June 24, 2024

Many decades ago, Hal Lindsay interpreted the re-creation of the nation of Israel in 1948 as the growth of the fig tree as mentioned in Matthew 24. The Bible does clarify that Israel is depicted as a fig tree, so when this prophecy suggests that the generation that sees this (Israel’s birth is 1948) will see all end times prophecy fulfilled, many who believe Bible prophecies assume that time is running out. But how long is a generation?

“‘Lord will return’ Bible scholar’s 2021 end of the world prediction after ‘decoding’ text”

“Mr Lindsey claimed he had successfully predicted the doomsday initiation after decoding Matthew 24:32-33, which reads: “Now learn this lesson from the fig tree – as soon as its twigs get tender and its leaves come out, you know that summer is near.” According to Mr Lindsey, the 1948 “rebirth of Israel as a nation” represented the fig tree – and the generation brought up in this period would witness the Second Coming.” But Lindsey quoted the 40 year generation with Moses leading the wandering Israelites through the Sinai desert and predicted events would come by 1988.

“When Jesus did not return, Mr Lindsey’s interpretation came under heavy criticism, but World Bible Society President F. Kenton Beshore later claimed he knew why. The pastor argued that the previous interpretation of the passage was correct, but the length of a biblical generation was not. Instead of 40 years, Mr Beshore said he had decoded the Bible to reveal a biblical generation was 70-80 years, citing Psalm 90:10 as evidence.”

I agree that for biblical prophecy to make sense, everything happening by around 2028 is the most sensible interpretation. (FWIW, Nostradamus predicts WWIII will end around late 2028, followed immediately by a catstrophic pole shift that ends the current world age.) If this interpretation of the end times is correct, then the antichrist should be known soon, and if America is Mystery Babylon – the antichrist may be someone we already know well. Persecution of Christians and the church should accelerate soon if this interpretation is correct. Is there any way to prepare for plague, famine, war, and death?

Pastor Paul Begley comments on these topics and elaborates on Beshore’s predictions for 2021-2028:

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