May 28, 2023

2 thoughts on “New Evidence for Pole Shifts Causing Extinctions

  1. So David, Number 42, And Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy – How Many Times Did I Mention this Too You In Emails Prior Sent? Plenty! Military Don’t Know Prior? No Steeling From Another’s Thunder? Get My Drift Yet? Australian Scientists Discovered This “Douglass – Adams” Event? Confirmed Eh? Well, As Far As Catastrophes Go, Anyways? Well We are At The Douglass Adams Event Almost Now, and as Far as Magnetic Pole Shifts Go, Anyways! The Relevance Of Number – “42” Eh? All About The Numbers? A Numbers Game? I’d say this Pole Shift This Time Around, is Going To Be A Real Doosy I Do Know!

    I Very Strongly Suggest That You Study Everything You Can, on this Adams Event, and as much as you can about the Full Potential of What Happens in Magnetic Pole Shifts, and Especially in Relation to This – “Adams” – “Event”! Bit Like “Adam”, and “Eve”? And Once Again, eh? Americas Facebook “Now Australia’s Enemy”, as well as China! Stuck the Wrong Pig This Time! We Aussies will Rally The Forces Of Earth, and against Them – Facebook Too, and much Like we did with China Too, as Of Late! Facebook Will Suffer, one way or Another! What Next? America Needs Aussies to Clean their Own Backyards Up in America Too 24/7, and for 9/11 Like Too?

    We Aussie’s Have To now Fix Your “Social Media Messes” up to Now, I Do Suppose? As Obviously Americans Wont? Gladly so on this Occasion! Already Pulled Google Into Line! Fast! Our God Sent Media Code Now Coming Into Play! Worldwide Next! Face books Going To Learn The Real Hard Way! Zuckerberg Needs a Good Swift Kick In The “FACEBOOK”? Obviously? Get My Drift, and Aussie Humour? And “Just In Case” Now Too, especially If Things Go South! Well For Him They are Going South – And Fast? Antarctic South That Is! Australians are Good Nature-d – But When They are Not! Watch Out! Well Everywhere I Go – Australians are Getting Very Angry, and with all things American! Especially as Of Late! I Wonder Why? Really, Truly, I Do Anyways?

    Obviously Americas Super Big Tech Social Media Giants, are about to Face Their “David Versus Goliath” Moment! Then Off To Hell? Google Knows Better! They Fit In with What we Aussies Want! Or Hell To Pay For Them Too! No They are Quick enough to Learn – Australia Just Faced Down China, and are Prepared to do so for as Far as China will go! No Surrender For Australians? Or Just The End Of Australian Politics! And That They Sorely Know! As All Australians Outside Of Politics are Bloody Angry! So It Looks Like We are Going To Solve Americas Rather Lefty Social Media Problem, especially for the Right Wing Of Politics! No Way around That Now Either! Aussie Eh? Certain Americans “Stuck the Very Wrong Pig” This Time!

    And You Guys in America are Totally Unarmed, especially in Relation to “Social Media Maniacs”, and are Really in the Swamp, and in the Deep Crap, and with a Real Mean – Aussie – “Razorback” – Kind of Boar – This Time! And Boring Down On Zukerberg? Zukerberg Sucker-Burg-ed? Bit Like The Titanic? Got To Watch Those Rather Nasty Small Looking Hidden “ICE” Bergs? Bergs of ICE! As You Never Really Know, and For what Really Lie’s or Lays Below? Well David, I “Almost” Feel Sorry For The Poor Bast… ? Then Aussies As Of Now Just Go Worldwide, and To Rally The Troops Next? God Help them “American Social Media Mob” – Not, especially when we are Angry! We Aussie’s are Very Angry David! There Goes Americas Lefty – “Income”, Anyways? GOOD BYE! GONE! And Especially As All Nations Follow Suite, and with Our Rather Exemplary Aussie Media Code! Teach Americans To Steal Our Thunder, and China Trade Too! Consequences eh? And So There Is! What Comes Around Goes around, and with a Hell Of A Swift Kicking, and To The Teeth Too! Whatever! Another Day In Paradise? Down South – Eh? Down-Under Too? We Suffer Care Of America and America Suffers? Well Your Left Anyway!

    American Narcissistic Styled “Lefties” Will Definitely Not “Rule” Our Australian Way Of Life! Like China Wanted Too, Either! Nor Ever! Bloody Lefties eh? American Lefties Too! Australia Sorts This God Damned American Mess Out Soon Enough Anyways! China First – Then You Americans Now! Whatever! Some Nation Has To I Do Suppose! Australia First of The Mark, in this and Globally so Too! Besides Our Australian Scientists Having to Put You All On The Right Track “Regarding End Of World “Magnetic” Pole Shift Scenarios” Too! Aussie Scientists In New Zealand Studying Their Trees Stuck In Swamps As Usual? Drain The Swamps There Too? Whatever! Plays Out Real Bad Anyways, This Adams Event, and which ever way You Look At It! If You Don’t Communicate Back! No Worries! Not My Loss Anyways! Whatever!

    God Knows! And So Did I, Obviously! Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy Style, eh? No Figuring Yet, eh? I Did Warn You David, and Well Prior, and In My Very Own Offhanded Way, Through Many Emails Sent Well Prior Too, and How Many Times Did I Say “Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy” and To You David, and In My Prior Emails! Get My Drift! I Had To Do It Carefully! For Many Various Reasons! I Still Have Every Email Sent, and Received Anyways David! Regardless of Time Now Gradually but Quickening, in the Running Out Of Time Phase? And All Care Of Gods Prior Warnings, and Through Remote Viewing Too! And May I Add – No One In Their Right, or Left of Mind – Either – Wants This Baby (( Magnetic Pole Shift ) – ( Adams Scenario )) To Proceed in any Kind of Hurry Either! Trust Me, No One Near Ready Enough! Mega Lightning Bolts, super Ionized and All, That Could So Easily Scar Earth, and a Bit Like Mars’s Grand Canyon! Maybe With the Ozone Layer Down, Antimatter Bolts May Scar The Earth as well! These Normally Go Into Deep Space, or Follow The Magnetosphere Down, before They Dissipate? Maybe Not So Lucky, and With A Supercharged Ionosphere, and with It All Down? How Does That Grab You For Our Science Fictional, and Maybe Very Soon Horror Story Wrapped All In One Too? Cross Genres?

    Now, I Hope You Finally See The “Relevance Of Caves”? Limestone Caves are Best, for All Out Survival, In The Adams Event Ahead! And Especially Preferably Near Coal Holes, and Everywhere Possible! Future Transit, and Hunting Zones Maybe, and for a Quick Escape Underground! The Bigger The Cave, and Deeper The Better? Well as I see it Now, Everyone, and Their Dog(s) Will want in to any “Man – Cave” or “Coal Hole” They Can Soon Enough Claim, eh? Well I am Soon “Fully Over” – Donald Trump, and on his Stealing Australia’s China “Trade” and “Thunder” – Anyways! America First – And In All Things Even With His Allies – Eh? He Got His Karma Too! Well In The Corona-virus Survival Stakes, It Seems He Very Much Did Anyways, and with Elections Too Anyways! Licking His Wounds, and Learning Too I Really Do Hope, and for another Round Too! About The Only Thing They Americans, are First, and Worst In These Days Anyways – Corona-Virus, sorry To Say, and On Just Who’s Watch? Obama’s? And I Wonder Why! What Comes Around Goes Around – Just Maybe? Anyways Great Trouble Ahead and For America! And On Their Rather Steep Downhill Role! A Rather Very Steep Incline, Indeed? Or A Bit Like Over A Cliff – Kind Of Steep? America Just So Divided, and all Now? Just Whom Can Arrest This Plight, and at The Worst Possible Time, and In Earths Entire History, well as For Far As Humanity Goes Anyways? Tech and Social Media Inclusive In It’s Future Magnetosphere Frying! Shields are Coming “Right” Down Scott’y – Dave’y? Anyone Soon Left To Save The Day? In America? So Demoralized/Divided, and All?

    Lefties Save The Day? Well David, This Time around Really, Truly, Someone Better Arise, in America, and with Some Credibility, and Dignity, and That God Can even Begin To Honour, as a Leader of some Standing Eventually? And Sort Of Bloody Fast, and That Can, if they Can – Anyways! That Much I Know Too? And When Harris Takes Over? Take Your Pick? Hot Or Cold As Hell So To Speak, and In The “Commo – Lefty Stakes? And Possibly Care Of A Very Lefty Harris/Biden His Time – Paradigm? America just so Divided, and All, so It Seems, and all the Way From Aussie Land Too? Nope! No One Needs This and Nor Australia, or Oceania Too – So Not Good At All? Worst Possible “Outcome” / “Scenario” Too, Actually! Really, Truly! So I Thank God Us Aussies, Can Very Soon Fall Back To A Commonwealth of Nations Paradigm, That seems To Be Evolving Very Quickly Now At Least and is Called CANZUK! God Will Bless This Anyways! Now At Least, and If Needs Be, And Largely Care Of Brexit, and That Joe Biden So Loves To Hate? But Just Whom Gives a Flying F… About All That Now Eh? Australians? Doubt That? Especially as Of Late! Lefties, and Their Version of on Earth Hell, eh? And For Whatever Reason, we could Not Give a Flying F… About Them Either! Nor The UK Either! Nor NZ! Obviously, And Canada? Whatever! We Aussies Survive All, Us Aussies Eh, And That Much I Have “Remote Viewed” as well! YEP! I Advised All My Politicians, etc, as well! And Just How Too Survive All, as well! Just In Case! And How To Survive a Rather Panic Striken, and “Ballistic – America” Too! What Next! Magnetic Pole Shift! Then What? Do I Know? Care?

    David, At Least They Are All Listening Now Anyways! Australian Politicians? And Yours – All Ears Now, Eh – David! Especially Now “Largely Care Of The Above – Adam’s Event”, and what China, and America, are, and Aren’t – Actually – Doing! God Love Em All? Well At Least Our Aussie Politicians – Are Onto It Anyways! Better Late Than Never! I Very Much Do Suppose! No “David” Ignorance Is Not Bliss, At All! Especially in the Days Ahead, and/or Especially for Idiots of Any Caliber! Zukerberg, eh? Bit Of A Sore Loser Too! We Shall Soon See, if He Doesn’t Come to Our “Aussie Party”, and with Plenty of Gifts, and “Reparations” Too? And Much Like “Google Does” and Happily So, Especially To The Aussie – Table! Then This Party Goes – World Wide! Fun and Games, or Just Karma, eh? Reality Bites? So Does Divine Retributive Justice Too! Whatever! All About America, eh? Not Anymore! So A Big Hearty Cheers Regardless! Whatever!

    Well David, I Am Reasonably Happy Again Now! And Regardless Of All Else! My Time Out For Perspective Taking, and Quantifying Dangers That Lay Ahead! And Also Most Importantly – All – are Just My “Opinions” Above, and with All the Above Views – Too! Most Just Gleaned From the News Anyways! MAYBE? No Not “Fake News” – Either – As That Largely Tends To Be all in “America” Too These Days as well! What A Mess! And So All Of My “Opinions Above” and “Below the Belt” if Any Are, Are Also “Rather Humble Opinions” Too! Considering The Times we Reside In! Me Thinks Anyways! And As I See It Anyways! Anyways, All Good, for me soon, and as of Late! I Still Fear God, and Know My Place In The Supernatural Realm, and Greater Rather Stealthy Scheme Of All Things Godly – Too! Regardless Of The Rest! Whatever! Thank God For That Too, eh? I Do Anyways, And For What Actually Remains Of “Right Wing Democracy” in America Too – If Any Now, and Henceforth – Whatever – Eh?

    Maybe Harris/Biden Just Biding His Time With Maybe An Approaching – Apocalypse – Scenario? The Countdown Begins? Starting From … ? Thank God For The Likes Of Boris Johnson – The UK’s Prime Minister, Anyways, and Scott Morrison Too, Especially For Being Just so Level Headed, and Fleet Of Foot too, eh? With One Crises To The Next! Jacinda Ardern – NZ Prime Minister, and Justin Trudeau – Also Doing Not so Bad Either! In The National Survival Stakes! Home Truths Eh? Axioms Too? So Much The Same For, and For The Entire Now Quickly Emerging “Anglo-Sphere” Too, eh? The Commonwealth Of Nations? CANZUK! Do We The Anglo-Sphere Actually Help To Enable/Make – America – To Become Great Again? I Very Much Wonder? America Does It All Alone! Bleeds Us All Too Death! Lefty Vampires, Like How They Have Bled Your Nation To Its Final Death Throes Too? All American Infrastructure, and Sadly so Up The Creek, and Without a Paddle Now, eh? I’m Being Kind! And Kind as I Can? Total Independence, They Americans Reckon! Whites True Grit! Largely All Just A “Bulls – Bollocks”, and Along With “Balls, and All” Too, and Like When the Whites Were Also Helped, and Just so Extensively in their Early Years Of Survival, and Very Crucially Regarding Food Wise Too, and from the Indians too, and for their Whites Very Survival, eh? Does That Count, Though Eh, and For The Wild West’s “Very Real Truth Stakes” Too, Eh – David? Left and Right Of Politics! It Takes Two To Tango, eh? Left and Right To March to the Same Drum Beat Too? A Better Way?

    So, Some Would Like To Reckon – Even – “Pioneering Australian Families” Don’t Know The Real Reality, some Would Like To Self – Delude Themselves Too, and would Very Much Like To Think This Too, and for Our Aussie Pioneering Days Too, eh, and For The Very Real Truth’s in Our Past “Survival Stakes” and Largely Aided By Aboriginal Knowledge Too, as Survival was Real Hard Here in such an Alien Land, especially so For Europeans! It Still Is, and Very Much so Too? EH? Whatever! The Real Ultimate Question? Independence Is Just All Crap! Inter-Dependence Is and Has Always Been The Very Real Reality! Still Is In-Fact! Whatever! Maybe We Allies Surround It – America – Like, and Much Like, what Happened, and Back In The Days Of A Wild Western “Wagon Train” Would Do, and In The Past, So As To Help Protect It, and In It’s – Americas – Newly – Found Weakness, That It Has To Mend From Too? Just Maybe? I Really Do Hope! Regardless Of Its – Americas – Warts, and – All! And Regardless Of Its, Well “Americas” Rather “Nasty Tendency” For It’s Rather Good Darn Very Hard “Teeth Kicking Approach, and Accomplishments”, and to, and For Just All Of The Entire “Anglo-Sphere” Too, and Thus All Outside Of America? And So Much So, and Especially so, as of Very Lately Too! WOW! The Real Reality – Eh? Truth Hurts! As Usual! And So It Should Anyways! Maybe Why the Americans Need For – Fake News! And Cancel Culture Too? America Fallen, or in Free Fall? America the Land of the Free, and Brave? What Ever Happened, and to the America That I Once Knew – David?

    Americas So Called Reality Bites Down Hard? On Everyone Now! No One Wants Your Culture Anymore! Fake News! Woke! Cancel Culture! Globalism! Whatever! Especially The Rest Of The Anglo-Sphere! So Un-Necessarily Nasty Too, eh? Some Would Like To Argue – Not So? “CLOWNS” and “Court Jesters” Too? Especially For Americas Emerging Nightmarish Reality, and Upon Everyone Else, especially with Its Allies, I Do Suppose? Allies More Like Fren/Emies? FRENEMIES? EH? Or Just Americas Opinion Now, and Of, and For, and with It’s – Once Upon A Time – Allies – That It Wants To Bleed Too Death Now? Just American Lefty Blood Sucking and “Life Force Sucking” Nasty “Vampire” Lefty Types, and Wanting To Be – Going Global? I Do Suppose! The Western World, or What Genuinely Remains of This Must Stop That! So Regionalism It Is! And With Common Values! Globalism Is Now Fully Dead! I Was Very Right On That Front Too! Funny That Eh! Rant and Raved Worked! Like The Walls Of Jericho Crumbled Too! By God Eh! Awesome! Most In Politics Now Know This Dead Globalism Reality, Is Very Real, and are Desperately Trying To Be Coming To Terms with It Anyways! Oh Well! Regardless Of All This! I Hope The Anglo-Sphere is Still Big Enough To Do What It Takes, and To Save The Day, or Die Trying – Maybe – Anyways! Maybe Not Dying at Least In The Process Anyways? Maybe We All Deserve This Too! Foundations Based on so Many Lies,a and All! Stealthy Lies Too! Maybe Better To Cut Our Losses Too? Burn Our Bridges, and For Very Good Reason! I am sure The Days and Times Ahead will make this all very Much Clearer! Regarding National, and Regional Destinies Too! Whatever! God Has The Final Say In This Too! Looks Like Germany Allies with Russia Too! Said That would Happen and Prior Also David! Right Again, eh? Emerging Kingdom Of “Euro-Russia?

    Table Turn! Massive Changes Now Just Ahead! Geo-Politically, and All Now, and Henceforth Too! Keeping Up David? So a Big Hearty Cheers, And From Mbat! An Aussie Just Doing The Surviving – Survival Thing, and Down Under, and Down In Australia! Well Doing My Best in This Survival Thing Anyways, Regardless Of All Impacting so Harshly “Around Me”, and Especially in My Region Anyways, and Largely “My Region Suffers Most Now”, and as Far as The Aussie Suffering Stakes Go Now, Well, in Australia Just Now Anyways, as I Knew This was Coming Prior, and Just Now It Has Anyways, Care Of Our Regions Dependence On Coal! China Hammering Our Region Too, eh? However My Region Has a Plan! Many “Tens Of Billions” Of Dollars “Kind Of Plan” And Very Quickly Being Rolled Out Too, and Mainly For My Region Too! Very Exciting! Aussies Hit The Ground Sprinting! When Needs Be! Terran-Arks, eh? Earth – Arks! All Good! And In Everything I said Prior Too, In Earlier Emails about This Too! And Especially Now “Care Of China”, and “Care Of America” Too, so what is “New” And Under The Aussie – Sun – and – Sol – Too! Not Much as Usual! Who Cares Anyways – Just God! And Along With Me Too! Care Of Remote Viewing? Whatever! All Good! Time Will Tell!

    Well, Now Our Aussie Polis Maybe Finally Coming On Board Too! Cornered By Convenience and Certain Circumstance’s Too? Whatever? Plans Must Be Had! Regardless, and in Times Like These! And With a Dual Circulation Australian Economic Future Too! And For Fast Tracking, our Economy, and Survival too, eh? Heard It First From Me eh David! Mbat – Eh? Maybe Dual Circulation and On The Export Front, is Done By Australia, and The Entire Anglo-Sphere, well Just The CANZUK Alliance Now Quickly Emerging Now Anyways, and Largely “With” India, Also, and Maybe Africa Too? So We Aussies Should Soon Be Doing Both Resources, and Advanced Manufacturing Too, This Time Around? A Hydrogen Economy Being Quickened Also, Here In Australia, as of Late, and somewhat so Too? Whatever! God Knows! And Well, That Is All That “Really, Truly – Matters” Now Maybe, and Henceforth – Anyways! So All Good! For Australia’s Commonwealth Of Nations Future – Eventually! And On That Particular, and Most Important -“Front” – Well Herein Anyway’s – And Considering It Looks Like Groundhog Day, is Largely For Just The Rest – Anyways, And To Learn the Very Real Hard Way, and the Best Way, for the Slow of Learning Types, and/or Nations Full Of Narcissism Anyways! Which Nation Is That, and By God I Do Mean Which Nation Too! America? And Australia To A Much Lesser Extent Too! Australia Infected By A…… Too?

    Yep, That Is, or Has Been Just So True, as of Late and Especially For When Australia is so stupidly Following After All Things Just So Ungodly America Now eh, and In My Rather Humble Opinion! So Godly Now Eh, so Biden would Have Us All Still Believe! – And At The Very Least! America So – DESERVING – Now? So Culturally Self – Decimating Too? And Also Goes for a Lesser Extent For Australian Politicians Too! And Where Needed Too! Whatever! So Just Whom Is Pulling The Wool Over Just Whom’s Eyes Now “Aye Me Hard-ies”? Political Pirates? Maybe? Well How This Is All Dealt With, and In The Future, is Just Gods Call, and Not Mine, at All! Whatever! I Couldn’t Really Care Less Anyways! So All Just Gods Concern, and In The Past, and Present, and Future Also Anyways! I Just Pray! And Real Hard Too! So All Is Peter Perfect, and as Far as God Sees It Too! God Ain’t No Pansy Either! Nor a Cream Puff Flower Either? Apocalypse, Eh? Whatever!

    Apocalypse, and Prior Preps in This! Gods Warm Up Time, Just Now Begins, And For The Chan Thomas’s Of This World Too? Surely and Sorely They Cant Miss Out Either! No Doubt Gods Way is Much Harder, especially Over Time, Than The Chan Thomas’s Version of How All Things Go Down! UFOs and All Too! Whatever! Many Tricks Up Gods Sleeve, Anyways! Cards To The Table Soon? Or Soon Enough, Anyways? And For The Real Long Haul, if Needs Be! Decades of Gradually Worsening, and Accelerate-ingly So In The Hardships Stakes, and All Prior to The “Very Real and Deadly Apocalypse – Deal? Coming Ready Or Not! Globalism? Dead as a Door Nail – I Have More Than Had Enough Of This Bullocks Too! Especially From What I Have Seen, and Gleaned! Reckon They Will Flog That Dead Horse To A Second Death, They Would Like To Reckon, eh? Through China Dominance eh? Whatever! And So Finally, a Big Hearty Cheers – Anyway! Rather Long, as Usual – Email, and sent From – Mbat! Rushed as Usual Too! I’m Sure You Will Read It Anyways! Must Be One Of The Longest Posts In Earths Entire History! And To Think God Is, or Has Just Read All Of This Too! What Comes Around Goes Around! Tables Always Turn! Planetary Wise, They Just Damned Well Did! Whatever! All Godly Good! My Godly Rant! Whatever! Email Sent On The – 22/02/2021.

  2. The last eruption of Mount Pelee was in 1932. According to Cayce, when it erupts again, there will be a pole shift soon thereafter. So sick of politics and covid 19 nonsense, a good pole shift would be an exciting event, if only momentarily, until the mountains start shakin and the ground begins to quakin.

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