themselves with ‘The Glorious Land’ of the Daniel’s prophecy at all? A small, barren land: nothing to gain there, really.
      Are they going to change the outcome of the prophecy, or what…?

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