February 24, 2024

Does the Navy have a new “Spacetime Modification Weapon” that “Makes a Hydrogen Bomb loook like a Firecracker”?  Several recent articles like this one suggest they do.  If so, are we more likely to use such technology peacefully, to enjoy the luxuries of scientific advancement and spread through the stars like a member of Star Trek’s Federation, or are we more likely to destroy our civilization by triggering a cataclysmic pole shift or starting a war that could end humankind?

TheDrive.com also recently posted an article about the U.S. Navy’s developments in Spacetime Modification: “In our continuing investigation into the bizarre inventions of Dr. Salvatore Cezar Pais, an enigmatic aerospace engineer who works for the U.S. Navy, The War Zone has just obtained a wide range of documents detailing experiments that the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD) conducted to test the core concepts and technologies underlying his seemingly out of this world “UFO patents.” These same patents were vouched for by the head of the Navy’s aerospace research enterprise who cited Chinese advances in similar technologies as one of the reasons why the Navy was filing them. 

The War Zone‘s most recent report on the strange circumstances surrounding these patents underlined that there were indeed some type of physical experiments conducted related to them, even if very limited. Now, new Freedom of Information Act releases provide unprecedented insights not just into how seriously the Navy took Dr. Pais’s work, but also exactly how elements of it were actually tested at the cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars and where the program may have ended up. The materials even include mention of a “Spacetime Modification Weapon (SMW- a weapon that can make the Hydrogen bomb seem more like a firecracker, in comparison).” If you’re willing to tolerate a nauseating amount of pop-up advertising at The Drive you can continue to read more of that article here.

Many other good sites have articles on similar material, including this one, and this one. None of them elaborate much on the concepts that may allow this new field of physics to be useful – which, from previous reading I did over the last few years, indicates that if the hull of a craft is built to experience a very high voltage differential from one end to the other (at least a few hundred thousand volts, just like T. Townsend Brown experimented with almost a century ago) and that it also experiences extremely high speed rotation, vibration, and oscillation of the outside of the craft – then the electron shells of individual atoms and molecules become indistinct and overlap with massive quantum smearing. This vastly reduces, or even eliminates mass completely – and with no mass, there is no inertia or momentum, no being limited by the speed of light, and possibly no restrictions moving through time.

Nikola Tesla – another genius from a century ago whose experiments were classified after he died…. was fascinated with high voltage electricity, and vibration and oscillation, but he thought it was likely that using certain ideas he came up with would end up splitting the Earth into pieces.

Now the U.S. Navy claims to be able to make UFOs with warp drive that can handle intergalactic travel and a spacetime modification weapon that makes a nuclear fusion bomb on the order of a ten megaton yield “look like a firecracker” by comparison. Developing such technology seems like it will either allow humanity to achieve almost godlike abilities and travel across the universe in an instant – or as Bugs Bunny once said to the Martian: “Blow up the Earth!?!?!”

It wouldn’t be the first time human civilization has destroyed itself (though this could technology could be far more destructive than anything before.) Mythology is full of descriptions of wars between pantheons of competing gods. The border of India and Pakistan still has high radiation levels where ancient texts describe the use of a “weapon of death” that had the brightness “of ten thousand suns” and “reduced the race of their enemies to ashes” and “made hair and fingernails fall out.” There are stories about the fall of Atlantis allegedly directing an energy weapon through the earth in an attempt to cause massive earthquakes under their enemy’s homeland, only to induce a catastrophic pole shift and destroy every nation of that age.

Many people believe that an elite group has already formed a breakaway civilization with technology decades or even centuries more advanced than what the general public knows about. There have been rumors of contact with extraterrestrial aliens and the idea that government and Hollywood have collaborated for decades to gradually get us used to the once unacceptable idea that we are not alone, and that we are not the most important species in the universe. After more than seventy years of soft disclosure, are we finally ready for the big official announcement? Are we ready to join other races and explore the universe together? (There are even rumors of a big international event in mid-February, but we know how rumors are.) Or are the claims of advanced navy technology just fake news?

I hope many readers post an opinion.

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